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Moving from the UK by UPakWeShip


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A presentation for anyone thinking about moving from the UK overseas. Why UPakWeShip should be quoting you for your move from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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Moving from the UK by UPakWeShip

  1. 1. Moving from the UK? We know there are many international moving companies to choose from. Many with very good credentials, but how do you choose a mover that’s right for you? We suggest you get at least 3 quotes. See who you feel comfortable with, see who knows their stuff, see who offers a great selection of services and prices and has all inclusive rates. The following presentation is meant to show you why UPakWeShip should be one of these companies providing you with a quote.
  2. 2. Experience Having been in business since 1988 with have a wealth of that. So much so that we realized a long time ago that quite often people can pack their belongings themselves as well as or even better than a moving crew.Why? Well they know what's precious to them, they have more time to pack everything with care and to be honest you are not going to skimp on the bubble wrap! On top of that many people do not want strange people in their house going through their draws and packing their personal things. So we introduced our U Crate containers that we send to you in advance that you can load in your own time, just let us know when you are ready and we will collect them from your driveway or curbside. The best thing about them is it’s a lump sum price in advance whatever you load in them so you know up front exactly what its going to cost.
  3. 3. Our Self Load Containers Our U Crates come in 50 cubic feet and 100 cubic feet. We also have small and large pallets that are a little more economical. You can also build, buy or re use an existing shipping crate If you are shipping everything in your house or beds, sofas, or other large furniture items then our self load 20 foot shipping container will work great for you. All these options offer up front all inclusive pricing .
  4. 4. One Company Door to Door With our own offices in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and soon Australia and New Zealand we have our own people to take care of you when you get there.They know and can advise on customs procedures, documentation needed, things to take or not and obviously are going to take care of you overseas as they work for the same company and not some agent overseas who happens to be offering the cheapest price to the UK mover and doesn’t really care about you or your precious shipment. (USA) (Canada) (Europe) (UK)
  5. 5. A sophisticated online secure platform To export your shipment out of the UK you need to send the shipping company a copy of your passport. If you are moving to the USA for example you would also have to provide your social security number if you have one. You will have to probably pay a deposit with a credit card online. Various other personal information will also have to be given before shipping overseas. Obviously you would want your shipping company to have this information stored on a secure offsite server with the highest public encrypted level available like UPakWeShip wouldn’t you? Not a cardboard file on someone's desk or a local pc that can easily be hacked.
  6. 6. Revolutionary Online Packing List It doesn’t matter where you are moving to around the world, customs at the destination are going to want to see a packing list showing them what you have in your shipment. UPakWeShip has invested a lot of time and energy not forgetting money to make this process easier. If you choose a mover to come and pack your shipment, the chances are the packer will write a list on carbon copy paper of what he thinks is best to write for each box. With UPakWeShip we have an online packing list creator which you can pull up on your phone or I pad and walk through your house adding your items to the packing list.Our packing list has a dictionary of acceptable items to most customs so as you start to type a description it will recognize what you are typing and add it. All the descriptions are customs friendly so you shouldn’t get into any trouble. You can save the packing list as you go until its all completed. Once you hit save and submit you will be emailed a copy of your packing list typed in pdf format. What looks better to a foreign customs official?A hand written list from a packer or a typed list from UPakWeShip?
  7. 7. Custom insurance policy Its true if you use a professional mover to pack your belongings that you will obtain better insurance coverage, however for all the extra amount you will be paying the mover to do this, the amount you saved using us would easily go towards replacing an odd glass or two if your packing wasn’t up to scratch. Having said that we do offer you a unique policy designed especially for UPakWeShip customers. Most movers can either offer you full coverage if they pack it and total loss if they do not. Total loss insurance only pays out if everything in your shipment is lost which would probably only happen if the ship sunk. At UPakWeShip we have a custom designed policy which we call our silver coverage which covers total loss like the others but also if part of your shipment was lost or got damaged by outside forces like weather related incidents or if a fork lift damaged your crate or container. Its not as good as full coverage for professionally packed goods but it’s a lot better than total loss and as long as you take your time packing and wrapping, chances are all will be fine.
  8. 8. Print Labels Click on our label creator and stick a label on each of your pieces so that they are easily identifiable just in case there was a customs inspection.The piece number needs to match the piece on the packing list.You also use these labels to tape on your U Crate or pallet so its easily to identify. This is just another piece that makes us look professional and customs around the world grateful that they can easily identify a box rather than trying to read someone's hand writing! We really are trying to make international moving simple and user friendly for everyone!
  9. 9. Online booking, customs forms, contract, insurance, invoicing is all secure in your own portal. Everything we do with you is web based.The beauty of this is that you can securely log in wherever you may be in the world to complete your documents, view your status, check your invoice or update a delivery address for example.
  10. 10. Competitive Pricing Why are our rates so good? Our investment in technology helps us keep our overheads low.We do the majority of your relocation ourselves in house therefore we are not paying others high rates.We have our own offices in most major markets therefore controlling customer service and obviously delivery costs. Lastly having been around since 1988 we have built up a substantial following and have a large volume we ship every year.This gives us some great buying power and any savings we achieve we pass on to you. Don’t forget our rates are all inclusive and our U Crates are a lump sum price for whatever you can get in it to ship.
  11. 11. References and Reviews A lot of our international moves come from a personal recommendation from someone else we have moved. We are recommended on may expat blogs as well as having great Google reviews and many reviews posted on our own web site by customers. We do try real hard to make sure every international move goes well so we keep the good reviews and recommendations up.
  12. 12. Been around since 1998 We have successfully moved thousands of people around the world.We are financially stable, respected by our competitors and always strive to be one step ahead. We have a ton of experience and have friends and partners around the world that are always willing to help and advise.
  13. 13. Our Book I think we can safely say we are the only company that has written a guide book about moving overseas that is offered free of charge to anyone that would like to learn about international moving and shipping. The book covers all aspects of relocation and we guaranty you will be a lot wiser about your move to another country having read it. It is not a promotion of UPakWeShip but a guide for people to know what to ask, what to expect, what goes on behind the scenes and a few relocation secrets revealed.
  14. 14. Green UPakWeShip is definitely more associated with Red but we do green as much as we can. We are a paperless office, no trees cut down for us! No cardboard files in our office! We recycle
  15. 15. Charitable We definitely try and do our bit. We help where we can. Some of our recent good will endeavors are as follows: UPakWeShip has paid for books for part time employees going to college We have provided for employees kids, the items needed on their back to school lists, We have Move Aid where if we think someone needs help paying for their move due to unfortunate circumstances like medical help needed overseas, death of a spouse, or many more horrible circumstances that can occur, we will either ship everything for free or depending on circumstances at least ship it at cost. We have also recently donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, BLESMA, Ulman cancer fund, St Baldricks andThe Red Cross.
  16. 16. We could go on but We think you get our drift………. Please ask us for a quote and don’t hesitate to ask UPakWeShip if you have any questions or need advice, even if you are using someone else.We know we are not the only international mover but we like to think we are one of a kind!