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How to load a car in a shipping container with UPakWeShip


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This presentation shows you in our view, the best way to load, secure prepare and ship a car in a shipping container. UPakWeShip has a lot of experience in shipping cars in containers and in this slide show shares some secrets and know how about loading and shipping a car when moving overseas.

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How to load a car in a shipping container with UPakWeShip

  1. 1. How to load, secure and ship your car with UPakWeShip
  2. 2. Hello I am Mark Nash the owner of UPakWeShip and hope you enjoy this presentation. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so hopefully you will get a much better idea of how to load and secure a car in a container after watching this. Some of the pictures are taken by our customers and our staff so they are not all professional perfect posing photos but more of a hands on this is how its going to happen deal. I hope you like it and please email or call me with any questions and yes we did ship that gorgeous Lambo! Cheers & Happy Packing Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386 or 843 225 7217
  3. 3. Get quotes for help with the loading. If local you should be able to get one for about $75 Call your local tow truck operators
  4. 4. Tip you can put things in the car but do not load higher than the windows and obviously keep the drivers seat clear Make sure you only have a tiny bit of gas in the car Drive the car on to the tow truck
  5. 5. Tip Fold in wing mirrors just before they are going to clip the side of the container. Secure car to tow truck Reverse tow truck up to the shipping container
  6. 6. Tip Take your time, get out of car through window or sunroof in necessary. This is a job for the smallest driver of the family. Reverse car into container Keep slightly to the opposite side so you have more room to get out.
  7. 7. Tip Nail the wood blocks behind where the rear wheels will go in advance of loading the car, much more room! With 4x2 inch blocks of wood, chock in wheels. Behind, in front and on outside wall of wheel The floor of the container is made of wood. A nail gun will work great
  8. 8. Tip Make sure rope or tie downs come off the car lower than the body so that there is no chance of it rubbing during the journey With web ties, rope or car tie downs loop around the axle inside of each wheel and secure to tie hooks in container or twist round a piece of wood and nail gun rope into the floor to secure. This needs to be done to all 4 corners.
  9. 9. Tip Always reverse car in container. Its easy for Customs to inspect vin number on wind shield as well as re charging the battery at the destination with jumper cables if necessary Disconnect battery, tie off terminals and wrap with insulation tape. Leave windows open, doors unlocked, keys on dashboard, handbrake on and in 3rd gear or park
  10. 10. Skilled Carpenters Only! You can build a tier over the car to give you more space if necessary but its at your own risk and personally I don’t recommend it!
  11. 11. You can ship motorcycles the same way by either strapping to a pallet or securing to container floor. Motorbikes
  12. 12. Tip 8x4 plywood sheets work well behind the load bar if needed. Most things can be loaded in a container with some thought and preparation Use a telescopic load bar to keep things from falling down on the car.
  13. 13. UPakWeShip can also provide you with roll on roll off shipping services port to port. RORO
  14. 14. Its not common but accidents can happen. Make sure you check out our insurance options just in case. Insurance
  15. 15. Join us on Facebook Don’t forget We are the proud owners of the UpakWeShip Price Guarantee You can always see the latest information about your shipment by using UPakWeShips U Track Check our great reviews on our services posted direct by customers Book your shipment by clicking here Watch and learn about all kinds of interesting moving stuff on Upak TV
  16. 16. Great Rates & A Ship Load Of Know How
  17. 17. We hope that helped For more information go to