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Moving to USA by UPakWeShip


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A light hearted know before you go presentation about what to expect when moving to The USA.
Information on international moving and shipping, tips and tricks, what to expect, language differences, how to tip and using your best British accent to your advantage!
UPakWeShip offers the best rates and service options for anyone moving from the UK or Europe to the USA. Self pack and load of full packing services available. One company door to door with offices in UK, USA and Europe.
Don't move across the pond without chatting to UPakWeShip!

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Moving to USA by UPakWeShip

  1. 1. UPakWeShip Moving To USA A guide for Brits moving to the USA Ever since fifteen hundred and something the Brits have been coming to America. Back then we were just expanding our rule, later it was for religious freedom and then about 50 years ago it was all about music. Nowadays its more about a better lifestyle, living the dream, better weather and more opportunities.
  2. 2. Hello I am Mark Nash the owner of UPakWeShip and EuroUSA and hope you enjoy this presentation for Brits Moving to the USA. I am originally from Watford Herts and have lived in the USA since 1994. We have offices and operations in the UK, Mainland Europe and across the USA and Canada. If you have any questions about relocating to America please email or call me. If I don’t know the answer I know enough other professionals that I can get to answer you on my behalf. Cheers & Happy Moving Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386 or 843 225 7217 Email:
  3. 3. Visas So the first thing you need to do is get a visa to move here. Depending on your qualifications, ancestry, your worth and a few other things you should be able to apply for permission to come to the USA. If you have any questions about visas a good place to start is at the source which is The US Department Of State Bureau of Consular Affairs! I am pretty sure they probably call it DOSBOCA or something similar but anyhow here is the link. There is no point paying a visa lawyer for advise when its free right here! Without a visa you can only come on a visit for up to 90 days and are not allowed to work here. If you are caught, out staying your welcome you can get fined and banned from being allowed back here for a long time like 10 years so do not risk it.
  4. 4. What to Take So presuming you have a visa, lets figure out what to take. Marks Tips…. Sell anything electrical as the voltage is only 120 and you will get tired of using transformers. Get rid of beds and buy new when you get here. They are a different size here anyway so your fitted sheets wont fit. Sell all furniture and just ship boxes of personal stuff or hire a 20 foot shipping container from us and fill it up. Anything in between is not as cost effective but we are happy to ship anything! Make sure you bring lots of personal items to make your new pad feel like home. Bring pictures, photo’s ornaments, books, rugs and some very British things to remind you of home. One Company, One Contact, Door To Door
  5. 5. Shipping Get 3 quotes from reputable movers like UPakWeShip and EuroUSA. You choices will be whether you want to save money and pack up everything yourself or pay the mover to do this for you. You can also save money by dropping off at the terminal rather than having it collected. Always go for an all inclusive price and choose if you want to collect it after customs clearance at the U.S terminal or have it delivered to your door. Whichever service you choose, your items will get loaded into a shipping container and booked onto a ship like this. .
  6. 6. Service Options If your not sure what you are doing always go for an all inclusive door to door price so you are covered. You can get prices and service options on just a few boxes or suitcases, self load small pod like containers for boxes, shared container service where you only pay for your part of the container or a whole shipping container that will fit all your things in the house. Feel free to ask for different quotes on volumes so you can figure out if it is worth taking certain large items. Much more info is available at our self pack web or full service division
  7. 7. UPakWeShip always offers an all inclusive guarantee, that means its prices include everything that it can include. The only time you would have to pay anything extra would be if you declared something to customs that was dutiable for example being brand new. If you had bad access and we couldn’t get a delivery truck anywhere near you and had to hire a small van to shuttle the items or if you lived up multiple stair cases. One other item of note is unfortunately due to security of imports coming into the USA, many containers are now x rayed and possibly physically inspected by various government agencies and this can result in extra charges. If this happens we will keep you informed and show you the invoices that we have had to pay out to other vendors due to security inspections or ask you to pay the vendor direct so we remain transparent at all times. Any Extras?
  8. 8. Know Before You Go Take an Amex Card with you and transfer to your USA address to establish a credit history. You will need to apply and get a social security number. Without this you cant even open a bank account. You will need a sponsor or enough cash to buy a car, rent a house etc. as banks wont loan you money until you have a credit history which you can’t get until you buy something! (vicious circle) Apply for a store credit card or gas card to start off your credit history. It might take at least being here a year before that works though! Its expensive to fly home every year and you will get homesick and miss friends n family. You will miss some special occasions like weddings, 50th birthday parties, parents wedding anniversary, christenings and possible a funeral or two. You might well have a closet here that is larger than your bedroom back home.
