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Dsg profile april 2012

  2. 2. BackgroundDigital Mall (Pty) Ltd founded in September 1998 as a technology partner for retailers who wanted to create anew channel to market via e-business. At the time there was minimal activity in the e-business market in SAand Digital Mall therefore introduced a new business model of ASP (Application Service Provider) for e-commerce and related support services.Digital Mall worked with all major banks and serviced the leading retailers by lowering the barrier to entry andsharing the risk and success with its customers.In January 2000 iTouch acquired a 51% stake in Digital Mall prior to iTouch planned IPO on the FTSE later thatyear. Digital Mall provided the technology that enabled iTouch to launch into the mobile commerce market.In March 2000, Digital Mall and iTouch concluded the first mobile commerce transaction in SA through thedevelopment of a unique application, the Wireless Application Service Provider (“WASP”). This solution basedon WAP at the time was very innovative and incorporated a unique live help feature that allowed theContact Centre Staff to view the activity of the consumer real time and to assist with mobile commercetransactions.The application was so successful, that soon thereafter iTouch launched the application in the UK, Israel,Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. In August 2000 iTouch raised over ₤42.5 million for 20% of the group fromits IPO but due to the market crash shortly thereafter, the share price lost value, which put pressure on all ofthe operations globally.Therefore in November 2001 Digital Mall management decided to buy back the shares held by iTouch –allowing us to regain control of the entire business. In May 2005, iTouch was acquired by the Japanese listedFor-side.com and de listed from the FTSE.As our customers’ required new solutions and the market dynamically changed so has Digital Mall’s businessmodel which led to the innovative evolution of what is known today as, The Digital Solutions Group.Our MethodologyThe Digital Solutions Group (DSG) is an outsource partner for multi-channel commerce and relationshipmarketing. We provide customised solutions to business - enabling businesses to transact and communicatevia direct channels. Our approach lowers the barrier to entry into this market without the client having toinvest in systems, people and infrastructure.This business model implicates a substantial upfront investment in technology, which is then made availableto many customers. The key to the business model is “share risk and success” with customers. Revenue isgenerated from services rendered and often a management fee based on a win/win scenario, and thesuccess of the new business approach.Based upon independent research (Gartner Group), only 33% of all global companies interact withcustomers via multiple channels. This contends that a company that is able to provide additional routes tomarket, without large set-up costs, will materially enhance its potential for success. This opportunity ofproviding additional routes to market for our clients based on a customer centric model is DSG’s focus. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  3. 3. DSG Customer Centric Model “In future, the most powerful brands will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customer and will be the customer’s advocate.”One of the key success factors for DSG is our ability to design business processes that empower our group toadd value and become an extension of our clients businesses. We also define relationship agreements thatallow us to offer a closed loop management process. Our management processes cover every aspect of ourclients business, and every aspect of the services offered by us.DSG provides strategy consulting, web application development, and hosting and management services.New web-based applications are developed to be accessible to the consumer via the PC (internet/Intranetor extranet), Mobile handset, PDA, Voice via Voice XML, Contact Centre, Automated Services Machine (ASMor Kiosk) and iTV.We deliver a platform and build a business case for each channel based on its relevance to the targetmarket. The financial viability studies determine the introduction of new channels, in a phased approach, dueto the large investment in technology that may be required for the more technologically advancedchannels.DSG has developed substantial infrastructure, intellectual property and goodwill within the African market,expanded to the Middle East and Indian Ocean, and has developed an international roll out strategy forsome of its products and services.We offer 24/7 support through our IP based contact centre in Johannesburg South Africa which can bereached on 0861 DSG 247 locally or +27 11 759 7247 international and via email support@dsg.co.za. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  4. 4. Multi Channel Commerce Solution OverviewDSG provides complete and unique commerce solutions from presales marketing communications throughto payment collection and completed delivery.The solution which is provided to our clients is fine tuned, tested and improved through our own experiencewith our shopping portal www.digitalmall.com.DSG uses web services and a service orientated architecture to ensure that the web is used as acollaboration environment rather than the just a medium. We build web centric applications that allow ourclients to update all channels simultaneously thus ensuring consistent service across all customer interactionchannel. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  5. 5. Flexible Engagement ModelConsulting – Outsourcing – Co Sourcing - SAAS or Managed Services On Demand Delivery eliminates 80% of ownership costs http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  6. 6. Summary of Group Companies and OperationsThe Virtual Contact Centre a Contact Centre solution provider. Our engagement model is flexible and ourservices are offered on a consulting basis, co-sourcing or outsourcing. We also offer DBOT (Design, BuildOperate and Transfer) solutions for companies that wish to eventually incorporate the solution as part of theirown operation. Our unique approach to the management of people, process and technology ensures thatwe provide our clients with a solution that is effective and consistent across all communications channels.Our solutions are cost effective and are based on a “pay per use “model. This means that our customers onlypay for the capacity that they use rather than having to cover the costs of employing dedicated people fora particular campaign or ongoing customer care interactions.The Virtual Contact Centres vision and mission is that of providing anywhere, anytime access to products andservices, utilising our extensive strategic and operational knowledge and experience in the management ofmulti-channel commerce, communication and employee, customer and partner relationship marketing.The Virtual Contact Centres approach allows organisations to continuously utilise our substantial investment inenabling technology, skilled people and innovative processes with the objective of enabling and assisting allstakeholders in interacting with the Virtual Contact Centre using the most convenient and cost effectivechannels.Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting your ContactCentre goals and objectives. We offer total support and a commitment to communicate your ideas in astrategic, creative, and cost-effective manner.The Virtual Contact Centre is dedicated to providing a fully managed multichannel and multi commerceContact Centre solution that enables organisations to implement critical business strategies or tactics aimedat reducing costs and increasing revenues.The Virtual Contact Centre works with both large and small organisations to develop concrete, practical,short and long term action plans whilst leveraging the Virtual Contact Centres substantial upfront investmentin technology, infrastructure and applications which are made available to many Clients.The Virtual Contact Centre takes advantage of the need for personal 1 to 1 marketing, service andmanagement skills, the scarcity of those skills in the market, and the lack of any major competitor owning theinnovation and service spaceThe Virtual Contact Centre manages a complete 24/7 Contact Centre operation that services the followingportfolios including:  Customer Services - Inbound and outbound support, including product support, commerce management, information requests, web query management, live help interactive management and email management.  Helpdesk Services - Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, tier 1 and 2 user support and technical information requests. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  7. 7.  Mobile Customer Services - Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, registration/deregistration from services and information requests.  Outbound Sales Services – Outbound sales in the Financial Services sector, Bond origination, Lead generation, Sales generation and Appointment management.  ECommerce Services - Inbound and outbound eCommerce management, including web based ecommerce transacting, eCommerce delivery fulfillment and eCommerce Customer services and support.  Customer Experience Management – Implementation of RightNow a new generation on Demand CEM platform that focuses on improving service whilst reducing operational costs. With Digital Solutions Group being granted the rights to distribute RightNow in Africa, the Virtual Contact Centre believes that RightNow will provide it with a competitive edge as the solution is on demand and innovative.  