Mark McMahon question 6


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Mark McMahon question 6

  1. 1. QUESTION 6 “what have you learnt about technology from the process of constructing this product”
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY USED • Apple IMac • Canon 700d • Final cut pro • Logic pro 9 • Mac book pro • Go animate • Prezi
  3. 3. IMAC • We used the iMac throughout the process of making the product from start to finish. We used a mac because they are renowned for media and music and they are mostly used in the industry. Firstly we used it for research into the genre of thrillers to editing and posting blog posts. It helped the construction of the product immensely as without it we would have been able to do any of the editing and research. Using the iMac was very successful as nothing went wrong during the process of construction and it was quick and efficient loading software and clips.
  4. 4. CANON 700D • For the filming and photography throughout the whole process we used a canon 700d. We used it for filming the product and taking photos for the blogs like the photographic storyboard example. We found it was successful as the quality of the camera gave our product a more professional feel and effect to the product. Before the construction of the product I have never used a DSLR before so getting to grips with aperture and shutter speed was all new to me. But with help from the internet and the group I learned successfully how to apply these features to the product.
  5. 5. FINAL CUT PRO • Final cut pro is an editing software I have used previously but as it is such an advanced software there are many features that I have not come across before. It impacted the product immensely as the software offers a huge variety of professional sound and filters to make the product look more advanced. I have developed my skills in font an text editing and used this in the product to create interesting titles. As the software is so big it takes a while to load up and render footage on the iMac/MacBook but that was the only challenge
  6. 6. LOGIC PRO 9 • For the music in the product we used Logic pro 9 and a plugin called omnishpere which enhances the quality and variety of sound that can be produced. What I learnt from the process of making the soundtrack Is how to musically create a soundtrack like inputting notes for example. This enhanced our product as it takes sound detail another level up from the standard final cut pro sounds as logic is a specialist sound software.
  7. 7. MAC BOOK PRO • We used a mac book pro for portability as it is basically a portable IMac. This helped me as I could do work on the product on the go. What I learnt is that I was able use cloud based technology to link the iMac to the MacBook pro so when I updated something on one of the computers It automatically updated on the other by using Blogger and Dropbox. This helped the product as we could work wherever we wanted and we were not restricted to the classroom. Overall I think it was a very successful piece of equipment as it helped the development of the product.
  8. 8. GO! ANIMATE • For some of the presenting techniques I used an internet based presentation device called „go! Animate‟ the nature of this device is that you create a animation and you can make characters say what you want. I used this to present one of my evaluation questions, it gives a dynamic way of presenting information therefor making my blog more advanced and better. A challenge I faced with the software is that the online service is that it was very hard to embed and save onto blogger but I counteracted this from researching the problems I faced.
  9. 9. PREZI • Prezi is another unique presenting technique like go! Animate I used this software from start to finish to show my research and work in more interesting ways. Prezi was used to make my blog look more interesting than just plain text, and this was successful as it gives a very distinctive way of presenting information which helps to create a distinctive blog like go! Animate. This was a very successful piece of equipment to use, as I had a lot of information to show on the blog and this presented the information professionally.