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Marty Cagan - Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled


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The video for this talk from a CEO Tales event run by Business of Software is now available here:

Marty Cagan on why customers aren't the source of innovation, and how to make the most of your engineering teams.

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Marty Cagan - Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled

  1. 1. Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled How To Create Tech Products Customers Love 1 Marty Cagan, SVPG About Me 2
  2. 2. “No customer ever asked Amazon to create the Prime membership program.” - Jeff Bezos Credits: Flickr/jurvetson 3 “If you’re only using your engineers to code, you’re only getting about half their value.” - Me 4
  3. 3. 5 6
  4. 4. 7 8
  5. 5. 9 Table Stakes 10 Hire strong engineers that are passionate about your vision
  6. 6. Keys To Leveraging Engineering 11 1. Provide engineers full business context Keys To Leveraging Engineering 12 2. Provide engineers access to customers
  7. 7. Keys To Leveraging Engineering 13 3. Provide constraints not requirements Keys To Leveraging Engineering 14 4. Provide engineers time for discovery
  8. 8. Keys To Leveraging Engineering 15 5. Measure product team by results not output Keys To Leveraging Engineering 16 6. Provide engineers with competent product manager
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