Ticketing Services – Management of inbound and outbound ticketing focused on the entertainment industry. This includes complete call management, processing on ecommerce web applications, confirmation, quality assurance and service delivery.  Consulting Services – DBOT (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer), we are uniquely positioned to provide consulting services that range from the Design phase through to the Transfer phase where we transfer key skills to the organisations Contact Centre Management team to continue operating the Contact Centre.  Workforce Management (WFM) Services – The Virtual Contact Centre offers an enterprise solution that enables organisations to utilise our WFM solution on demand. The Virtual Contact Centre further utilise the WFM solution to further optimise and enhance the resource utilisation within our Contact Centre based on call, email, sms or fax arrival patterns.  International BPO Services – The Virtual Contact Centre further offers business process outsourcing to the international market. The offshoring industry is growing rapidly, with the Virtual Contact Centre focusing on achieving the level necessary to take international calls, and possibly a share of the substantial offshore market. The Analysis included is based on current trends and focuses on the competition in the outsourcing/offshoring space.The Virtual Contact Centre is a results-driven business that provides a complete range of services which allowfor the selection of the best technologies, applications and contact centre resources suited to clientsrequirements. We then combine our expertise in such a way so as to create meaningful, effective ContactCentre for optimal results.The Virtual Contact Centre with its total focus on quality further invests in a Business Intelligence Unit that ispurely focused on analysing interactions, trends, purchase behaviors, and return on investments. BusinessIntelligence provides Customers with insight into areas of concern and/or new growth opportunities. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  8. 8. Contact Centre Client Profile http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  9. 9. Contact Centre Infrastructure Stack Digital Solutions Group is the African distributor of RightNow Technologies (www.rightnow.com). RightNow Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: RNOW) provides organisations with industry-leading on demand solutions to build customer- focused businesses. RightNows acclaimed technology, comprehensive servicesand commitment to customer success deliver high returns on investment for its customers.Recognised as industry leader and standardRightNow is also the only platform to be recognised as a leader for both eService and contact centreapplications. This is important as mutli-channel CRM requires support in both eService (Web + Mobile) andcontact centre applications.Here are the Gartner Magic Quadrants for eService and contact centre:Future proof your investment (part of a wider Customer Experience Platform)RightNow offers much more room for future growth and expansion. It is part of a much wider customerexperience platform covering areas such as Online Chat, Intent Guide, eMarketing, Social mediacommunities, Voice Automation, Sales Automation not covered by other platforms. As a result, you will notneed to replace the solution in 1-2 years time as soon as the company wants to do more.Today, consumers are empowered like no other time in history. Although they’ve always had highexpectations–to be heard, supported, and valued–never before have consumers had such an arsenal oftools at their disposal to ensure those expectations turn into reality.RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, delivers comprehensive customer experience applications thatdrive revenue, increase efficiency, and build loyalty. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  10. 10. We have looked at every possible point of interaction that as consumer could have with an organisation andensured that all these touch points can be brought together in a single solution to empowers business toconsumer organisations to provide a great experience to their customers.All of these different touch points have been brought together in RightNow CX and they the constituent partsof the three experience that really matter. These being the Web Experience, the Social Experience and theContact Centre Experience:Superior Industry Experience and ExpertiseRightNow is used by over 2,100+ organisations World-wide including 180 major Financial services organisationssuch as Barclays Bank, ING Direct, Visa, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, RBS and many others.This includes services organisations in South Africa such as Datacash and Exclusive Books to drive improvedcustomer experience, enrolment rates at lower cost. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  11. 11. Digital Connect (www.digitalconnect.co.za) an OpenSource Innovation Company has been operating and trading since 2007 and has deployed key telephony solutions in South Africa and Africa. Asterisk, The Open Source PBX has enjoyed rapid growth over the past 10 years. As a result, Asterisk continues to challenge larger, more established competitors to claim more market share. With Asterisk, your organisation can adopt corporate phone systems that are designed to be easier to customise and cost a fraction of traditional proprietary systems backed Digital Solutions Group comprehensive Service Level support plans and local engineering skills. Asterisk was originally built as a PBX and today represents an astonishing 18% of the global market for business telephonesystems. The base feature set includes many of the most popular and powerful PBX functions.Digital Connect offers PBX, Hybrid, Video Calling, VOIP solutions and Contact Centre technology based onopen source ACD, Predictive Dialers, IVR Solutions and Digital Voice logging via the Asterisk CommunicationPlatform and I6net IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video platform).Digital Connect is an accredited Digium training provider and has over 20 years experience in theTelecommunication market. DSG partnered with I6NET Solutions and Technologies, which is a Europeancompany, dedicated to research and development of telecommunications and Internet technology. I6Netprovides advanced services in voice and video interactivity in line with the latest evolution in telephony.DSG has consistently over the years introduced novel and market winning solutions implementing innovationwithin its organization and the industry. Integrated solutions using technology, skilled people and evolvingend-to-end business processes demonstrate how managing three (3) essential ingredients - People, Processesand Technology not only results in Customer satisfaction but also delighting Customers. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  12. 12. Digital Connect South African and African Client List: http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  13. 13. Digitalise is the software development company within DSG. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1998 and have developed some awesome applications using Microsoft technology.At the beginning most of the R&D effort was focused on www.digitalmall.com as our shopping portal whichwon numerous awards. Over the past 10 years DSG has developed innovative software applications andwon numerous innovation awards for its solutions framework and multi channel commerce platform.DSG works closely with each customer on a consultancy basis to design and implement a solution. We do notview the web as a medium but rather as a business-enabling tool.Most will agree that service is now the keyfactor to any buying decision and therefore service orientated architecture is an essential ingredient forsuccess. We design web centric applications that allow our customers to update all of their service channelssimultaneously thus ensuring consistent service across all channels. The web is by far the best reporting tool asaccess to information is available anywhere, anytime and can be differentiated based on security andauthentication.Knowledge management and distribution is therefore very easy to implement when critical information isavailable on a web application, be it via the Internet, Intranet or Extranet. The Web as a channel is the mostinteractive self-help channel and most cost effective as provides the lowest service costs. Personalization iseasy compared with other channels and therefore the organization can treat different customers differently.Over the years we have designed unique applications such as our campaign management tool calledSmartContact which enables our customers to initiate 1to 1 SMS, MMS or e-mail campaigns and analyzecampaigns online. Digitalise is the anchor company in the group that developed the software applicationsand intellectual property that underpins Digital Solutions Group. Digitalise has an established uniquedevelopment methodology, which ensures that our development remains dynamic, and is always a “work inprogress”. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  14. 14. Digitalise assists organizations in connecting their business to their suppliers, customers, and the rest of thedigital economy. The need for businesses to collaborate efficiently and swiftly with relevant supply chainpartners, using an appropriate technology solution is the fundamental premise on which this business model isbased.Digitalise has system integration skills that manage the integration of sophisticated products .New systemsintegration application will be designed using the .Net framework incorporating web services, which willenable third-party vendors to easily connect to the interface. Web services are based on globally acceptedSOAP definition languages, which provide OS independence system integration across a common standard.Digitalise Client Profile http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  15. 