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UPakWeShip, how to pack for an international move


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How to pack like a pro!
Watch this presentation to learn about packing up your shipment for an International Move. You can pack as well or better than a mover by following these steps. This is International Moving Made Easy! Take your time, buy the correct materials and you too can be an International Packer!

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UPakWeShip, how to pack for an international move

  1. 1. UPakWeShip How to pack for an International Move Have a look at this presentation to see some great tips and advice on DIY packing “I wish I could spend more on my moving costs.” Said nobody Ever !
  2. 2. “Go Pack Yourself” Thank you for considering UPakWeShip for your moving needs. We offer everyone the best possible customer service and the most economic ways of shipping without compromising on service and promise you an all inclusive price. We are very proud to be, as far as we know the only company offering all these things. UPakWeShip is the self packing division of EuroUSA Shipping which is part of The Euro Group and has been in business since 1988 so you are in very safe, experienced hands when you move with UPakWeShip. Hopefully the next few minutes will give you a better idea of how to pack like a pro. I have been in the moving business for over 30 years and have moved internationally five times my self so any help or advice you need please call me. Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386
  3. 3. What you need, your shopping list Buy good quality moving boxes of the same size (so they stack well together) Buy 2 inch packing tape or duct tape. Plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper. Movers blankets for protecting furniture. Plastic covers to go over Mattresses, arm chairs & sofas. Shipping trunks are great for bedding or clothes wrapped around some fragile items. Plastic totes can work well instead of moving cartons. You can but packing materials from any self storage place, U Haul, online websites, Staples, Home Depot or Lowes.
  4. 4. China & Glass Buy the specially designed cardboard boxes for china & glass. They are thicker than a standard carton. Put some padding in the bottom of the box like a cushion, pillow or crushed up paper. Wrap each item in paper and bubble wrap, for glasses you can roll them and tuck in the ends. For plates and larger items fold the paper and bubble wrap over and around it. Always pack glasses and plates standing up for better strength. If in doubt wrap again in bubble and paper. Fill up any spaces in the box with crushed up paper or bubble wrap. Put some padding at the top of the box, make sure its full and tight and tape up well along the middle and the seems at the sides.
  5. 5. Clothes You can use proper wardrobe boxes to hang things or lay flat clothes boxes. My personal favorite though is just use standard cartons and don’t waste the money on special clothes boxes. It doesn’t matter what you do with your clothes, they are going to get creased and loose their freshness and end up in the washer or dry cleaners so why waste the money with fancy boxes! The vacuum bags are a great way to save space, Either put them in a carton or trunk or lay them on top of your boxes in a U Box.
  6. 6. Bikes The easiest way to ship a bike is to go to your local bike store and ask them if they have a bike box you can have. (New bikes get delivered to stores in them) You will probably have to take the pedals off and may be the handle bars or front wheel but you will find its easier to pack around and over a bike in a box than as it is with a blanket over it! Also its well protected this way. The only time this is overkill is if you are loading your own shipping container in which case load them near the back of the container and place a blanket over them for protection and to stop any oil getting on anything else.
  7. 7. The Bed If you are taking a bed then you are limited to our UPod / liftvan service or the self load 20 foot container service. Either way wrap the mattress and bed spring in mattress bags. I would double bag it for extra protection and then wrap some tape around the plastic for extra strength and seal the end. Now it wont get dirty! For extra protection you can buy a mattress box which is a huge box the size of a mattress that you would slide the plastic wrapped mattress into and tape up the end. Mattresses also make great bulk heads and cushioning if loading a 20 foot shipping container.
  8. 8. Large Furniture Most furniture can be protected in a shipping container or a UPod by being wrapped and taped up in moving blankets. You can also purchase large bags that you can place over sofas and chairs to keep them clean before covering in blankets. Cover any glass like in a cabinet with cardboard. A flat packed box works great. You could also use bubble wrap or paper / bubble blankets but good old moving blankets work the best. Blankets are available from Lowes and Home Depot as well as U Haul and most self storage places.
  9. 9. Real Fragile Items Its hard to cover everything fragile but here are some good ideas! Cover anything in 4 layers around of bubble wrap and then taped for great protection and then placed in a box or covered in cardboard. Polystyrene nuts work great for an awkward piece of sculpture in a box, a fragile piece of coral or glass can be placed in a shoe box filled with rice and then taped up and placed into a larger box. Wood crates, trunks, exhibit or gig cases work extremely well for protecting most things. Always individually wrap everything and pack tight so nothing can move around. If in doubt use more bubble wrap!
  10. 10. Pictures Wrap pictures in plenty of bubble wrap. If an oil painting, first place kitchen roll over the picture to avoid any scratching. Roll it around a few times thick, tape well and place in a cardboard picture carton or slide into a flat cardboard carton and tape up ends. Picture boxes are available from self store and U Haul shops as well as on line. Some times it might be worth ditching the frame and rolling up the picture and putting in a cardboard tube and framing again when you get to your destination. Smaller pictures should be wrapped well in bubble wrap and placed in a strong cardboard carton with plenty of padding at the top and bottom.
  11. 11. Odd Shapes These days you can buy a box for almost anything but if not use your imagination. Wrap well in bubble wrap or a moving blanket, tape up well then cover in cardboard. Sometimes you can split open a flat packed carton and wrap around an item. If you can buy a hard case for your keyboard, golf clubs, trumpet or snooker cue I suggest you do it!
  12. 12. TV’s If you don’t have your original box then wrap well in bubble wrap and place in a flat screen TV box available at self storage shops or U Haul. Anything fragile like a TV is best to be placed in a U Box, U Crate, UPod or a self load shipping container. Make sure it is loaded in the upright position and can not fall over.
