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BoS2015 Trish Khoo – Engineering Manager, Google


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You’re already selling ahead of your roadmap and your dev team is getting pretty big. Trish Khoo outlines two approaches to keeping pace and quality high without hiring an army, drawing on a decade of software testing at Campaign Monitor, Google and Microsoft.

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BoS2015 Trish Khoo – Engineering Manager, Google

  1. 1. TITLE
  2. 2. Nice things People (also $$$)Time (aka $$$) ☹ you
  3. 3. Nice things People (also $$$)Time (aka $$$) ☺ X yay
  4. 4. - GEO AT GOOGLE SCALE - >1 billion active monthly users of Google Maps Services >1 billion downloads of Google Maps on Android >2 million active websites and apps use the Google Maps API every week 10s of thousands of user edits to local data and map data per day
  5. 5. - QUALITY AT GOOGLE SCALE - Google has the world mapped - 200 countries and territories Street View imagery is available across 66 countries The satellite imagery in Google Earth covers more than 45% of the world's land surface and 80% of the world's population in sub-meter high resolution.
  6. 6. A problem coming your way? “We often find that when doing due diligence, that the team got the thing up and running as fast as possible and that's fine for getting to £1-5m revenue but they’ve created scaling issues for themselves after that.” - Simon Menashy, MMC Ventures
  7. 7. - TYPICAL DECISION #1 - Hiring a QA team to fix the quality problem
  8. 8. Don’t hire the QA army Quality issue? Quality assurance! QA is accountable but has very little power to change anything Manual testing is very slow
  9. 9. - TYPICAL DECISION #2 - Hiring an automation team to fix the testing problem
  10. 10. A bad sign Subject: We’re hiring! TEST AUTOMATION ENGINEER Join our fast-growing team of TEST AUTOMATION ENGINEERS! • Low coding skill is okay • Write all our tests for us • We have a foosball table and a blimp!
  11. 11. - GOOGLE’S TURNING POINT - 7 years ago, Google teams released to production once or twice a month, with the majority of the time taken by testing. Today Google teams release to production daily or sub-daily. There was no decrease in quality.
  12. 12. The “Testing Phase” • No idea when the product will actually launch • Massive amount of human hours to manage effectively • Huge waste in expensive engineering hours
  13. 13. What testing really is Testing provides expert driven feedback on the state of business requirement gaps, user impact and overall project quality. One of the ways we do this is by checking things. Everybody can check things. It’s easy.
  14. 14. Checking is easy. Testing is hard. A testing expert in your development team will: • Make sure people get information about your product at the optimal time to make timely decisions • Make your development process more efficient • Design tools and infrastructure to make your developers more productive
  16. 16. - THE PUSHBACK - We don’t have time to write tests! We don’t know how! That’s not the way we work at this company!
  18. 18. ENGINEERING PRODUCTIVITY Software Engineer, Tools & Infrastructure Test Engineer
  19. 19. - EMPOWER YOUR TESTING EXPERT - Hard to find, hard to retain! • First class citizen within the team • Similar job title and salary to developers • Needs management support
  20. 20. LEARN, DON’T BLAME
  21. 21. - LEARNING, NOT BLAME - • Cultivate a postmortem culture • Trust your people
  24. 24. What’s in it for me? • Rock solid software • Ability to quickly change product direction • Freedom to innovate
  25. 25. THINGS TO DO #1 Change your culture #2 Hire the right skills #3 Learn, don’t blame #4 Launch and iterate