15. Due to the demand for mobile data services and our vast experience in mobile application development wecreated a division that is focused on mobile solutions.We offer mobile technology consulting, product development, implementation, and innovation. We enablenetwork operators, Value added service providers and corporate clients to streamline business processesthrough mobile technology.Digital Mobile is a WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) with global mobile networks and has vastexperience in working with African and global network operators to enhance customer acquisition strategiesand ARPU (Average Revenue per USER) and wallet share.Our unique mobile solution development architecture with multiple presentation layers for different operatingsystems adds huge value to our customer’s relationship marketing initiative, as Mobile is by far the fastestgrowing channel. Digital Mobile was the most nominated WASP for Awards in 2004 Mobile Connect WASPawards. We developed unique mobile architecture for M- commerce, M-ticketing, and mobile payments. We provide cross platform custom built applications based on business requirements:We partner with MNO’s and device manufacturers app stores and manage the submission to their app(application) stores and updates on behalf of our Clients. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  16. 16. Android Smartphones and TabletsDSG has partnered with Nology www.nology.co.za to bring Smartphones and tablet devices to complimentour range of mobile offerings.These devices are manufactured in partnership with Qualcomm www.qualcomm.com using Qualcommchipsets and following the Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) program.QRD is designed to streamline the rapid market introduction of Android™ smartphones at lowerdevelopment costs — drawing on the technical innovation and product quality that have made Qualcomman industry leader. QRD offers you tools to help bring your product to market faster — including testing andacceptance readiness for leading regional and operator requirements, a comprehensive ecosystem of third-party providers, and easy customization options that allow you to save engineering costs and focus yourdevelopment efforts on differentiation http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  17. 17.  Full Phone solution (HW/SW/ID) Ready to-go-to market GCF/CDG/CTS tested http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  18. 18. We represent uTest in Africa, Middle East & Indian Ocean and provide a usability service & qualitymanagement via crowdsourcing to ensure highest quality user experience. Due to the variety of mobiledevices it makes business sense to crowd source this function and build a community of testers who have thedevices that are required for a particular test cycle. Whether improving quality, lowering time-to-market orhelping to control the costs of testing, uTest has an established track-record of customer success. Learn moreabout our web, mobile, gaming and desktop customers.uTest Client Profile:We also distribute products via hosted and managed services on behalf of some of the leading Telcotechnology vendors and have forged strong partnerships with Aepona, Teleca & SurfKitchen VAS-X, AdaptiveMobile, and Mobile Tools.Digital Mobile Client Profile http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  19. 19. Digital Mobile Case Studiesa. FNB Whisky Live Festival 2010 and 2011, iPhone and iPad Application (iOS)Development highlights include complete integration via Web Services for the management ofRegistration/Authentication, Whisky Recommendations, Whisky Exhibitors, Whisky Listing and Whisky Locker.iPhone 2011 http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  20. 20. iPad 2011 To download the application you can got to iStore on device or to the below link http://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/whisky-live-festival-hd http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  21. 21. b. Discovery Health, Insure Blackberry ApplicationDevelopment highlights include complete integration via Web Services, login to verify policy information,closest Emergency support such as Police Station utilising Google Maps, request emergency button anddispatch of emergency support.Type in the following link in your BlackBerry® internet browser: www.discovery.co.za/apps/blackberry/install/or download via the Blackberry App World. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  22. 22. c. MTN, Y’ello Stars Mobile Learning MTN Y’ello Stars a key and fundamental employee recognition program, which focuses on employee to employee recognition, required Digital Solutions Group; enable a Mobile Learning instance, completely white labeled and integrated with MTN. Digital Solutions Group embarked on a complete scoping exercise with the inclusion of a complete Business Requirements Specification based on an integrated solution, providing MTN Employees with a far more cost effective and direct mobile channel for completing nominations of MTN Employees who have meet with or exceeded four (4) MTN fundamental pillars.Mobile Learning through Web Services integrates with the current web based MTN Y’ello Stars process andfurther allowed for the creation of MTN Network SMS initiation process to be implemented. The initiationprocess requires any MTN Employee across 21 Operating Countries with the ability to SMS 083 YelloStars (08393556 7827) and receive an SMS or Email with a one-time limited session to nominate or select a fellowemployee for meeting or exceeding key requirements.Post nomination, Panel Members per Operating Country, specifically selected would complete a verificationprocess ensuring fairness and approval of the selected rating.The Panel Member rating process has been incorporated into the Mobile Learning platform allowing forcomplete management via the Mobile Channel. We have included below content specifically around theMTN Y’ello Stars Mobile solution.Development highlights include 21 operating country deployment, including Web Service Integration for thecomplete Nomination and Panel Member Y’ello Stars process, which now mobile enabled. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  23. 23. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  24. 24. d. MTN United Against MalariaAs part of the United Against Malaria campaign, the mSurvey component was utilised to provide all MTNOPCO’s (Operating Countries) with the ability to engage in content specifically related to Malaria and furthermore participate in a Survey consisting of ten (10) questions.Participation was managed via SMS where a unique SMS was delivered to a pre-defined group requestingparticipation in the survey. The key to the Mobile Learning in this context relates to the initiation process wherethe Survey is initiated and then presented via the Mobile device.Mobile learning provides the ability to initiate simple one off campaigns which can be measured based onthe response rates and further more participants who have interacted in the survey.The key when managing learning or dissemination of information via the Mobile Channel is that MobileLearning allows for learning to take place in sporadic intervals that are Byte Size in approach, another keydifferentiator is the ability to reach anyone who has a mobile phone or knows someone who has a mobilephones.A key objective to always note is that learners “want to learn when they want to” and further more “wherethey want”. Mobile Learning provides the platform for interaction based on the above objective with anotherkey ingredient “low technology threshold”.The United Against Malaria campaign accessible via low end internet and Java enabled mobile phonesthrough the pyramid to smartphones allowed for interaction across several thousand employees with the keyobjective of conveying information whilst participating in the learning process.The campaign has been extremely successful with more than $250,000 collected and donated to cause andfight. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  25. 25. Participation via secure connectionParticipation in the campaign was managed via a secure connection and we have included below asummary of the secure connection process from an internet and java enabled device:mSurvey ParticipationPost establishing a secure connection the participant was provided with a “Start” link post reading andstudying the published content. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  26. 26. mSurvey Quiz completionAs noted the Mobile Learning process allowed for complete interaction and submission of personalised, track-able learning: http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  27. 27. f. DSG Online Demo ExperienceTo experience the complete Mobile Learning solution visit http://mobiletools.digitalmall.com/demo/lite/ andentering the following User Name and Password.User name: dsgPassword : dsg http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  28. 