  13. 13. Books Things like books, DVD’s CD’s or even vinyl records need to be packed into book cartons. These are between 1.5 and 2 cubic feet. Do not pack them in larger boxes as the box will then be too heavy to lift and might also bust open with all that weight. Always stack contents on end and not flat for more strength and therefore less chance of any damage. Always tape up well along the middle of the flaps and also along the edges. Make sure boxes are full and contents are tight so that nothing in the box can move and being full keeps the box in good shape and it can not crush or bust open.
  14. 14. The Garage Try and pack everything into boxes but items that are too big need to be wrapped and taped up in cardboard or blankets. If you are loading your own shipping container you can put garden tools into an open top box and tape them together. Load items like lawn movers and other oily dirty things last and cover in old blankets so that oil doesn’t get on anything else.
  15. 15. What not to pack No mover is licensed to ship guns, weapons or ammunition overseas so do not include them. Also no explosives, hazardous items or anything flammable should be loaded. No living items like plants, food, dirt or animals are allowed. Most countries do not allow any food stuff including animal food. Alcohol and tobacco products are allowed into most countries but you will probably be charged duties and taxes that will end up costing you more than if you bought it locally at the destination. Personally I am against packing any liquids in case they leek and ruin everything else in your box or shipment. Its just not worth packing shampoo and shower gel etc.! Always check destination customs information before you start packing.
  16. 16. Tips If the boxes you are using don’t list the cubic feet on them, measure in inches the Length x Width x Height, multiply together and divide by 1728 and that will give you the cubic feet of your carton. Use lifting straps like in the picture to save back problems! Rent or borrow a loading ramp if loading a shipping container or hire 2 men and a loading ramp from a local mover to help you load. If you are not sure if your things will fit into one of our service options, then using masking tape or blue painters tape, mark the dimensions on your floor and wall to see if everything will fit in that area. If all your belongings would fit in a single garage then they will fit in a 20 foot shipping container. Use a telescopic bulk head or 8x4 wood in a X with plywood sheets or mattress in front to hold everything in place if loading a shipping container. Use same size boxes so they stack well together.
  17. 17. Tips 2 Make moving fun for everyone involved. Build a fort or house with some boxes. Everyone loves popping some bubble wrap and playing with the plastic peanuts! Let kids & pets be involved. Give kids a box to pack their things in (even if you have to re pack it later) and let them design their own boxes! The U Box makes a great play house fyi!
  18. 18. The Packing List You will have to list everything you are shipping for customs purposes, but for most countries you can be a little general with your descriptions. For example Box 1 Books, Box 2 Clothes, Box 3 Kitchenware etc. Some countries have some special rules such as Mexico where you have to write serial numbers of all electrical items and Singapore where its best to list titles of all videos and DVD’s for Customs. The item number on the packing list will need to match the number on the box. We email you labels to stick on your boxes where you can write the box numbers.
  19. 19. Marking Boxes Make sure all your boxes and wrapped items are marked with your name and item number. This is very important in case your shipment is opened or unloaded by customs or unloaded for the final delivery to your residence. If everything is clearly marked then it is easy to identify and the box number can be checked against the packing list to make sure everything is there and nothing is left behind. If you mark your boxes with the room it needs to go to then it makes placing everything in the right room a breeze. It’s a good idea to mark up a box with anything you need urgently the other end such as the kettle, bed screws, screwdriver, mugs, and kids favorite toy!
  20. 20. Five Star Rating If you look at the blog on the UPakWeShip web site you will see a page called Rate US where customers have completed our survey and have said some great things about us. These are comments that customers have posted direct onto our web site. Not something that we could make up ourselves. We are very proud of our 5 star record and are 100% committed to keeping it that way. Hopefully you will be posting great things about us too!
  21. 21. Save Money But Still Enjoy Quality We will save you a lot of money compared to a typical mover but you’ll still enjoy great customer service. We are all very knowledgeable, extremely honest, user friendly and know what we are doing. We also understand with social media these days that a company needs a good reputation on line and the only way we can accomplish this is by offering a quality first class service. So just because your saving a bundle on moving costs do not think you are compromising on service.
  22. 22. All Inclusive Prices PRICE GUARANTEE For shipments through to door we guarantee our prices. You will NOT be charged any extra charges at the destination unless it is backed up with an official receipt such as customs duties on a new item or AQIS (quarantine fee in Australia or “Maf” in New Zealand). No other shipping company offers you this guarantee. Ask others that you have requested a quote from if there are any extras on top off their price and they will tell you that yo u "might" have to pay for customs inspection or x ray or security fees at the destination. No one will tell you how much it wil l cost you but this could easily be an extra $200 charged at the destination with no back up paperwork that you have no option but to pay if you want your things. UPakWeShip WILL NOT charge anything extra at the destination unless we have documented proof that an extra charge did occur, and in the very rare event that something does occur, we will pass that cost on over to you at our cost with documented proof that it occurred. We are that confident that our all inclusive charges are ALL INCLUSIVE that if you think otherwise please call our Government Licensing Authority and report us. Federal Maritime Commission. Tel 202-523-5807 Licensed Forwarder FMC # 020288F Shipments quoted to arrival port or terminal only do not include fees at destination which can include port charges, terminal and hand out charges as well as customs broker fee’s that you will have to pay at destination.
  23. 23. The most informative web site in the land for International Moving. Including:  Prices to Most Destinations  Packing & Loading Tips  Ask The Moving Dr  Virtual Estimator  Customs Forms  Labels  Pictures  Tracking  FAQ’s and much more… Call us or get more information from our web site. 1 866 868 6386
  24. 24. Thanks for watching, we hope it helped. If you have any specific packing questions please call us or ask the Moving Doc on our web site. UPakWeShip Ship more for less! Call or email us for more information