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Radhika Dutt | Iterate Less & Achieve more | BoS USA Online 2020


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Radhika Dutt | Iterate Less & Achieve more | BoS USA Online 2020

Published in: Business
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Radhika Dutt | Iterate Less & Achieve more | BoS USA Online 2020

  1. 1. Radical Product Thinking How to iterate less and achieve more @RadhikaDutt
  2. 2. To build products we must: ● Iterate quickly ● Move fast and break things ● Fail fast, learn fast
  3. 3. “We don’t have the right designer on the team, but that just means a few more iterations… eventually we’ll get there.”
  4. 4. Our approach to building products is optimized for an economy on an upswing.
  5. 5. Calling BS
  6. 6. A bull market lets us throw money at the problem. A bear market forces us to iterate less and achieve more.
  7. 7. Some common “diseases”
  8. 8. Time for a checkup ?
  9. 9. Hero Syndrome Focus is on scale instead of having a real impact High risk decisions, perception of success “BER’s vision was filled with superlatives: To be the biggest, most modern airport to put Berlin on the map.”
  10. 10. Pivotitis Rapid, frequent changes in product direction Confused customers, confused product team “Doubled capacity after construction started, added a floor for retail.”
  11. 11. Obsessive Sales Disorder (OSD) Trading off the long game for quick gains Fragmented product, distracted engineers “Making short term decisions to show politicians new shiny objects to justify new rounds of funding.”
  12. 12. Locked-In Syndrome Commitment to a technology platform rather than a problem space “We’ve spent so much public money, we can’t scrap the project and restart.” Reduces flexibility in solving customer needs
  13. 13. They’re common (but avoidable!) problems that occur in the absence of clear product vision and strategy.
  14. 14. Lean Agileand Why can’t we just our way out of trouble?
  15. 15. Lean Agileand ...are risk-mitigating execution techniques, not value-creating product strategy tools ...are important, but not sufficient, for creating vision-driven products
  16. 16. Speedcan look like this...
  18. 18. It’s a methodology for building successful products that create the change you want to see in the world. ...using a shared language of product vision, strategy and execution
  19. 19. Vision What’s the end-state you want to create? Strategy How will you create that? Execution & measurement How will you measure and adapt? Prioritization In what order will you deliver it? Team What team and culture do you need in place? You can systematically engineer your change: ...and communicate your rationale across your team and within your organization
  20. 20. VISION Define your
  21. 21. “Contributing to human progress by empowering people to express themselves.”
  22. 22. We must unlearn all we know about a “good vision”.
  23. 23. Your Vision should articulate... ● Whose world are you changing? ● What does their world look like today? ● Why does their world need changing? ● How are you going to change it for them? … the Who, What, Why, and How
  24. 24. Use the Radical Vision Worksheet to iterate on your vision until you’re happy with it Today, when identified group want to desirable outcome , they have to current activity/solution(s) . This is unacceptable, because shortcomings of current solution . We envision a world where shortcomings are resolved . We’re bringing this world about through broad technology/approach .
  25. 25. Share! 1. Do you think your current vision is detailed enough? Is it causing product diseases? 2. Could you engage your team in a visioning exercise to create more alignment?
  26. 26. Singapore had to iterate less and achieve more.
  27. 27. In 1950’s Singapore, the majority had no running water or sanitation.
  28. 28. A radical vision 1. Intended change: “To create a better life for Singaporeans” 2. The vehicle: “Produce a first-world oasis in a third-world region, a platform to explore the region. ”
  29. 29. Defining your vision is only the first step in engineering change.
  30. 30. Capabilities C Design “What does our solution look like?” DR Real Pain Points Logistics “How do we deliver it?” L “What do businesses need in the oasis?” “How do we enable those capabilities?” Product Strategy (RDCL is just a mnemonic)
  31. 31. Capabilities C Design “What does our solution look like?” DR Real Pain Points Logistics “How do we deliver it?” L “What do businesses need in the oasis?” “How do we enable those capabilities?” 1. Easy to communicate 2. Easy to do business 3. Looks and feels like home English as official language Talent, business friendly policies Clean and green city Language education Education, tackle corruption Get public buy-in, water purification Loans to fund the efforts, investing in infrastructure, rules and the ability to enforce rules
  32. 32. Prioritization means factoring in the pesky problem of survival
  33. 33. Declaring independence Building alliances Creating an army BUILDING VISION DEBT IDEAL DANGER! INVESTING IN THE VISION Investing in education Taking loans to fund development Creating access to water
  34. 34. Your product is your improvable mechanism to create the change you envision... ...which means anything can be your product.
  35. 35. How do we plug this in to what we’re doing today?
  36. 36. Speed + Direction = Velocity Before launching into Lean and Agile execution, we must define the direction of our speed + =
  37. 37. Lean and Agile help you execute, learn and iterate under uncertainty Radical Product Thinking + Lean and Agile Vision Strategy Execution Radical Product helps you define and communicate what you’re building and why
  38. 38. Share! 1. What are some examples of products you’re working on? 2. What are some takeaways from Radical Product Thinking that you’re going to apply?
  39. 39. Want to learn more? ● Get the free toolkit from ● Blog: Accessible from ● Upcoming book: Sept 2021 (join mailing list for free chapters)
  40. 40. Questions? @RadhikaDutt