28. Digital Mobile Partnerships AdaptiveMobile is the leading mobile security provider of unified customer protection for enterprises and individuals. The company offers comprehensive proactive protection from the increasingly prominent threat of mobile viruses, malware, inappropriate content, unsolicited communications and spam at a corporate and consumer level. Adaptive Mobile’s software works across all mobile and wireless bearers, forall technologies including messaging, internet and video. CIQUAL bring a new level of customer insight to Wireless Service Providers. The company’s Insight suite of products help Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments WOW their customers by uniquely understanding the customers’ experience to individually tailor the customer service, offers and incentives users receive.We have large corporate customers and have unique long term partnerships with content owners,broadcasters and advertising agencies. We work with a multitude of Mobile Network Operators in Africa,Middle East and Indian Ocean on their customer experience framework and mobile data strategies. Mobile Tools: Mobilizing change is the core business of Mobiletools International. The rapid, always-connected mobile content delivery and collaboration platform can be used either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing corporate systems. Mobiletools end-to-end solutions are used by organizations worldwide to achieve better results in their change processes.The solution is offered as a SaaS model that provides the benefits of no capital expense on hardware, rapiddeployment, and scalable architecture, no maintenance cost since the service will be hosted on our servers.Our platform can be white-labeled with the user interface being branded to your requirements. In-housedeployment solution is available by installing the platform within your environment.Mobile Learning Benefits:  Global content delivery network & server-side trans-coding of media files  Powerful user administration with scheduling and grouping  Automated SMS and email reminders  Mobile content delivery for videos, pictures, podcasts, blog entries, slideshows  Mobile Surveys (MSurvey) feedback & quiz functionality  User-uploaded media from mobile to facilitate collaboration  Web-based SaaS system for single point to administer the learning process – no software installs needed http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  29. 29.  Provides quick and cost-effective way of implementing learning module Increase participant motivation and response Learners learn when they want and where they want Provides real-time feedback and results Mobile device provides a personal and confidential means of learning Once the environment is set up, multiple campaigns can be managed An increasing number of Mobile Operators world-wide are opening their networks to external parties to enable what Aepona terms Network as a Service (NaaS), in which mobile network; billing and informational assets are packaged and marketed towards 3rd parties such as Enterprises, SIs, ISVs, and Web/Mobile Application developers. These assets are then available on-demand to a variety of B2B and B2C applications and services across many vertical market segments. By implementing NaaS, the Service Provider creates a multi-sided “Telco 2.0” business model, consisting of traditional, end-user subscriptions as before, but now augmented with revenue generated directly from the exposure of their network and billing assets to potentially thousands of third party organizations. NaaS introduces new commercial models such as revenue sharing for Bill-on-Behalf-of services, In- Application Billing, charging for access to enablers, ad-funded models, and many others. At a time when the growth of smartphones is putting pricing pressure on subscriber data plans and handset players are launching their own application stores to deliver over-the-top applications and services to subscribers, NaaS empowers operators to re-establish themselves in the application value chain, and extends their reach into previously untapped markets via partners such as Mobile Cloud Providers, enterprise solution providers and ISVs. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  30. 30. The market for mobile Internet applications and services has fundamentally changed. Flat rate data tariffs, network advancements and devices like the iPhone have redefined consumer expectations andforced the industry to reevaluate the whole user experience.Central to this experience is the delivery of these mobile Internet services. It has been shown that acompelling experience will ignite consumer demand for data services, but the industry is now challengedwith extending this experience beyond the smartest of smart phones to the billions of devices in the markettoday.We address this challenge head on by helping mobile operators and their partners overcome thediscoverability, usability and fulfillment challenges typically associated with the delivery of mobile Internetapplications and services on mass market devices.We believe that finding, personalising and using mobile Internet services on any device should be as easy asmaking a call. To realise this vision we have developed the SurfKit Mobile Internet Platform which includes:  SurfKit Storefront an intuitive on-device storefront for purchase of applications, widgets & other mobile services  SurfKit Launcher an operator branded launch-pad for mobile services  SurfKit Service Creation Environment a cross platform runtime engine for rapid development & deployment of new services using XML and JavaScript which integrates into web 2.0 services  SurfKit Home ‘zero click’ access to favourite or priority services on the Home screen Experience it - (www.experienceit.co.za ) is our Event Management Software Solution Company. Experience IT provides event planners with a complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event costs.By automating the event planning and management processes, our software enables you to focus your timeon strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Our software is web based on demand orSAAS (Software As a Service) event management solution that is easy-to-use and manages, tracks andreports on every aspect of event activity throughout the whole event management process. The solution isnot restricted to only Internet enable attendees and its multi-channel communication architecture combinesa call centre, SMS, web and email to cater for the full spectrum of attendees.There are three modules ; Pre event invitation and RSVP where a database is easily uploaded and managedbased on communications preference ; Event registration , printing of labels and optional seat allocation viaself help terminal and /or RFID tracking; Post event evaluation form, thank you note and reporting module. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  31. 31. We have managed some of South Africa’s largest events such as Metro FM Music Awards, Old MutualCommunity Builder of the Year, The Budget Speech Banquet, SABC year end function and client awards, andTelkom Teacher of the year. Some of our customers that use our software to manage all their events includeOld Mutual, Standard Bank, Wesbank, MTN, Vodacom and Proudly SA.Experience IT Client Profile http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  32. 32. Digitalmall.com (www.digitalmall.com) is one of South Africa’s leading e-commerce portals. Digital Mall online store was the first in SA to be operationally profitable by May 2000; capturing substantial sales volumes withnegligible marketing spend. Following this success many of the largest retail brands in SA joined the DigitalMall network.In January 2001 the Mail and Guardian voted Digitalmall.com as “the best online mall and best on line retailsite for 2000”.Today we either offer a standalone multi- channel commerce solution for customers such as Verimark (thelargest direct marketing company in South Africa (www.verimark.co.za) , Eskom ( www.eskom.co.za ) andDebonairs ( www.debonairs.co.za ) or we offer suppliers and media distributors such as Nu- Metro and Ster–Kinekor, Krost , LG , Sony , Tarsus , Apple , Pinnacle Micro and many more the ability to offer their productsdirectly to the public via www.digitalmall.com as the online retailer.The e-commerce market is growing steadily in Africa (it currently represents less than 6% of the population)and we therefore constantly increase our range of products and services. Digital Mobile Kenya is a joint venture between DSG and Capital Group Keya. Due to the demand for mobile data services and our vast experience in the mobile arena Digital Solutions Group (DSG) has created Digital Mobile Kenya. A venture with Mr. Chris Kirubi a leading Kenyan entrepreneur who hasinterests in various sectors of the economy, ranging from media to real estate, manufacturing, insurance andinvestments. He is a well–established and recognised media owner as Chairman of the Capital Groupcomprising of a radio station, 98.4 Capital FM and Capital Digital Media.The Capital Group is making a large footprint in the digital media world with the Capital FM website beingranked very high Kenya.We offer a variety of solutions that enable network operators, value added service providers and corporateclients to streamline business processes through mobile technology. Digital Mobile is a WASP (WirelessApplication Service Provider) with global mobile networks and vast experience with African and globalnetwork operators in their mobile data strategies.We provide digital mobile solutions, ensuring revenue growth for operators and improved customerexperience. We developed unique mobile architecture for M-commerce, M-ticketing, and mobile payments.We also distribute products via hosted and managed services on behalf of some of the leading mobiletechnology vendors.We have large corporate customers and have unique long term partnerships with content owners,broadcasters and advertising agencies. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  33. 