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Trends in Educational Technology


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Trends in Educational Technology

  1. 1. Trends in educational Technology But mainly about the forces affecting the perception of technology for education
  2. 2. Technology:The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes Special usage: Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge. –The New Oxford American Dictionary
  3. 3. What is practical and to whom?
  4. 4. Educational technology: The Buzz out there MOOCsTabletsGamif icationLearning analyticsOpen3DPri ntingWearableTec hnology NMC Horizon Report 2013 HiEd Edition
  5. 5. MOOCsLecture captureVideoSocial MediaMoodleePortf olio Educational technology: The talks in orgs…
  6. 6. Educational technology Technophobes Technophiles Government Management Academics Students Designers Technologists … E d u c a t i o n a $ l t e c h n o l o g y Educational technology: …with no one form we can agree upon
  7. 7. Educational technology: The elephant in the room, full of blind people –Wikipedia ”Blind men and an elephant”
  8. 8. Educational technology: An example from multiple perspectives massive, money, more, mess, magnificent, megalomaniac, mercy, meh, meritocracy, machinelike, multichannel, motley, monotonous, monetary, marketing, monitoring, modular, moaning, misleading, medium, mediocre, maximal, marxist, magnetic course, cool, cost effective, costly, corrosive, calculative, casual, capitalist, catastrophic, central, cerebral, change, classic, cluttered, commitment, community, conversational, convincing, cozy, crash open, online, OK, ooh-la-la, obese, obervational, occasional, odd, offshore, onetime, opportunistic, oppose, orwellian, own moment-and-the-end-of-reform/
  9. 9. Do we stop to think why and what then?
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