When innovation and partnership meet,
anything is possible.

                                 At Avery Dennison, we work c...
Cut costs,
not quality.

Gerhardt’s Solid/Flexi Calculator uses your input to select the tooling option

that's right for ...
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Ink matters
Regardless of the size of a converter in terms of ink spend, there
are certain procedures that, if m...
0 7 2           December|January 2007

        both sites are using the same products to maintain color
Complete rotary screen solutions
for precision and productive printing
in high-value industrial printing niches

Rotary ...
Make a clear and sustaining
                                            commitment to nature
Ink Matters
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Ink Matters


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Ink Matters

  1. 1. La be S le po xp ns o or A m of er ic as Dec/Jan 2007 Volume 28 Issue 6 The wider world of narrow web Labelexpo Putting you in hands you Part two of our extensive can trust with every turn. Labelexpo Americas 2006 technology review Labels and Labeling Analysis Cutting difficult materials and flexible die trends examined in this feature Sleeves Trust. In our quality. In our service. And in our commitment. With 50 years of experience leading the rotary tooling industry, we’ve earned the trust of our customers by working hand-in-hand with them to get the job done right, every time. Dec|Jan 2007 And we continue to work hard every day to keep that trust, with the know-how, innovation Sleeves are making the and personal service you can always count on, whenever you need us. Call or visit us online transition from wide web to narrow web presses today, and see for yourself why RotoMetrics is the most trusted name in rotary tooling. World Headquarters (US) +1 636 587 3600 Canada +1 905 858 3800 • UK +44 (0)1922 610000 Germany +49 6134 72 62 0 • France +33 1 64 79 61 00 Italy +39 03 31 58 04 89 • Australia +61 3 9358 2000 A world leader in precision rotary tooling |
  2. 2. When innovation and partnership meet, anything is possible. At Avery Dennison, we work closely with our customers to turn bright ideas into practical, real-life labelling products. Understanding your business enables us to explore new possibilities and develop innovative decorating and information transfer solutions that can make a significant difference to your bottom line. Our commitment to meaningful partnerships has made Fasson the leading global brand of pressure-sensitive roll label stock. For your convenience, we also offer non-pressure-sensitive Rapid-RollTM as well as a wealth of high-tech custom solutions. Tell us where you want to take your business, and we’ll work hard to help you get there. Together, we can succeed. Because when innovation and partnership meet, anything is possible. Together, we can.
  3. 3. Cut costs, not quality. Gerhardt’s Solid/Flexi Calculator uses your input to select the tooling option that's right for your business. You'll have access to free advice – guaranteed impartial and unambiguous – based entirely on your individual circumstances and requirements. Our technical staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a complete tooling analysis. Our advice is impartial, conclusive and free. Why? Because we have a 50-year history of innovation and refinement across the full range of cutting solutions, with no axe to grind in favor of one technology or another. Call us on 717 417 1313 WWW.GERHARDT.NET
  4. 4. 0 7 1 Ink matters Regardless of the size of a converter in terms of ink spend, there are certain procedures that, if managed correctly, will increase profitability, efficiency and knowledge, argues industry consultant Mark McNulty Achieving value through knowledge Crucial to the success of any converter is the quality of product, “Providing you give enough support and information that it receives from its ink supplier. In an ever more competitive and complex environment (what notice and clear objectives, substances are allowed and at what amounts – benzene and ITX for example), providing sustainable added value to the end-user regular contact can often necessitates a strong relationship with the ink manufacturer. lower the risk of With the choice of supplier seemingly diminishing day by day - more acquisitions and mergers seem inevitable given the unnecessary downtime current climate – it is the smaller converter that will find their access to affordable and high value supply most marginalized. and wastage” The ‘big boys’ with ink spends of $500K+ always have, and always will, negotiate and command preferential supply Technical support and advice contracts. At the other end of the spectrum small/specialised Ink manufactures have a wealth of experience and information converters with ink spends of less than $100K will find it that can save you both time and money. Although the availability increasingly difficult to ‘shop around’. of resource on the ground - ink support technicians and Regardless of