33. SilkRoad Africa is a joint venture between DSG and SilkRoad. Let SilkRoad Streamline Talent Management at All Employee Touch Points. We believe that your talent base is not only the foundation of your organization but what gives you a key competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our complete suite of talent management solutions allows human resource professionals to strengthen and personalise employee experiences, resulting in a more motivated and engaged workforce. We focus on the people, not the numbers, and pride ourselves in being the only HR technology vendor to center our efforts on helping our clients provide truly positive talent experiences. Spread the smiles with SilkRoads talent management software. Co Digital is a joint venture between DSG and Cosoft. Cosoft provides complete information systems solutions for the restaurant industry. Our solutions have been tried and trusted by leadingcompanies since 1994.Our products were born through the ever-expanding home delivery sector of the hospitality industry,specializing in providing the industry with tools to actively build relationships with customers. Our completesolutions include software, hardware, networking, training, consulting, support, enterprise management anddata warehousing.Whether you are a neighborhood restaurant or world-wide chain, we can provide you with tools that willenable you to run your business more successfully. The system can run on a touch-screen interface or can bekeyboard driven which is sometimes preferred where customer details are required to be captured into thesystem – such as in the case of a delivery business such as Pizza. It supports Table Service, Quick Service andHome Delivery restaurant formats.The system does not use any proprietary hardware and runs on the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Wedo not insist on using our own hardware, although this is recommended to avoid installation problems whereequipment is not to our recommended specification.An Internet connection is required for software updates, remote software support and to make use of ourenterprise services. The system continually upgrades itself via the Internet so enhancement request fromFranchise Head Offices continually make their way down to the franchise base.Our products are made up of the following: http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  34. 34.  Aura Invoicing; Aura Mobile; Aura BackOffice; Aura Contact Manager; Aura Customer Countdown; Aura Driver Station; Aura Prep Station Monitor; Aura Kitchen Monitor; Aura SMS Agent; Switchboard Integration; Aura Enterprise; Consolidated Analysis across the enterprise via the Internet; Virtual Private Data networking through cellular network (APN); Digital Talent was established in 2007 with the focus on permanent and temporary placements for small and medium sized businesses. Our primary function is to source the most suitable candidates that fulfill our client’s requirements by completely evaluating the required skills,qualifications and behavioral profiles.Through experience, we have identified that there is a gap between matching the right candidate with theright skills to the right position. Digital Talent (Pty) Ltd. is attending to this need by spending quality time withour client’s and candidates so that we can gain a clear understanding of the culture of the organization aswell as the personality traits and skills required for the position.With our extensive hands-on experience in the ICT Sector and our wide network of contacts, Digital Talent(Pty) Ltd. is perfectly positioned to assist in finding the perfect candidate for any company or to find theperfect job for any candidate. Digital Affiliates was launched to enhance the online marketing strategy of our customers through“performance based” marketing. We developed unique software which tracks the origin of sale andprovides reporting on commission to affiliates purely based on performance and reduces element of risk. Ourclients benefit from increased sales -through wider ad distribution. Employee Relationship Marketing Solutions (ERMS) is the fusion of Win Win Group (www.winwin.co.za) people innovation and DSG relationship marketing & technology innovation. The joint ventureformed in March 2008 was conceived to enhance total employee experience. A firms first customers are itsown employees. If the staff understand and wholeheartedly endorse the firms goals, they will take care ofexternal customers and achieve desired company performance.A firm wants its external customers to consider themselves part of the family and its staff to feel that they arerespected and their needs are met. The employees should know and feel that they are the brand.We unleash people to unleash performance and create cultures that perform because people are inspiredand proud. The employee experience design of ERMS focuses on the “on boarding” experience through our“Insider” program and total talent management solution, which tracks key employee metrics over time.We provide ongoing training/ interventions such as “I am the brand”, “Business of Winning” and custommotivational events .We provide access for e-learning of 480 programs with online mentors and we facilitateemployee privileges and reward programmes. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  35. 35. DSG Corporate Social InvestmentThe Digital Solution Group believes in the values of corporate social investment and is actively involved in anumber of projects. Overall more than 10% of group profit is invested back into the community.  Sponsorship of Nelson Mandela Foundation ICT Strategy, Web Site, Webcast, 0800046664 Contact Centre, 46664 Campaign (www.46664.com).  Sponsorship of Contact in Gauteng Industry portal (www.callcentres.co.za).  Sponsorship of BAC (Business against Crime) and SAPS Crime Stop initiative.  Participation in the Proudly South African Campaign www.proudlysa.co.za  Sponsorship of the Maharishi Institute with furniture , PC’s and website (www.invinciblesouthafrica.org)  Sponsorship of Invincible Outsourcing Contact Centre Presence Licensing.  Sponsorship of ecommerce and mobile learning for United Against Malaria (www.unitedagainstmalaria.org )DSG ValuesCommunicationHonest and open communication through accessibility, information sharing and freedom of expressionContinual Improvement, Growth and DevelopmentEncouraging continual improvement to the benefit of customers and the Group by creating an environmentfor all individuals to develop to their fullest potentialCustomer ServiceA total focus on customer needs to meet or exceed their expectations at all timesEmpowerment, Accountability, Participation and EntrepreneurshipEncouraging individual empowerment and accountability and fostering participation and entrepreneurship“Can Do” AttitudeWe have a “Can Do Attitude” and live up to Walt Disney famous words “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”Equal OpportunityPromoting equal opportunity without any exclusionIntegrity, Professionalism and EthicsConsistently conducting ourselves in an honest, professional and ethical manner with a “Can Do!” attitude http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  36. 36. QualityPursuing quality as a way of lifeWe are all MAD (Meticulous Attention to Detail)Being totally focused on the detail of everything that we doRespect, Dignity and TrustValuing and respecting individuality, upholding human dignity and nurturing trustSynergy and TeamworkHarnessing the strength of each individual and the unit to provide superior value to the benefit of customersEffective LeadershipLeadership that ensures decisive action, clear strategic direction and alignment of goalsWealth Creation and Fair RewardOptimising the creation of wealth by providing recognition and fair return to all http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  37. 37. DSG Group Case StudiesIndependent Electoral Commission On the 28th of September 2003 The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa awarded a consortium including DSG, a three-year contract for the supply of Call Centre Services and Management. The contract was awarded to the consortium based on the following:  A proven and respected track record in outsourced Call Centre Management.  A fundamental understanding of the unique recruitment needs of both the Call Centre environment and the individual alike.  A world class, stable and well known Contact Centre Telephony Platform.  The service provider had to have an agile and flexible organizational structure and billing solution.A non-negotiable requirement specified by The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa requiredthe set-up and implementation of the IEC Contact Centre by no later than 01 October 2003. The stringentdeadline meant that the consortium were required to set-up the Contact Centre, recruit and train 30Contact Centre resources capable of conversing in a minimum of 5 vernacular namely (English, Afrikaans,Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho) and ideally all 11 official languages within three business days.The Independent Electoral Commission initially required the management of an outsourced Contact Centrewith the following capability: 1. Contact Centre Management. 2. Contact Centre Staffing, Training and Quality Assurance Management. 3. Contact Centre Call Flow Routing and Scripting and Management. 4. Contact Centre Reporting and Business Intelligence. 