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Paul Kenny Turning Software Into Money BoS2017


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Slides from Paul Kenny's talk at Business of Software Conference 2017.

Turning Software into Money

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Paul Kenny Turning Software Into Money BoS2017

  1. 1. Turning software into money
  2. 2. 20+ years trying to figure out what makes a sales team sell more stuff Paul Kenny
  3. 3. What we think about when we think about sales performance
  4. 4. Beware experts!
  5. 5. Beware experts! Think For Yourself
  6. 6. Some deceptively simple questions to ask about your sales performance
  7. 7. Help! My Sales Team Is Broken
  8. 8. What kind of sales team do we want or need to be?
  9. 9. Key Performance Markers Performance is what we do to achieve a result. Great performances do not always produce great results. Great results are not always borne from a great performance.
  10. 10. How do we make our number?
  11. 11. What kind of sales performance do we want to deliver?
  12. 12. Barriers and Drivers
  13. 13. Identify barriers and drivers force field analysis Product & Package Market Competitor ProcessCapabilities Commitment
  14. 14. Focus Issues
  15. 15. WHY ?
  16. 16. What might we do to fix this?
  17. 17. Thank you