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Gekko 2014 brochure


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Gekko 2014 brochure

  1. 1. world championship towboats 2014
  2. 2. Why Gekko? Borne of Passion Power to the passion since 1994 Technology wrapped in art is Gekko’s essence and it shows. In 1994, Gekko’s set its lifeline in motion with exceptional reviews and smiling critics. Blazing a trail that began with top tracking and performance scores, Gekko’s path is marked with the development of innovative products and accolades as world championship boats. Gekko’s original halls of management teamed with skiers and riders. Their passionate approach spawned fresh thinking resulting in some of the best performing and exhilarating boats ever seen in the tow boat segment. Winning a global following, Gekko has been blessed with rave reviews from owners as well as editors and test teams from WaterSki, Wakeboarding, Wakeboard, Powerboat, Go Boating and many other titles. Now, Gekko embarks on a new journey as its management team is headed once again by Gekko’s founder. Turning up the volume, Gekko’s 2014 products feature new product updates including the most powerful engine options, new interiors, custom graphics, new dashes and media systems. Gekko’s future promises fun on a world class • 952.226.6900 world championship towboats
  3. 3. REVO 7.1 The Antidote Want something fresh?   Gekkos REVO 7.1 represents a radical departure from the ordinary.   Aerospace architecture, innovative hull design, sensuous lines and world class performance are fused into something extraordinary.   Of course the ergonomics get the same attention.   Luxurious seating for 12, copious storage, thoughtful appointments, a killer sound system and engaging dash, the REVO 7.1 has it all. • 952.226.6900 Specfications: LOA: 23’ 3” Beam: 102” Draft: 21” Weight: 3600 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons Power: 330 HP Engine Options: ‣ 350 hp, 410 hp world championship towboats
  4. 4. REVO 6. 7 Your Ride Is Here Yes, this is what you want.   Its sporty, a world class performer and looks awesome.    Gekkos aerospace architecture reveals sweet lines that make the REVO 6.7 stand out.   A favorite at test shoot outs, the REVO 6.7 delivers stout wakes with rampy faces for a legit riding experience.   The pros are stoked and you will be too.   With a super fat tower, lots of storage and state of the art cockpit, the REVO 6.7 is where its at. • 952.226.6900 Specfications: LOA: 22’ 2” Beam: 102” Draft: 21” Weight: 3300 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons Power: 330 HP Engine Options: ‣ 350 hp, 410 hp # world championship towboats
  5. 5. GTR 22 Pure Performance Hmmm, lets see.   AWSA and ABC approved for record capable events.   Legendary tracking, the best.   Recently pulled the World Barefooting Championship as well as the European Championships.   A 50+ mph top end, world class wakes, trivial chine spray, copyrighted hull design thats also amazing in rough water, extended OB seat, jet fighter inspired dash, seductive styling...The GTR 22 may be impossible to beat.   Clearly conceived by passionate water sports fanatics, the GTR 22 exceeds all expectations. • 952.226.6900 Specfications: LOA: 21’ 7” Beam: 96” Draft: 19” Weight: 2300 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 33 gallons Power: 330 HP Engine Options: ‣ 350 hp, 410 hp # world championship towboats
  6. 6. GTS 20 Rocket Science It’s yet to fail to put a smile on a face. Whether a seasoned performance tester or a family taking a thrill ride, the GTS 20 wins. It’s styling is fast and it delivers big for skiing and wake sports alike. Among the fastest and best performing boats ever tested by WaterSki Magazine, the GTS 20 won’t disappoint. Priced below $30k, no other boat on the market today is recognized with greater fun and performance value than the GTS 20. • 952.226.6900 Specfications: LOA: 20’ 2” Beam: 83” Draft: 19” Weight: 1950 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 28 gallons Power: 330 HP Engine Options: ‣ 350 hp, 410 hp # world championship towboats