Digital marketing a quick run through


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This was a presentation I gave to a group of MBA students about digital marketing and some of its elements and some examples.

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Digital marketing a quick run through

  1. 1. Digital MarketingA quick run through
  2. 2. Today• Drivers of digital marketing• Digital marketing channels/tools• SEO and PPC• Malthouse Engineering example• The future• Some useful stuff If you don’t understand, ask
  3. 3. When we talk about digital marketing what are we talking about? Can you name some of the tools/ channels?
  4. 4. Email Relationships Twitter Pay Per Linked in Click DigitalInteraction Marketing Affiliate Digital Measurability Display SEO ROI Social Media
  5. 5. Why has digital marketing become so popular – some of the key drivers• Relationship building• Measurability• Cost• Responsiveness• Targeting
  6. 6. Relationship building• Relationship building is key for long term retention• Creating value for relationship is easier• Maintaining regular communication is aided through digital methods – Amazon emails suggesting products I may like
  7. 7. Responsiveness• Campaign development speeded up• No long lead times to creation (compared to TV/Print/Radio)• BP good example, very soon after oil leak they were buying up keywords to direct people to their site and their communications – Oil spill/gulf of Mexico response
  8. 8. Cost• Increasing pressure from senior management to reduce costs• Heightened by downturn• Use of digital channels is highly cost effective• See example
  9. 9. Example• Promoting a national art exhibition• Identified 4000 people within a 50 miles radius fitting into predefined criteria• Worked with designers to create invites• Worked with printers to print them• I then stuffed envelopes with help• Then we posted them• How many responded????• 67 responded, 11 said they werent coming• Why so low?• How many received invited/how many looked at invite?• How many wanted more information?• How many saw it and read and will come?
  10. 10. Costings Postage EmailList of names £395 £395Invites (design/print) £500 £0Postage/Sending £1200 (4000x0.32) £80 (£0.02 x 4000)Cost of help £30 for 2 people @ 5 £0 per hrTotal £2125 £475 Could have saved £1650
  11. 11. Measurability• Above all digital marketing offers substantial opportunities to measure everything – Return on investment/engagement/behaviour• Website usage – now possible to understand how sites are navigated so as to better optimise it
  12. 12. Targeting• Increased opportunities to target different audiences down to the 10’s or 100’s• Means less wastage of cash• Greater chance of getting desired response due to targeting
  13. 13. Targeting example – using facebook ads A new website with a niche audience• Go to create a ad on facebook and select the target audience• Lets suppose I want to start a dating agency in Wolverhampton
  14. 14. Targeting example – using facebook ads• Just want to target people between 18-23 who are women
  15. 15. Targeting example – using facebook ads • Just want people who are interested in fishing
  16. 16. Targeting example – using facebook ads• Just want to target women who are interested in other women• Women who are already in relationships I now have my audience of 60 people who I can send targeted ads to
  17. 17. Tools of digital marketing
  18. 18. Website• A well designed website is the primary tool of digital marketing• Understand why you have a website – sales/leads/information/ creditability of your org• Taking note of design techniques – F zone – Usability testing – Clear layout – Short concise text• Calls to action to get people to provide your desired response – eg register for a newsletter
  19. 19. Calls to action
  20. 20. Eye tracking – f zone
  21. 21. Understand usage and make site easier to use and more relevant
  22. 22. Email• Has suffered in recent times due to spam – email providers are becoming more savvy to spammers and starting to black list senders• Can provide significant cost savings and provide in depth insights in to recipient responses• Great for maintaining cost effective communications and developing relationships
  23. 23. Digital display• Banners – along the top• Skyscrapers – down the side• Mid page units – in the middle• Can be specifically targeted to individual based on browsing behaviour - remarketing – james caan – stalking-me-remarketing-gone-scary.html• Can be based on website demographics
  24. 24. Social Media• Is social media a fad? -• United breaks guitars – Travellers guitar broken during flight with United Airlines – They don’t offer good service and traveller wrote a song and posted it – – 10mil views and share price dipped by 10% = $180mil• Walmart virals – • Seen by over 2million people – minimal cost good WOM• Mystarbucks idea – Good for customer service and relationship building •
  25. 25. Mini case• Interactive Amy ordered a dominos which was delivered 1hr late and was the wrong pizza• Tweeted - “hardly any room for human error, but still a mistake.”• Got a reply from local store manager who promised to make it up to her and also sent a video apology•• Organisations using social media to identify service failure – recover business and now used as a prime example of how to use these channels – all at no cost and providing greater PR• Read more at creates-social-media-domino-effect/
  26. 26. A key statistics to remember• About six in 10 (59%) online shoppers say user- generated customer product reviews have a significant or good impact on their buying behaviour.• WOM still key in influencing purchases but now its online
  27. 27. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)• When we talk about SEM we refer mainly to Google – 85% of global searches share.aspx?qprid=4• Googles aim since creation is to offer users sites that are relevant to what they are looking for – this underpins all developments they do• How do they do this – Your site is scanned for keywords and matched up to what has been searched for – The HTML code is scanned to find info which tells google what your sites about
  28. 28. Search Engine Optimisation• Getting to the top of the natural results• Through a number of activities such as – HTML tags – Links – quantity/quality• Split in to on page and off page factors
  29. 29. SEO on page factors• HTML tags – Title tags – put in your keywords – h1/h2/h3• Images – give them “alt” names that are relevent to your content• Text – make sure it contains relevant keywords• Internal links – will help google find its way around your site
  30. 30. SEO off page• Links and lots of them – Make sure they are good quality and relevant• Ways of getting links – Use forums – Directories – Blogs – Social media – Loads of other methods• Be careful and be google legal - ch.html?_r=1&src=tptw• Should ideally be from related sites – seen as a better quality link
  31. 31. Pay Per Click• Google displays your advert based on the keywords searched for and how much you pay google per click• Pay Google or other search engines on a Cost Per Click basis• CPC is worked out by Google on the amount of people bidding for a word or phrase• Adds displayed based on bid price and quality score• Quality score = CTR, Loading time of Landing Page, Landing page relevancy, relevancy of creative to keyword and natural SEO
  32. 32. Malthouse Engineering Example
  33. 33. Work done• Identified keywords using Google keyword tool and other means – eg asking customers• Used google analytics to understand website usage• researched the work carried out by the competition and copied the good bits
  34. 34. Paid Search ExampleSteel Flame Cutting Ad CopySteel Profiling Ad Copy
  35. 35. Results• An increase in website usage by 922%• Spend of £7500 in last 18 months• Received over £800,000 enquiries in return• Website better optimised for users and continually reviewed• Social media has been used to show facilities through youtube and engage with customers and local press through twitter – resulted in increased business
  36. 36. Mobile• Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web-access devices worldwide by 2013• Ties in with TV viewing, 71% learn more about a product or service having seen an ad, 68% use it to find the best price for a product. – Direct Response from TV ads• Not just young people - More than twice as many people age 55 and older visited social networks on their mobile phone in 2011 compared to Q3 2010, according to data from Nielsen’s. That’s a jump of 109% year-over-year.
  37. 37. The Future
  38. 38. The future
  39. 39. Summary• Digital marketing growing due to – Cost effective communications – Need to build relationships that maximises revenue through reduction in cost compared to traditional marketing – Measurability provides greater justification for use of digital over traditional channels – Superior targeting – behaviour/use
  40. 40. Useful stuff – all free• - leading digital marketing author/academic• - leading uk podcast• - useful blog articles• - good for spotting trends• – internet advertising bureau – lots of interesting case studies
  41. 41. The endQuestions?