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Rocking a WordPress network


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My slides of my presentation at WordCamp NYC. Unfortunately it was quite conceptual and wasn't able to show the cool stuff. This will happen in the next couple of months.

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Rocking a WordPress network

  1. Marko HeijnenRocking a WordPress Network WordCamp NYC 2012
  2. Marko Heijnen• WordPress and mobile "developer"• Working with WordPress for six years• WordPress contributor of 3.0, 3.3 and 3.4• Founder of WP Rockstars
  3. My first non-dev talkSo i do hope you will enjoy this talk
  4. What is a network• Its like• One WordPress installation with multiple sites• Control all sites from the network admin• Easy to update itself, themes and plugins
  5. Will default plugins work?• First answer will be yes• It still works like you expected• But plugins are often not build for network• The whole control will always be on site level• So the long answer would be no in some cases• In my case custom plugins make sense
  6. What is my talk about? Building cool sites for artists
  7. One of the problems• Artist dont have the money for a cool site• Their current site isnt that fancy• They want to be in full control over their data• They just want more possibilities• They are on MySpace
  8. The solution• Create a network installation like• Build default themes for them they can use• Build all the expected functionality that a artist need• And share this with all the artists• Little bit like MySpace 3.0
  9. Our goals• An easy to use tool to create awesome sites• Its targeted for artists who want to share their experience with their fans• Change their content in an easy way• That the artists are more in touch with their fans
  10. Artist goals• Be more in touch with their fans• More fans to their concerts• Sell more songs through offline and online• The ability to change their site without any help
  11. The process startedCleaning up WordPress and starting create awesome features
  12. Cleaning up• Its important to remove features that arent needed• We removed a lot of menu items to make the admin area clean• We removed almost all the meta boxes on the dashboard• Also removed a lot of default widgets
  13. A just installed WordPress
  14. How it looks after the clean up
  15. Lets start building the features
  16. Their music• Several options to able for artist to share their music• In begin YouTube orientated• They can manage this from out WordPress• Later on linking it with Spotify and iTunes
  17. Tour schedule• Artist can create a new tour schedule• Add dates/places to it• It doesnt have to be a tour, a single performance is also possible
  18. Social• Their will be a Twitter and Facebook connection• Ability to send Links when the artist published a post• See some basic statistics in how they use the social media• Show the tweets/messages on their site
  19. Slideshow• Show new happenings in a cool way• Ability to have multiple slideshows• Can be in content, widget or default position• Manipulate a certain image to be grayscale
  20. In-site support• Giving great support is very important• Working with to make it happen• They can create and respond to tickets• See in the toolbar if they got new feedback• When they do use mail they will also see the feedback there
  21. The main siteWhat about that, also has one
  22. The main site• The goal is to make users explorer the content we have• Browse to all the artist in several ways• Not just boring lists but meaningful content
  23. The main site• Show their tour schedule in one big overview• Show some highlighted stories that the artists wrote• Of course also an explanation about what it is
  24. Ow yeah, two more last things We do live in 2012 you know
  25. The mobile app• There will be an app for iPhone and Android• Artist will be able to be faster in touch with their fans• Share music and be able to give them a discount• Also a plan to have an overhaul app with basic information of the artists
  26. E-commercefunctionality• This will be one of the coolest features• No more the need of a separate platform• They will be in full control over their products• Still be able to process them to another company if needed
  27. Coolest thing is that this will be a new plugin and we call it SalesPress
  28. What about other e-commerce platforms• First of all, we think we can build something really awesome• Trying to build something for the community without wanting to make a profit• And we do think no other plugin will fit ArtistPress the way we want
  29. - @MarkoHeijnen -