the size of a company in terms of ink spend, managers - is mainly aimed at ‘key accounts’, you should be able there are certain procedures that, if managed correctly, will to call on your supplier for technical support and advice on new increase the profitability, efficiency and knowledge of all or existing projects. Providing you give enough notice and clear converters alike. objectives, regular contact can often lower the risk of unnecessary downtime and wastage. Can work be done in the HSE/environmental issues laboratory beforehand to eliminate the guesswork on press? More than ever the packaging sector has to conform with increasingly complex and restrictive legislation. Migration, odor “Finding a reliable ink supplier is often key to providing and toxicity concerns in the UV sector make planning for the superb customer service. It can make the difference between future a tricky business. You should keep in regular contact with hitting customer deadlines or missing them. Reliable your supplier and ask that you be informed of any likely changes technical support for an ink supplier on the end of the phone to the products that they manufacture. Make sure that they have is often invaluable when you are working with new a clear understanding of your business and the markets that it substrates or just lacking in in-house expertise.” competes in – household, beverage, food etc. Request that you Dr Adrian Steele are kept informed of all changes, and, more importantly, potential Mercian Labels Ltd, UK changes to legislation that could impact upon your business. This should be done on a monthly basis. Some ink manufacturers are It goes without saying that the more you spend with an quite happy to add you to a mailing list, regardless of your size, individual supplier, the more contact you will have with them that will deal with these issues specifically. and the greater access to support and advice you will receive in return. New products/R&D It is hard to find a major converter – by this I mean one with Of equal importance is being kept aware of new developments, an annual ink spend exceeding $500K - that doesn’t have some innovations and trends. It is vital that all converters keep abreast sort of consignment agreement with at least one ink of new and/or improved technologies. Again, request that you are manufacturer. The likes of CCL and Skanem actively seek global kept informed on a regular basis either by inclusion on a mailing deals so as to further reduce costs and inventory. Often, where list or through regular meetings with the ink supplier. work can be transferred from one country to another it helps if
  5. 5. 0 7 2 December|January 2007 both sites are using the same products to maintain color consistency – one less variable in the production chain. In return for offering the ‘lion’s share’ of the business to one Labelexpo News Extra individual supplier, the converter will demand that the on-site responsibility for ink supply is managed by the supplier. This is G Laser die cutting/finishing continues to make progress in normally done through an in-plant; color matching, stock control terms of cutting speed and resolution, and this show marked and technical support on-press being the key functions. some new developments for US converters. This benefits both supplier and converter in a number of ways. Spartanics showcased its Laser Cutting System. Operating The converter places the emphasis for stock control and at speeds up to 30 m/minute, the laser features a wide array availability with the supplier. Levels are set for each stock item of options for scrap removal, and can be configured for sheet- and replenished automatically by the supplier when a re-order fed or roll-fed operations. level has been reached: one less headache for the converter. Spartanics’ Bill Knotts comments, ‘The way in which the The converter also benefits from the on-site presence of either Spartanics Laser Cutting System synchronizes the powering an ink technician or in-plant manager to support trials and deal on and off of laser pulses to the part or label geometry is what with any application/product issues that may arise. The supplier distinguishes it. The Spartanics system can handle small benefits from having an agreement in place that allows for a radii angles with no problem, and the type of burn-through more focused presence on-site as well as being able to respond pinholes that some think are inherent in laser cutting just to stock and application issues as and when they arise. don’t happen.’ However, in the current economic climate ink manufacturers Cartes presented its Dual Laser 350/200W+200W laser are seeking more cost-effective methods of supporting and die cutter, capable of cut, die-cut, kiss-cut and engraving at managing large accounts that eliminate the need for a high speed, as well as a single laser version integrated with permanent on-site presence. un-winder and re-winder. Cartes also showed one-pass label In a heavily cost-driven environment, it is sometimes difficult finishing machines which can combine hot-stamping, to find the right balance between the price of the ink and its cost overprinting, numbering, hologram application, lamination, to your business. Because an ink from supplier A is 10 per cent traditional die-cutting, kiss-cutting, scoring, embossing, silk cheaper than an ink from supplier B, will this cost saving be screen printing and Laser die-cut. proven justified throughout the whole production cycle? Will you have to carry more ink – thus leading to cure/drying problems G Provident showed an interesting measuring product, the and reduced press speed? You need a thorough technical Troika FlexoCAM and AniCAM systems. The PC-based appraisal of the product. camera/microscope automatically measures dot sizes on film/masks, plates and print. 3D dot profiling creates a close- ‘Currently there is a great deal of short -term thinking up view of the dot shape including shoulder thickness, angle influencing ink purchasing strategy, this on the part, and and relief. AniCAM automatically measures anilox cell more frequently driven by, the larger print businesses. One of openings, wall thickness and cell volume. the basic rules of purchasing relates to ‘Total lowest life cost’. As printers we often ignore this rule and go straight for the lowest cost per KG, while extolling for the benefit of our blue waste reduction through dispensing and supply chain chip customers that we are adopting lean principles. management etc. Perhaps it’s high time for some fresh ‘Total life cost’ in lean terms means allowing the ink thinking amongst the larger print businesses lest they go the supplier to assist with lean work such as set up reduction, way of many of their now defunct ink suppliers. To survive, color management, simplification of pass on press work, ink both need to make a return on sales. In a successful relationship this happens through lean.’ Profile Dale Town Mark McNulty has worked in the narrow web/labeling Director DAT Performance Consulting LTD industry for 25 years, with positions including Press Manager Former Supply Chain and Process Improvement (Labels), applications manager (Ink) and UV Consultant. He Manager CCL Label spent six years working for AGM in Argentina, two years for Berry's of Westport (now Field Boxmore) and four years for It is impossible to estimate the overall cost to any converter of Sicpa UK. Specializing in UV processes and applications, ignorance, bad practice and waste. As the unit cost of ink in Mark operates his own consultancy in the UK. More terms of price per kilo is set to continue rising for the foreseeable information from future, it is vital that value is achieved through best-practice and working with your ink suppliers to obtain lasting value. I
  6. 6. Complete rotary screen solutions for precision and productive printing in high-value industrial printing niches Rotary screen printing is ideal for a host of high-value industrial applications - conductive inks and RFID antenna, medical devices and continuous magnetic stripes, to name but a few. For all these niches, Stork Prints, world leaders in rotary screen printing technology, offers complete lines and a wide consumable programme, so printers can maintain highest productivity and outstanding quality, while keeping costs in check. For RFID, Stork’s systems enable production of HF and UHF RFID antennas, based on etching, plating or direct printing methods. The highly acclaimed Rotary Screen Integration® unit (widths 10" - 24") gives precision registration on the finest coil formations. Hot-air drying and curing systems are custom-designed. Re-imageable, electroformed pure-nickel RotaMesh® screens offer multi-job reusability, long life, optimum ink flow and stability at high speeds. And with Stork’s Helios 6010 Laser Engraver, screen cylinders can be re-imaged in a matter of minutes, giving printers maximum flexibility and responsiveness. But that’s not all – with branches around the world, we offer all the expertise and support you need to compete in these specialist areas - every step of the way.
  7. 7. Make a clear and sustaining commitment to nature Made from corn, one of nature’s most sustainable resources, EcoVantage™ pressure-sensitive label film can be your commitment to protecting the environment. A high- performance label film made out of a polylactide (PLA) polymer, EcoVantage labels are available in white or clear. Unlike petrochemical-based label films that deplete the earth’s fast dwindling supply of petroleum, this biodegradable, corn-based film helps nourish the earth long after its shelf life. Call 800-445-4269 or visit to learn more about EcoVantage and Green Bay Packaging’s operational capabilities. The assurance of all out effort. Belu Spring Water, the non-profit group dedicated to clean water projects around the world, uses PLA bottles with EcoVantage labels to showcase its commitment to the environment. EcoVantage is a trademark of Green Bay Packaging Inc. Patent pending. PLA is a proprietary polymer from NatureWorks,® a Cargill Company.