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Rory Sutherland Ogilvy The Psychology of Human Interaction BoS2016


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The unconscious plays a much great part in decision making than we would like to admit. Most exciting technological innovations succeed because they are rationally better in some dimension but unbeknown to the people who have instigated them they have an almost magical power to settle the mind.

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Rory Sutherland Ogilvy The Psychology of Human Interaction BoS2016

  1. 1. Business of Software Europe #BoS2016
  2. 2. “The science of knowing what economists are wrong about.”
  3. 3. Taleb:
  4. 4. Problems: ● Simple optimisation problems ● Optionality problems ● Differentiation problems ● Calibration problems ● Game theoretic problems ● Asymmetry or uncertain trust problems ● De-catastrophisation problems
  5. 5. SCARF: David Rock’s model ● Status ● Certainty ● Autonomy ● Relatedness ● Fairness
  6. 6. David Ogilvy: “The problem with market research is that people don’t think what they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.”
  7. 7. “There is no sensible distinction to be made in a restaurant between the value created by the man who cooks the food and the value created by the man who sweeps the floor.” Ludwig von Mises.
  8. 8. Over the next fifty years, the greatest source of new value may consist in finding choices we didn’t know we already had, and by noticing value where we never knew it existed.
  9. 9. #BoS2016 @BoSConference @rorysutherland @ogilvychange Thank you.