The Impactor Issue 1


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Part 1 of The Impactor

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  • Name: Dweighton Scottsman
  • The Impactor Issue 1

    1. 1. Mark Glatt Dweighton Scottsman was not looking to be a hero …. … He was looking to be a man Presents
    2. 2. Looking back, you could say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though sometimes I like to think I was in the right place at the right time.
    3. 3. Chapter 1 The Impactor Hurt Sure, if I was in a different place at a different time I wouldn’t have gotten bullied among the other students. Sure, if I wasn’t bullied among the other students, I wouldn’t have turned into a giant creep.
    4. 4. St. Bargo’s Hostial New York City June of 2012 And If I didn’t turn into a giant creep, I wouldn’t have tried to redeem Myself by becoming a super hero. And If I didn’t try to redeem Myself by becoming a super hero...
    5. 5. … I wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed about to die, would I? Patient 404 Conditions: broken right leg, broken left arm. And as my final moments carry me into a state of rest in the great beyond, all I can do is wonder. What made me do what I did? Name: Dweighton Scottsman Diaphragm and face busted wide open Bullet wounds to the foot and abdomen We are doing what we can to save him. But he may die. How I became a super hero, how I became ..!!..!!..!!..!!.. Why did I do it for so long? Where did I go wrong? Was it worth it?
    6. 6. Created by Written by Slaving his ass over the power point
    7. 7. New York City In 2008, while I was on break in between high school and college, a new revolution began. That revolution was super heroes. Really. Not that stuff you see in the movies or the comic books. Real life people dressing up in their best home made clothes and fighting crime. The real life super heroes. That’s what we called them.
    8. 8. Some of them were successful. Serves you right! Ow
    9. 9. Some of them failed. Dust biters. Oh My Gosh! That will show you to be a super hero
    10. 10. Then I joined the super hero scene. THEY CALL ME THE IMPACTO R!! But Maybe I’m Getting Ahead Of Myself…
    11. 11. Let’s Start From The Beginning…… Hey! NO! Stop! So you’re the new kid? Let’s pick on you! 1989 is when I was born. Unfortunately, I do not remember much of the first four years of my life. I am told that I was very cheerful, happy, energetic and playful. The earliest that my memory goes back is to when I was five and starting kindergarten. Bullying, like a social and public STD, is an ongoing crisis that is too much ignored until it’s way too late to solve. I was one of the students who was bullied constantly. At first I was a very friendly student. But then, by the time I was done with elementary school, I started acting like a spoiled little child. My parents punished me a lot when I was little for everything I did. My siblings weren’t so nice to me either. When I wasn’t at school I was getting beaten up by them. Chicago Illinois Elementary School: Fall of 1994
    12. 12. Elementary School: High School: Un cool, joyful and happy even though I was getting beaten up. Immature at the beginning. So I Mature up later on. Bullying goes from physical violence to bad rumors. Get laid every now and then by a crack whore or some emotionally-unstable cougar. The emotions are as followed: Middle School: After Graduation: Acting like a real creep. My best defense for not getting beaten up but still not making me a lot of friends. Ew! What is wrong with you? You creep! Dark. Acting like a punk. My parents are very successful Yet still they cannot raise a child who goes to college or has a future or a career. They eased up on punishing me. So did my siblings when I got older and started acting tougher. While I was lucky to have a family that took care of me, I didn’t see things like that. At the time, the only things I saw in my family was abuse and anger, though now I realize how unreasonable my whole generation was, though it I s too late for me to appreciate them right now. What are you going to do about Dweighton, Mrs. Scottsman? I don’t know, Patrick! He has been misbehaving like this after graduation and refuses to attend any more school!!! 2B Continued