  9. 9. Just FYI as they say here…………. Americans love small talk. How’s your day going? How are you? Etc. You don’t need to reply with actually my knee hurts a bit this morning ….. Just say good thanks and you? They are a little prudish here, no topless sunbathing on the beaches and even baby girls are expected to be covered on top! Also worth mentioning here guys, speedos are hated here so buy some swim shorts! The fear of litigation here can affect silly activities and make sure you have liability insurance! Most Americans run at a fast pace here (not literally) so no dithering around! You will be lucky to get two weeks paid holiday here so make the most of it and go and visit somewhere new.
  10. 10. The Over The Pond Dictionary bank = public biscuits = cookies bonnet = hood boot = trunk braces = suspenders car park = parking lot caretaker = janitor compere = emcee cinema = movie theater crossroads = intersection curtains = drapes dummy = pacifier dustbin = trashcan flannel = washcloth flat = apartment fringe = bangs frying-pan = skillet garden = yard ground floor = first floor handbag = purse holiday = vacation hoover = vacuum cleaner jam = jelly jug = pitcher jumper sweater mobile = cell nappies = diapers pavement = sidewalk petrol = gas plaster = Band-Aid postcode = zip code pram = baby buggy public school = private school rubber = eraser rubbish = garbage sellotape = scotch tape tap = faucet tights = panty hose tin = can toilet bathroom torch = flashlight trousers = pants
  11. 11. Gaining A Stone Choices of restaurants, big portions, free refills on sodas and cheap eating out can easily put on the pounds! Have fun sampling all the goodies but remember its easier to put it on than get it off! On the subject of food…… Remember! It will take years and years before you accept or even like America Bacon. PBJ’s will probably be a staple sooner or later Its hard to get a buzz from Bud Light!
  12. 12. Certain things will be different And will take a long time getting used to like….. Football, Baseball and basketball American Beer Extreme Temps The money all being same size and color Spellings (see color above) The sheer size and space of everything Cars, trucks and roads Guns Telling the time e.g. 15 minutes past rather than quarter past Hershey’s Chocolate Weak Tea. Many more things but will let you find out yourself!
  13. 13. American Holidays If you are lucky you might get to celebrate English and American days off but here are the normal American holidays. Note Boxing day is not a usual day off so book it in advance! Also on top of these holidays the average American only gets about 2 weeks annual paid vacation! None of that 6 weeks off over here pals! Jan 1st usual hangover day. MLK Day 3rd Monday in January (Banks and Government shut only) Presidents Day 3rd Monday in February (Banks and Government shut only) Memorial Day Last Monday in May (Summer starts ) Independence Day 4th July (Keep Low Profile lol ) Labor Day First Monday in September (Summers Over ) Columbus Day 2nd Monday of October (Banks and Government shut only) Wednesday November 11 Veterans Day (Banks and Government shut only) Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November Friday December 25 Christmas Day You might be lucky to get Good Friday or Easter Monday off as well. If however you are in retail you will be lucky if you get all the above off!
  14. 14. Eating! You don’t need an excuse to eat out in America! It doesn’t need to be your wife's birthday or your wedding anniversary. You’ll be going out because its Friday! The first thing that happens when you sit down in an American restaurant is you are given water It’s perfectly acceptable to customize your order. “I’ll have the steak frittes, but can I have mash instead of fries and no onions but do you have mushrooms? The choice of how you want your eggs cooked in the U.S. is vast. See how many questions you get asked just ordering a sandwich. I still get intimidated and I’ve been here 20 years! Sundays are always fun if your having brunch and washing that eggs benedict down with bottomless mimosas! In the U.S, waiting tables depending on the restaurant can be a good job that people are proud to do well so they are treated by customers with respect and professional.. Coffee and soft drinks will often gladly be refilled with compliments in the United States. A lot of the time it’s done pro-actively by the servers, and they’ll keep doing it until you’re so high on caffeine you’re bouncing off the walls. There seems to be an unfair stigma attached to the American custom of taking your leftovers home in a bag. But surely not wasting food should be encouraged? This took me a while but now I proudly take my to go box home with me!
  15. 15. Be Warned….. If your not careful, you will put on the “fresh off the boat” 25lbs in your first year thinking your living the American dream and loving all those huge plates of pancakes etc. Do not put off getting health insurance. Expensive as it may be, it’s a lot cheaper than trying to pay cash for that broken arm you got while trying to show your American mate your soccer skills! America is a lot bigger than you think, you cant just drive a couple of hours to see your friend who lives 3 states over! You just cant walk everywhere like you did back home. You’ll get ran over as half the time there are no pavements or possibly mugged depending on where you live. You will need ID on you to get served in bars etc. so until you get your USA drivers license carry your passport if you want a beer with that massive cheeseburger! .
