IoT13: Concirrus showcase


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An IoT13 presentation showcasing promising companies in the internet of things. Andrew Yeoman introduces Concirrus common architecture for the Internet of Things

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IoT13: Concirrus showcase

  1. 1. 11Concirrus 11Concirrus Simply Connected! Andrew Yeoman,CEO Andrew Yeoman- CEO
  2. 2. 22Concirrus
  3. 3. 33Concirrus Flared Trousers 33Concirrus Flared Trousers
  4. 4. 44Concirrus 44Concirrus One Decision Common M2M Challenges Concirrus Capabili es Deployment Services Business Intelligence Web Applica on Middleware Server Infrastructure Communica on network SIM card supply Modem Machine hardware Cloud Services Thought Leadership Consul ng Services Mobile Applica on
  5. 5. 55Concirrus 55Concirrus The Concirrus CommonArchitecture for the internet of Things… Open Interface Context Driven Events Secure Data Connection DEVICE AGNOSTIC INDUSTRY AGNOSTIC NETWORK AGNOSTIC
  6. 6. 66Concirrus 66Concirrus Security Fleet Energy Com m s Success stories
  7. 7. 77Concirrus One Good Decision!