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Pitch Presentation


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- Introduction
- What magazine am I publishing and why?
- Who is my target audience?
- What my magazine has to offer to readers?
- Pitch Presentation Summary

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Pitch Presentation

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In my pitch presentation I am going to include 3 subjects. What type of magazine am i publishing and why, who is my target audience and what will my magazine have to offer to readers. After answering these three questions, my target audience will be fully informed about everything that will be related to my magazine.
  3. 3. WHAT MAGAZINE AM I PUBLISHING AND WHY? For my AS Media Studies Production Research Task I am publishing a Music magazine because I feel highly connected to music, since it was around me since I was a child. I feel like music is motivating and inspiring. I also have experience when it comes to music because I play a guitar. My magazine will allow my target audience to read about their favorite bands, singers and music genre. They will be able to read about tours that their band are going on, countries that they are visiting, places that they will be at and festivals that those band will be visiting. I am making a music magazine because I want to share the beauty of music to its fans. I would like to inspire young people who are interested in music and motiveted them to pursue their dreams if they are related to music.
  4. 4. WHO IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE? My target audience consists of people who are interested in music of rock and metal genre. There aren’t any specifics about the target audience, it is both male and female and there isn’t any specific age group. People buying the magazine can be both teenagers and middle aged people. The age group isn’t specific because all age groups listen to music, the genre depends on their taste in music. Also I am familiar with both teenagers and middle aged people who listen to rock and metal music. In this magazine those people will be able to inform themselves about everything related to music and their taste in the same.
  5. 5. WHAT MY MAGAZINE HAS TO OFFER TO READERS? The contents of the magazine will include everything that is related to rock and metal music. Including everything from new and old singers and bands to tips and song lessons on guitar. Details of every festival, band tour and concert that there is related to this music genre. There will be articles about new and old singers and bands, legends of rock and metal and wonder kids. Also there will be articles about other genres, such as rap and pop. Tips and lessons for music instruments. These lessons and tips will include tips for beginners, intermediate and expert players. Tips on how to easily play some hard parts, lessons on famous and legendary songs and questions about what the target audience also desires to be included in the magazine.
  6. 6. PITCH PRESENTATION SUMMARY In my Pitch presentation I have included 3 subjects:  What magazine am I publishing and why?  Who is my target audience?  What my magazine has to offer to readers? I have written about all of these three subjects and mentioned everything that will be included in the magazine and why. Why is the target audience age a wide span of ages and not a specific age group and why will my magazine be useful to the readers.