  16. 16. 4 Quick Tips 1. You’re going to stand out a little as a Brit in the U.S and will possibly reach local minor celeb status. Use it to your best advantage! 2. Americans generally think our curse words are funny or quaint, if they understand them at all. When I get cross, my wife laughs at me when I start swearing…. Bloody, sodding, bugger all seem to crease her and others up. Don’t use the C word here though, they really get offended with that one! 3. Many Americans assume knowledge accompanies that sophisticated accent so act accordingly even if it isn’t always there. 4. Be prepared to get pip pip cheerio, god save the queen and would you like a cuppatea in their best false British accents on a regular basis. It’s a bit disturbing when friends do it but be prepared for the shop assistant or waiter to do this as well! For some reason they think its fair game to try and mimic your sexy accent which of course they can’t do….
  17. 17. Learning The Lingo My advice is keep your British accent at all costs. Do not try and blend in however shy you might be! The Americans will love your accent so use it to your advantage. When you need help with something, put on the Britishness, it always works although you might have to repeat yourself a few times before they understand you! You will however need to use some of their lingo in everyday conversation. Words can still be said with the British accent but you will need to translate a little. So you can say in your own accent, I need to fill up with gas (not petrol) or I am dropping these off at the mail (not post) box just so they understand. Same accent still but different terminology…
  18. 18. Learning The Lingo continued
  19. 19. Funny Things that will happen Starbucks…chances are they will always spell and say your name wrong! Australian…..Americans will always be asking you if you are from Australia, a few other random places too! Union Jack….you will proudly display this like never before. On your car, at home, on clothing etc. Random sausage roll withdroul, I mean withdrawal …… This also happens with full English breakfast, Hob Nobs, Flakes, 99’s Branston, fish n chips, Cornish pasties, (I could go on but making myself very hungry here) even though you might not of liked particularly said items back home, you will have cravings! You will constantly have to repeat yourself, even after they get it and understand what your saying , they just like to hear your sexy accent one more time!
  20. 20. What You’ll Miss Lots and lots of stuff, Brit humor and even possibly rain! You will get homesick! But you are in America now so deal with it. Embrace you new home and its culture. Don’t compare everything. By all means treat yourself to some Brit goodies on line for a special treat but when in Rome…….. Chat to fellow Brits living here on Facebook or join a local Brit group. Skype back home. Get used to American brands except tea…. You’ll never except their tea but you can buy English tea bags here in most supermarkets, I mean grocery stores!
  21. 21. Y’all need to know this Driving any where in America is quicker. The Roads are great. You cannot get a drinkable cup of tea out anywhere here. You can't get alcohol if you are under 21 and they demand ID almost up to retirement age but you can learn to drive at 16 in most states. Generally things are much cheaper in the US. You get great showers with lots of water pressure here. Rooms often have light coming from table lamps around the room that work from the light switch on the wall rather than a ceiling light. Electric kettles are not common. Prices in England are what you pay on the price tag, in the US they add sales tax at the till. American children say a pledge of allegiance in school. Roundabouts are very rare in the US. They have '4 way' stop intersections here. Kids are collected on old fashioned looking yellow school buses and when their lights are flashing red you have to stop your car even if you are traveling in the other direction. They are so patriotic and proud to be American.
  22. 22. Tipping…. it’s not a place in China! You will need to get used to tipping. This isn't something that you just hand out a few dollars for great service like back home. Waiters and waitresses rely solely on their tips for wages. They are not covered by the minimum wage laws and will probably only be getting $1 or $2 per hour which might cover their tax bill. The tips pay for their food, housing and quite often school fees. Here’s a rough guide to tipping Restaurant bill 15%-20% Hairdresser 20% Bartender: $1-2 for each drink Cab drivers: 10-15 percent of the fare Parking valet: $3-5 at pickup First-time British visitors to America never fail to be completely flummoxed by the custom of tipping. They feel cheated by it. But what they don’t realize is that a lot of American wait staff don’t get paid an hourly wage and are reliant solely on tips for income. Problems arise in the U.S. if the service happens to be below par; Brits feel like they shouldn’t leave any gratuity for poor service, but really they’re just being cheap so they can spend their dollars on cheap Levi’s .
  23. 23. Most Importantly When Moving to the USA Do not book with an unlicensed Mover, Freight Forwarder or Shipping Company. There are many rogues in this business who will take your shipment and hold it hostage for more money. If you use an FMC approved company you have protection through the Government’s Federal Maritime Commission. We have large financial bonds in place and strict licensing rules to keep us in check and for your consumer protection. With an unlicensed company you have no protection and the FMC will not be able to help you sort things out if things went bad. Get all inclusive Pricing If you would like to get a quote with UPakWeShip click here or for a full service move click here . FMC Licensed & Bonded #020099NF Part of EuroUSA & The EUROGROUP
  24. 24. The End. To get packing tips, ask a question, read the blog, see other moving options, see reviews, look at pictures, see other peoples moving pictures, use our estimating tool, use our feet to metric conversion tool, customs information, insurance, see our price guarantee, visit our web site Thanks for watching, any questions or comments email us at