Learner participation in open information communities


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A serious examination on learner participation in open information communities.

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Learner participation in open information communities

  1. 1. Learner Participation In Open Information Communities a.k.a. “Dear goodness, where art thou Higher Ed?”
  2. 2. So dudes and dudettes, E- learning should finally evolve from mere content uploading to earn a name, ‘E-learning 2.0.’ Image by Stephen Downes Stephen Downes e-Learning Guru
  3. 3. True, bro. Image by Orange42 But why are the usual comments that I hear with e-learning still like “How can I upload my content and design my quizzes?”
  4. 4. And sure Stephen, the Internet has evolved, 2.0 and whatnot, but isn’t the majority of e-learning still quite badly designed and just plain … Image by reway2007
  5. 5. Image by Bob Doran So, there’s like a media revolution or something happening on the Web x.0. I hear people are ‘inter-acting’ in big numbers and stuff.
  6. 6. Zie Internet is full of stuff to learn from, and people to learn with.
  7. 7. Image by mararie Isn’t the Internet opening whole new ways of connecting the students with the world? What he said, but in writing (and with a couple of thoughts of my own) Dudes, I think there’s logic in this. The world is growingly online, let us then empirically observe and experience ‘online’.
  8. 8. Hee hee, a funny comment that the learners could use open web platforms 1. with often better usability, 2. which they already use to interact, also for learning (with a capital L)! How funny is that?! Image by University of Denver Like, totally not happening!
  9. 9. They try to kill me, but I ain’t goin’ away! Image by Orange42
  10. 10. Alas! New enemies lurk in the East…(errm, actually the West) Image by jerik0ne
  11. 11. …the question of open access learning… So people, “to MOOC or not to MOOC”, or is that even the question? We need to be rigorous! We’ll just stare away, perhaps it goes away! I’m ready for some MOOCin’ if you are: “MOOC, MOOC, MOOC!” MOOC? I don’t have anything to say, but… MOOC! Did someone just say “money”? OMG, we are already late!!!! Image by Hannes E. I’m here just for the picture, man.
  12. 12. …human learning is no longer just text. Downes 2.0, re-visited… Image by Stephen Downes
  13. 13. OMG, now they are coming for the libraries too! Image by Éole
  14. 14. Image by mararie Damn, once again they misunderstood something. Where’s the poisonous chalice this time? “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Why just interact with the ‘text’ when we can interact in various ways?
  15. 15. …students no longer expect or want predigested information and prestructured learning events. Don Tapscott a Guru Image by Kris Krug …and the burning question of personalized learning
  16. 16. Who said that?! Who dares to question the assembly line?! Image by · · · — — — · · · ‘…’
  17. 17. References: Bonk, C. J. (2009). The World is Open. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Downes, S. (2005). E-Learning 2.0. Retrieved from http://www.downes.ca/post/31741 Kudos for Stephen, and thanks Curt for the inspiring source material.