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Self load shipping container presentation by u pak weship



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Self load shipping container presentation by u pak weship

  1. 1. If It Fits It Ships For One Low Price
  2. 2. We truck the container to your residence for you to load. You normally get 2 hours free to load the container and after that its $90 per hour while the driver waits or sometimes we can leave it with you one day and collect it a few days later. This does costs extra though as the truck has to do 2 trips. Once you have it all loaded and secured with our UpakWeShip security lock / seal we will truck the container to the port or container terminal. Load it onto the ship Ship it to the destination port Clear it through customs Truck the container to your residence for you to unload. All for one lump sum price. Would you like to see some pictures?
  3. 3. I am Mark Nash the owner of UPakWeShip and hope you enjoy this presentation. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so hopefully you will get a much better idea of the self load container service after watching this. Some of the pictures are taken by our customers and our staff so they are not all professional perfect posing photos but more of a hands on this is how its going to happen deal. I hope you like it and please email or call me with any questions. Cheers & Happy Packing Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386 or 843 225 7217
  4. 4. Tip Use our volume calculator to estimate how much stuff you have. If you have large furniture like beds and sofas or any thing over about 350 cubic feet its probably as cheap to go in a 20 foot container.
  5. 5. You can fit an average flat/ condo/ 3 bedroom town house load of things in a 20 foot container They are about the same size as a single garage, 20ft x 8ft x 8.6 high Tip If you are moving beds, sofas or large furniture this is the safest way to move these items. Its direct door to door and your things don't get handled in & out of warehouses or offloaded and re loaded onto trucks.
  6. 6. Pack all your bits & pieces into boxes. Wrap any breakables in bubble wrap. Use pillows, cushions or bedding at bottom and top of boxes of china and glass to give the best protection. Buy plastic covers from a self store that can cover your mattresses, sofa and arm chairs. Wrap other furniture in movers blankets and tape up well so they don’t fall off. Do not place tape direct onto any wood though as it can ruin the finish when you try and peel it off later. As these containers are door to door packing doesn’t have to be as specific as shipments that go in & out of terminals & in & out of trucks Tip Plastic boxes work well and stack nicely together
  7. 7. Tip Have movers blankets ready to put over furniture items in the container so things don’t get scratched or rub together As you normally only have 2 hours free, have everything already staged in your garage or on your driveway ready for loading. Note containers are on the back of a truck about 4 feet off the ground.
  8. 8. Tip The local mover might suggest hiring 2 of his men and the ramp to expedite the loading which is an alternative and can save your back and might be worth the few extra hundred dollars! Do you need one? If you have heavy furniture yes but if you have mainly boxes and light furniture, you and a few friends can probably cope without a ramp. Ramps or walk ramps as they are called do not come with the container so if you need one ask at your local hire shop or local mover.
  9. 9. TIP try & keep all boxes the same size so they stack together well. If everything is ready you can easily load in 2 hours. Have 2 people in the container fitting everything in like a jigsaw puzzle and the rest handing everything up into the back of the container.
  10. 10. Tip Use a telescopic load bar in front of plywood sheets or a mattress to brace everything in place if its not full across the floor and the sides to stop anything moving around. You can buy these online and they make the perfect bulkhead. Load everything in tight so nothing can move. Look at our loading tips on our web site for more tips on packing and loading It is not so important how high you stack everything but you do need to make sure everything is tight together from one side to the other and front to back and the load height is level so nothing can move.
  11. 11. Tip Take a picture of the seal and container number with your phone. Once everything is loaded, close the doors and put on our security seal. The seal will be inspected regularly at every stage of its journey to see that it has not been tampered with. It will stay in place unless customs wants to take a look, in which case they will replace it with a customs seal.