5. Contact Centre Technology Management.The initial tender specification required 26 seats to be available. The consortia, through experience in theContact Centre industry, believe that all clients, regardless of the nature of their businesses, move throughwhat is commonly referred to as a ‘solution cycle’. The ‘solution cycle’ entails the realization of a specificbusiness need and the action taken to address the need by implementing a customized Contact Centresolution which is constantly re-invented based on the dynamic nature of the business.A comprehensive analysis and interpretation gained via voter and Contact Centre resources interactionanalysis on a daily basis identified the definite and immediate need for the initial IEC contact centerrequirements to be considerably enhanced and expanded.The trends within the first few weeks showed a need to increase capacity from 26 seats to 48 seats and as themarketing campaigns for the first Voter Registration weekend in November increased we soon realized that110 seats were required for the increased call volumes anticipated on the weekend.The consortium reacted very quickly and constantly recruited, trained and accredited new staff members toaccommodate the ongoing demand to increase capacity and managed to expand the technologyinfrastructure within record breaking times of a few days and sometimes a few hours. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  38. 38. The investment required in expanding the infrastructure surpassed R3 million of capital expenditure and over779 people had to be recruited and trained which in itself a tall order due to time constraints.The upgrades to the infrastructure had to happen late at night and on weekends in order not to disrupt theservices rendered during working hours. After the first round of registration a post mortem analysis implicatedthat automation of certain recurring interactions that did not require human intervention would be ideal forthe IEC due to unexpected large call volumes and a need to offer the service at extended hours, to be ableto cater for entire public which includes night shift workers.The projected cost saving based on financial modeling by launching an automated solution illustrated ahuge Return on Investment (ROI), and the revenue was therefore channeled to other business departmentswithin the Independent Electoral Commission.We proposed the Voice Genie Voice XML platform as we already utilized this platform and had experience inconfiguring the system and integrating into our environment as well as we could capitalize on the investmentalready made in the www.elections.org.za website. The system allowed customers to now access all theinformation available on the website via the telephone using a TTS (text to speech) engine.The Voice XML IVR solution was approved on the 10th of December 2003 and was launched on the 23rdDecember, once again meeting the IEC stringent time constraints and putting in many long hours in order toconfigure the platform and record 20,000 audio prompts in all official, languages in a few weeks. The 120 portIVR implementation paid for itself within the first 22 days in January, once the second round of registration wascomplete, and we managed to automate over 70% of the calls.The January registration weekend (24th and 25th) was handled efficiently with over 90% of the calls beinganswered within 25 seconds with a considerably low CRM count.We then planned for the Elections on the 14th of April and re-configured the IVR in order to communicateinterim results and voting related FAQ.Apart from utilizing the IVR as a self help channel we also proposed to the IEC to use an SMS facility which wasalso implemented in January 2004 across all networks with the ability to SMS your ID number and receive anautomated response of registration status. In March 2003 the IEC launched another self help facility utilizingthe FNB ATM infrastructure which allows the public to verify their registration status via the ATMThe response from the public has been overwhelming and very positive and Digital Mall and its consortiumpartners are very proud to be associated with the IEC and contributing to a fair democratic electionsprocess.TNM MalawiTNM serves 80% of the corporate market in Malawi. The network has extensive coverage in all 3 regions anddistricts of the country. TNM Malawi’s focus: improvement in service, growth in subscribers and expansion ofits existing mobile network capacity from current core capacity of 1 million subscribers to 1.5 million subscribersby 31 December 2009. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  39. 39. TNM Malawi, with its objective to reach 1 million subscribers and its focus on delivering superior CustomerExperiences engaged with Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group, to provide anupgraded, multi channel, multi media Contact Centre allowing for TNM Malawi to leverage its Networkinvestment and expansion.Digital Connect, selected a core, highly skilled consulting services team which completed an initial siteanalysis and audit to determine the current Contact Centre specific platforms and integration requirementswith the core TNM Malawi network.Digital Connects initial audit, noted that the current capacity serving the growth would require the ContactCentre platform be upgraded to meet with growing Consumer expectations and demand. Digital Connectfrom the initial audit and scoping of Business Requirements recommended the Asterisk IP based telephonyplatform which would meet with current and future growth expectations.TNM Malawi, further requested Digital Connect complete Maximiser CRM softphone integration with theAsterisk IP based telephony platform which was completed prior to proceeding with the deployment. Thesoftphone integration was successfully with no additional investment requirements. The net result acompletely IP based, integrated Contact Centre telephony platform that would meet current and futuredevelopment requirements.With the Asterisk IP Telephony Platform providing for SS7 management through a completely integrated SS7Gateway, TNM Malawi requested direct integration with the TNM Malawi core networking switches. Thiswould entail utilising SS7 instead of PRI as the manner through which calls would be processed by the ContactCentre. This was successfully implemented with two (2) tier 1, core network switches including Huawei andAlacatel, where Digital Connect completed 8 (eight) SS7 connections (equivalent to 8 PRI’s), split call loadacross between the Huawei (4 x SS7 links) and Alacatel (4 x SS7 links).The SS7 integration a key component now allows for all calls made by Consumers to be processed On Netand further more all outbound calls to be pushed through the core networking switches remaining On Net.With the Contact Centre platform allowing for the management of Back Office extensions, TNM Malawiopted for the replacement of the current incumbent PBX provider allowing for all Back Office Corporate userswithin TNM Malawi to utilise the Asterisk IP Telephony platform. This again further leverages the benefits of theSS& gateway allowing for calls to remain On Net and further more allow for Corporate users to forward thereoffice lines to TNM Malawi specific Mobile numbers at no additional cost to TNM Malawi.TNM Malawi further had a requirement to manage the Contact Centre environment, Corporate Back Officeusers and in addition eight (8) Retail Branches across Malawi. The requirement to provide an additional 32devices, four (4) per Retail branch all access the centralised Asterisk IP Telephony platform.In summary the deployment of the Asterisk IP Telephony Platform has:1. Reduced capital investment for TNM Malawi by 45% in comparison to proprietary platforms.2. Allows for complete Contact Centre Management with a complete Contact Centre Real Time monitoring,Voice Recording per conversation per agent, Service Level monitoring, Quality Assurance management withthe ability change any QA by TNM Malawi, Historic Reporting and Digital Wallboard output.3. Allows for direct integration with the Maximiser CRM softphone with no additional investment. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  40. 40. 4. Allows for integration with the TNM Malawi core network switches via SS7gateways with no middleware withno additional investment.5. Allow for Corporate Back Office extension management.6. Allow for Switchboard management for two (2) specific locations within the TNM Malawi Corporate HeadOffice.7. Allow for eight (8) Retail branches spread across Malawi to access the centralised Asterisk IP Telephonyplatform all processed and managed On Net.Africom ZimbabweAfricom is a converged communications service provider with a unique people-centered approach. We’renot simply passionate about technology; we’re passionate about changing the lives of people by providingunrivalled connectivity and offering unlimited access to information.We are building and continue to expand telecommunications infrastructure in Africa. In addition to being apioneer, private equity investor in telecommunications infrastructure in Zimbabwe, we are also among the firstin Africa to build a wholly IP (Internet protocol) based telecommunications network encompassing satellite,fibre and broadband wireless access.More recently, we have invested in a CDMA network, which will enhance our capacity to deliver trulyconverged voice video and data services of superior quality. Our billing, CRM and financial modules areintegrated to deliver convenience and exceptional value for our customers.Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group proposed the uniquely appropriate DBOT Modelwhich required Digital Solutions Group initially design and build the Africom Telephony platform in SouthAfrica, based on comprehensive workflow processes. This included interacting with a number of stakeholdersincluding Africom and VasX.Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group provides complete Service Level Agreementsupport to Africom with further expansion planned for 2012. With the Asterisk platform dimensioned for growthAfrican will only be required to invest in additional Service Agent Hard SIP Phones, Headsets andQueueMetrics Licensing.In summary the deployment of the Asterisk IP Telephony Platform has:1. Reduced capital investment for Africom in comparison to proprietary platforms.2. Allows for complete Contact Centre Management with complete Contact Centre Real Time monitoring,Voice Recording per conversation per agent, Service Level monitoring, Quality Assurance management withthe ability to change or implement new QA outputs, Historic Reporting and Digital Wallboard output.3. Allows for integration with the Africom via SIP with no middleware and no additional investment. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  41. 41. 4. Complete management per Team Leader and Contact Centre Manager based on login authenticationensuring assigned and grouped Agents are monitored, with the net result of enhanced productivity.5. The redundant upgrade now provides access to centralised web based applications, which containbusiness intelligence such as frequency, Call arrival trends and patterns and key Contact Centreperformance statistics.6. Accessing web based applications that allow for anywhere, anytime access to determine Agent activity,Service level management and Quality Assurance.COMAIR LIMITEDThe Digital Solutions Group (DSG), a relationship marketing, multichannel contact centre and commercesolution provider, in its ten years of existence, has implemented a number of relationship marketing andmanagement, service and technical innovations, which has seen a number of organisations invent and re–invent their businesses, contact centre operations and communication strategies.Digital Solutions Group continuously emphasises the importance of remaining Customer Centric, whilst utilisingnew technology which ensures Contact Centre’s exceed operational objectives and increase revenueopportunities across all touch points, whilst adhering to organisational service levels.As such, Digital Solutions Group approached Comair Limited an organisation which for more than 50 years,has provided products and services of consistent value, reliability and professionalism and today carries anaverage of 1.8 million passengers per annum locally and regionally with British Airways and kulula.com, withthe opportunity to upgrade its entire Contact Centre telephony platform with a new generation Asterisk IPbased telephony platform.Comair Limited with its reputation of quality, and passion for service, agreed that the current telephonyplatform servicing 130 Contact Centre Agents was not suitable to its current Contact Centre objectives andperformance and would not sustain its position as a major player in the South African aviation industry unlessimproved upon.As part of the exploration and evaluation of the Comair Limited Contact Centre operations including BritishAirways and kulula.com, Comair Limited agreed that service being a key differentiator in the aviation industry,would require the implementation the Asterisk intelligent IP based telephony platform that would serve as thefoundation and framework on which to understand Customer behaviour, loyalty and further evaluatepurchase frequency, whilst building and maintaining enduring customer relationships through all stages of thecustomer lifecycle.Digital Solutions Group evaluated a number of environmental factors and trends that would contribute to thestrength of implementing the Asterisk IP based telephony platform within the British Airways and kulula.comContact Centre, whilst focusing on differentiating through service which include:  Improvement in the Contact Centre’s ability to focus on increasing sales and service delivery. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  42. 42.  Focus on the widening Agent skill sets with the primary objective of improving service levels across both British Airways and kulula.com.  Access to centralised web based applications, which contain business intelligence such as frequency, Call arrival trends and patterns and key Contact Centre performance statistics.  Building of a complete profile based on how Comair Limited Customers interact with the said Contact Centre’s.  Accessing web based applications that allow for the management of telephony utilisation across the Contact Centre’s.  Accessing web based applications that allow for anywhere, anytime access to determine Agent activity, Service level management and Quality Assurance.  Setting the Quality Assurance standards, a first for both the British Airways and kulula.com Contact Centre’s.  Integrated and Redundant Asterisk IP Telephony Platform  Implementation without interruption  Telkom PRI Z-Screen communication  Voice LAN and Management of IP Telephony  Digital Virtual Extension Manager  Implementation of all Call Flows prior to Deployment  Contact Centre Metrics – Managing demand  Web based “Anywhere, Anytime Access”British Airways and kulula.com Contact Centre Management have access to both Queue Metrics a webbased application which allows for complete remote real time monitoring, real time tracking andperformance management coupled with Aspivia DSG’s SaaS (Software as a Service) Telephone Intelligenceensuring the following operational efficiencies be achieved: 1. Leveraging the centralised Asterisk IP Telephony platform to communicate when remotely located through the Soft Phone as if Contact Centre Management team where at the office. 2. Leveraging web based architecture such as Queue Metrics with the primary objective of providing complete visibility to Contact Centre Management remotely. 3. Leverage web based SaaS architecture such as Aspivia which reduces the cost and complexity of managing mobile and voice infrastructures, which provides continuous visibility and insight into Comair Limited’s carrier costs and telecommunications effectiveness.Change Management – Agent, Supervisor, Quality Assurance and Training requirementsDigital Solutions Group further conducted sessions with the Supervisors, Quality Assurers and Contact CentreManagement with the objective of leverage the new implemented applications with the primary purpose: 1. Monitoring and measurement – the importance for Comair Limited and how this needs to be incorporated in the performance management and evaluation. 2. Change management and the ability to leverage Queue Metrics to conduct real time monitoring or post activity Quality Assurance. The QA model built into Queue Metrics now provide Quality Assurers with the ability to conduct continuous coaching and call audits in line with Contact Centre and Organisational objectives. 3. Understanding the purpose of Queue Metrics, the information available, the granular data available and the ability to understand how the Contact Centre is performing however most importantly the level of quality being delivered. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  43. 43. LEO (Formerly CELL ONE) MOBILE NETWORK OPERATORThe Namibian Mobile Market monopolised by MTC (Mobile Telecommunications) for 11 years with an areanetwork surface coverage of 46% increasing to 67% by the end of 2006 has invested a over sustainableperiod into providing network which services local Namibians. MTC recently increased its network activitywhich including the launch of 3G, with MTC seen as the third provider on the African Continent to offer 3Gindicating the intent to keep its stronghold on the Namibian Mobile Market being made clear.In August 2006, the Namibian Communications Commission awarded the second GSM operator license totelecommunications company Powercom. Namibias second mobile operator launched in Windhoek, March2007, under the brand name Cell One with Cell One committing to investing over $139 million (R$1 billion)during the next 18 months to continue building and rolling-out its technologically advanced network.Digital Solutions Group, with previous Contact Centre DBOT (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer) experiencein Africa was awarded the Contact Centre tender in November 2006 with the responsibility of setting up,deploying and managing the Powercom, Cell One contact centre utilising South African skills, expertise andknowledge for a period of 18 – 24 months.Digital Solutions Group proposed the uniquely appropriate DBOT Model which required Digital SolutionsGroup initially design and build the Cell One contact centre by January 2007, interacting with a number ofstakeholders including Powercom, Cell One, Telecom Namibia, Nokia, Aricent, Logical, UCS Software, DigitalConnect and Emerald.Digital Solutions Group further to the design and build responsibility of the Contact Centre, acceptedadditional responsibility for the design and build of the onsite Retail store, technical support, NOC (NetworkOperations Centre), server room and IT hardware requirements, redundant power sources, chill zones,coaching zones and software development prior to January 2007.Digital Solutions Group achieved the following for the Powercom, Cell One launch including: 1. Sourcing a suitable location based on environmental factors and infrastructure requirements including national power sources, telephony and exchange nodes, networking centralised connectivity between four (4) key locations, transportation routes, labour demographics and potential skills whilst adhering to prevailing labour conditions. 2. Designing and Building the second Namibian Contact Centre during the November and December festive period. 3. Management of appointed Architects and Contractors, whilst focusing on Technical Architectural requirements for Powercom, Cell One, Nokia, Aricent, Emerald, Digital Connect and Logical (ensure all hardware/software be delivered prior to January 2007). 4. Configuring, testing and shipping a fully deployable Asterisk Contact Centre PBX platform to Namibia and integrating with the Cell One GSM switch using an SS7 Gateway. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  44. 44. 5. Develop an interim CCBS Call Centre Billing System application in South Africa as a temporary solution prior to Powercom, Cell Ones CCBS launching. 