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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 2. Access Curriculum Data Collection Developing Material Applications
  2. 3. Ipod selection Prerequisite Skills
  3. 4. Audio Photos Video -voice recordings -music -digital -screen shots -scanned -digital -screen capture
  4. 5. -Count -Rate -Frequency -Duration -Response latency -Interresponse time -Percentage -Trials-to-criterion
  5. 6. Apple iLife -iPhoto -iMovie -Garageband -Photo Booth
  6. 7. Windows Microsoft Office -Word -Excel -Power Point -Movie Maker
  7. 8. Docs-To-Go -Support for Microsoft® Word, Excel & PowerPoint, PDF, Apple iWork and other files. -2-way file synchronization -Support for attachments Microsoft Exchange or Gmail -Create new documents
  8. 9. ITPADD Integrated Technology for Person with Autism and Developmental Disabilities -Extensive security -Calculator -Tally counter -Multiple timers (audible and vibration alerts) -Customizable photo library with photo capture -Customizable audio library with recording            
  9. 10. Behavior Tracker Pro -ABC data -Frequency -Duration collection -Graph data -Graph by ABC: Choose Antecedent, Behavior or Consequence
  10. 13. <ul><li>Data Points </li></ul>Hyperlinks Videos
  11. 19. References Eisenberg, A. (2007). What did the Professor say? Check your ipod. The New York Times, p. B2. Magnan, A., & Ecalle, J. (2004). Audio-visual training in children with reading disabilities. Computers and Education, 46, 407-425. Sklar, A. A. (2004). iPod &quot;Teach&quot;: Increased Access to Technological Learning Supports Through the Use of the iPod Touch. Journal of Special Education Technology, 22, 45-49. is a trademaark of Apple corporation “ “