  12. 12. Tip If possible load household goods in first and then reverse the car into the container. The vin # will then be easily accessible for customs to view on the windshield if they require. You can also order a 40 foot container which works well if you also have a car or boat to ship or just have a lot of stuff! And they are often only about 30% more than a 20ft container price
  13. 13. It is by no means necessary but if you want to make for a fast loading time you can palletize everything in advance and hire a fork lift truck and then load the pallets into the container. This is useful for shipments going to Australia as everything has to come out of the container for the department of Agriculture & Fisheries for quarantine inspection. Tip This might also be a good option if you need your things to be stored at the destination in a warehouse or self store
  14. 14. Tip you will need to do a packing list and number all the items in the container as we have to report the amount of pieces and what is inside the container to Customs The container is trucked to a sea port where we lodge the shipment with customs, prepare the export shipping documentation and get the container to the right berth ready for loading when the ship docks at the port.
  15. 15. Tip Ships can roll 45 degrees in any direction. That’s why everything needs to be loaded tightly together front to back and side to side so nothing can move. Your container is loaded onto the ship and it departs. It may stop at some other ports along its way before reaching your requested port. Depending on the final destination the container might be offloaded and re loaded onto another vessel before the container arrival.
  16. 16. Tip Before you start packing, have a look around your house and make a list of what it would cost to replace all your items. This is probably a good time to discuss insurance! First things first, this is extremely rare and I had to go searching to find these pictures but it can happen. Odds are it wont but with all the thousands of shipments I have handled over the last 25 years, I have had 4 disasters so insurance is worth it just in case. More info is available here
  17. 17. Tip Never write PBO (Packed By Owner), Misc, Stuffed Animals (for soft toys) on your packing list. Big red flag! Once the ship arrives, the containers are offloaded and placed on land normally in stacks awaiting customs clearance. We will have already got you to complete the correct customs forms and by the time the ship docks we will have entered all your information and the shipment details with customs.
  18. 18. Every country has its own rules and regulations and it is up to you to check that your things comply. We have the regulations here As a general rule, most countries will allow normal household belongings used for more than 6 months duty and tax free. Most countries do not accept food, hazardous, dangerous, drugs, weapons or strong pornography into their country. Tip Be honest, complete forms neatly. Customs always have a right to unload and inspect the contents. If this happens it can result in extra charges, the most common is an x ray screening.
  19. 19. Once the container has cleared customs we will call you and arrange a date for the delivery. The delivery date will normally be within the next 48 hours as we have to get the empty container back to the port a.s.a.p. to avoid container rental fees. If you need storage we suggest you find a local self store to unload into. Its too expensive to keep it in the shipping container. Tip you normally only have 2 hours free to unload the container so unload everything first, get the container truck away and then worry where everything goes.
  20. 20. Tip Unless you know what you are doing we suggest you opt for door to door. However there are some countries in South America and The Middle East where it is easier and a lot less money if you negotiate the customs clearance and delivery of the container with a local agent or broker direct at the destination.
  21. 21. Use plastic sofa, chair and mattress bags to put over these things to keep them clean. Buy some movers blankets to drape over furniture and to stop things scraping together. Make sure everything is packed tight and can not move. The driver might have to jam on his breaks suddenly or the ship might be rolling 45 degrees in a rough sea. Keep the load height level in the container so nothing can fall down and keep it all tight side to side. Use a mattress to put at the nose and at the end of the container to cushion everything. Tie heavy things in place using web strapping and the tie hooks in the floor corners and roof. Don’t let professional movers scare you saying it has to be packed by a professional for security reasons or ease of customs. Customs overseas have no priority or preference if its shipper packed or packed by xyz movers. Movers make their money by charging for packing & loading and that’s why they scare you with this statement. Always leave a day in between loading the container and leaving the Country just in case of bad weather, port strikes, accidents or breakdowns. Bubble wrap is your best friend, you can never use enough!
  22. 22. The End.  To receive your all inclusive self load container price email  Call Stephanie direct on 317 537 2664  Call me at 1 866 868 6386 with any questions or email me at  Click here to read reviews written and posted by customers direct to our web site by clicking here.   The self pack division of EuroUSA