6. Conducting recruitment and selection of Retail and Contact Centre staff in a market with little to no Contact Centre skills and experience. 7. Planning and conducting Retail and Contact Centre Staff NQF aligned training by exporting knowledge, skills and experience from the BPO sector in South Africa. 8. Defining Service Level and Relationship Agreements with all stakeholders. 9. Providing operational Contact Centre Management including Workforce Management principles and practices.Nando’s South AfricaIn June 2000, The Virtual Call Centre was selected by Nando’s as its outsourced business processing centre.The Virtual Call Centre a member of the Digital Solutions Group a relationship marketing, multi – channel andcommerce solution provider has since June 2000, implemented a number of relationship managementinnovations which has seen Nando’s invent and re – invent its business, communication style and strategy.The Virtual Call Centre emphasised the importance of remaining Customer Centric and constantly utilisingnew communication and relationship marketing principles within the Nando’s business processing centre.In order to ensure that the communications strategy from Nandos is consistent across multiple channels DigitalMobile developed campaign management methodology and software called SmartContact(www.smartcontact.co.za).SmartContact would leverage the WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) facilities within the DigitalSolutions Group and create cost-effective distributable, customisable and targeted, Email and SMScampaigns within an easy to use web based application that includes full tracking and reporting.Market research conducted prior to the development of SmartContact found response rates to be far higherwhen utilising targeted mobile marketing campaigns than any other medium. Mobile marketing success ismeasured at a 40% response rate in comparison to a 3% response rate for direct mailing and a 1% responserate for Internet banner advertising campaigns.We evaluated a number of South African environmental factors that would contribute to the strength ofmobile marketing which include: 1. Effective and response orientated communication. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  45. 45. 2. A society with high mobile phone market penetration. 3. Strong appeal to the 14 to 35 year market segment. 4. Effective and personalised 1 to 1 communication. 5. Effective spontaneous, direct, interactive and targeted communications medium.The Nando’s objective in 2008 was to get to know their customers and increase frequency and wallet sharefrom customers. Therefore the campaign was dubbed “What’s your Flava”? The campaign focused ondriving additional ‘feet ‘to Restaurants and to increase the awareness of the nearest store to the customerand have better insight into customer preferences.The Virtual Call Centre met with the Nando’s “What’s your Flava” campaign objectives where the followingwas achieved: 1. Implementing a first to market 34141 mobile Voucher SMS redemption competition. 2. Segment and process 25,000 Nandos virtual vouchers. 3. Store, match and reference incoming SMS messages from 34141 and responding to Customer as to whether they have won or not. 4. Design an “instant” Customer feedback and voucher redemption component. 5. Provide the business processing centre with a re – allocationPhumelela South AfricaJSE-listed Phumelela Gaming And Leisure Limited is the horseracing and/or tote betting operator in seven ofSouth Africas nine provinces and is recognised as a world leader in harnessing the latest technology toglobalise horseracing.Phumelela, based at Turffontein Racecourse in Johannesburg, operates five racecourses, five trainingcentres, over 200 tote outlets, two (2) telephone-betting call centres with 120 seats in Johannesburg and ten(10) seats, supported and maintained by Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group and anonline tote betting site.Phumelela’s vision extended beyond the borders of South African horseracing from the outset and today thecompany through Phumelela Gold Enterprises (PGE), a joint venture with Gold Circle managed byPhumelela, is a major player in the international arena.Selected live racing from a host of countries, including the UK, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia,France, Mauritius and the USA, is imported daily and South African horseplayers are able to watch, and beton, the cream of horseracing from around the globe.Phumelela selected Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group in 2007 to complete themigration to a fully managed IP PBX for its Johannesburg 120 Contact Centre. Phumelela further selectedDigital Connect to deploy the Contact Centre in Port Elizabeth in 2009 due to the value derived from thedeployment in Johannesburg. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  46. 46. The deployments for both Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth included full hardware sourcing, provisioning,configuration and deployment across both geographically dispersed Contact Centre Sites. Both ContactCentre solutions require remote hands support and further more onsite support in the event of large volumerace days.The deployments require complete management of the networks the Contact Centre utilises for themanagement of calls. This includes redundancy solutions with complete IP Address management for SIPHardphones.Digital Connect as part of its solution offering provides Phumelela with a Platinum Service Level Agreementwhich provides for 2 Hour MTR (Mean Time Response) and a 4 Hour MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve). DigitalConnect through its own 24/7 Business Support helpdesk ensures continuous uptime and further engages inproactive monitoring with the primary objective of ensuring continuous uptime across all hardware andsoftware deployed.Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group recently (February 2012) completed a full solutionupgrade to Phumelela Johannesburg which included:  Complete new Dell Server procurement for the redundant solution offering.  Complete Operating System and Platform configurations through the South African local Lab, using Virtual Machines with the primary objective of completing pre-testing and evaluation prior configuration of the Dell Servers.  Ground up installation utilising complete new Dell Hardware including configuration in the South African Labs, prior to onsite deployment.  Utilisation of current and existing SIP Devices (SNOM 320) across all 120 seats effectively extending the longevity of the devices/phones utilised by Agents.  Onsite installation, deployment and activation prior to Contact Centre opening within its business hours.In summary the deployment of the Asterisk IP Telephony Platform has:1. Reduced Capital and Operating investment for Phumelela for its 120 Seat Contact Centre in Johannesburgand 10 Seat Contact Centre in Port Elizabeth.2. Allows for complete Contact Centre Management with complete Contact Centre Real Time monitoring,Voice Recording per conversation per agent, Service Level monitoring, Quality Assurance management withthe ability to complete call ratings, Historic Reporting and Digital Wallboard outputs per Team Leader.3. Complete management of both voice networks and infrastructure, including five (5) PRI’s with Toll Free andShare Call numbers.4. Complete management per Team Leader and Contact Centre Manager based on login authenticationensuring assigned and grouped Agents are monitored, with the net result of enhanced productivity.5. The redundant upgrade now provides access to centralised web based applications, which containbusiness intelligence such as frequency, Call arrival trends and patterns and key Contact Centreperformance statistics. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com
  47. 47. 6. Accessing web based applications that allow for anywhere, anytime access to determine Agent activity,Service level management and Quality Assurance.7. Integrated and Redundant Asterisk IP Telephony Platform.8. Implementation without interruption.9. Voice LAN, Data storage and Data Backup’s onsite and offsite including and Management of IP Telephony.TransUnion Mead & McGrouther In April 2004 Digital Mall has developed a mobile application for Mead & McGrouther which introduced an electronic delivery system to smart phones. Mead and McGrouther is an independent unbiased company who has served the entire Motor related industry for over four decades. Its unique code and descriptions andvehicle values have become part and parcel of any motor related transaction. In certain market segments ithas even become known as the” little bible”.The mobile application works online and off line and supports all mobile operating systems available in SA i.e.Windows CE, Symbol, Symbian, and Palm OS.This technology gives the subscriber the option of migrating from print to electronic.The mobile application retains the portability of the printed guide, yet offers multiple business benefits to theuser. As opposed to the printed Dealers Guides which are posted to the subscriber, the mobile application isupdated regularly via GPRS or Bluetooth or via PC to phone and is delivered to the subscriber on a monthlybasis. The files can be downloaded onto the device via the Hot-Sync cradle.The updated files are sent out to subscribers prior to the beginning of the following month. The informationcontained is then transferred onto the device by following an easy download process.It takes approximately 1 – 2 minutes for the GPRS /3G download process to complete downloading theapplication for the first time and under minute for updates. http://www.dsglimited.com, http://www.dsg.co.za and http://www.digitalmall.com