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BoS2015 - Steli Efti - How To Sell Software Using Sales


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If ‘hustle’ and ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ are synonymous to you, you might think this talk won’t be that relevant. You’d be wrong.

It’s fashionable to think that sales are the result of Inbound marketing in some circles – perhaps every sale you make comes to you magically through the Internet with no human touch. Does that mean you can’t do better? Steli has accelerated sales in some of the fastest growing Silicon Valley startups as well as growing his own SaaS business, He will offer some proven techniques to grow your sales revenue and improve your sales processes. You can apply many of the same ideas to get things done in your own organization, regardless of your role. As Dan Pink said, ‘To Sell Is Human‘.

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BoS2015 - Steli Efti - How To Sell Software Using Sales

  1. 1. How to sell Software using SALES
  2. 2. Appreciation is the currency you pay the universe with.
  3. 3. Helped 200+ venture backed startups in Silicon Valley scale sales.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Running a software business would be great if you didn’t have to deal with customers. - Group of Anonymous BoS Attendees last night
  6. 6. ★ Venture & Self Funded ★ Semi-Remote & small ★ Premium price in competitive market ★ Smallest competitor 10x larger in team (but smaller in revenue, not just profit)
  7. 7. Call
  8. 8. • Inbound (qualify, activate) • Cancellations (gain insights) • Outbound (if market fit) Sales Calls
  9. 9. 1: Reach People 2: Sound Good 3: Ask Questions 4: Manage Objections 5: Close Sales Calls
  10. 10. Email
  11. 11. Sales Emails - Quality: write like a human (small letters, errors, etc.) - Quantity: send more than you’re comfortable with - Semi-Personal: , Sent via iPhone - Call to action oriented: Schedule a call , Reply to this, etc.
  12. 12. 1: Open 2: Read 3: Respond 4: Follow Up Sales Emails
  13. 13. Break Up Email
  14. 14. Subject: Thank You From Hubspot Steli, In reviewing some outstanding business today, I’ll be taking out of my current follow ups at this time. Where we’d initially agreed in the value of our service to strengthen your online engagement, I’ve reached out to you on several occasions following our initial discussions. Having not received any replies to date, I assume that we’ve either fallen off your radar or perhaps the interest has diminished to the degree that my follow up is no longer warranted. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and wish you the best with your ongoing marketing efforts. I'd be happy to speak with you when you are ready to invest resources into generating leads from your site. Best, Email #5 I responded :)
  15. 15. Subject: Goodbye from Trunk Club Hi Steli, I was really looking forward to putting together a trunk of great clothes for you, but I haven’t heard a response to my calls and emails. That means this will be my last email to you. If you change your mind and would like to give Trunk Club a try, please let me know and I’ll have you looking great in no time. Best, Email #4 I responded :)
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Demo 15mins or less - Qualify first: Can/Should they buy , is it worth the time - Benefits vs. Features: Focus on what’s relevant - Sales vs. Training: Demo value vs. teaching functionality - Errors/Mistakes: Be prepared for them
  18. 18. Follow Up Relentlessly Until you get a result (yes/no)
  19. 19. Visit
  20. 20. Support
  21. 21. Enterprise
  22. 22. IBM doesn’t buy Software Bob and Mary who work there do
  23. 23. 1: Call people 2: Send lots of emails 3: Give good demos 4: Visit customers 5: Give real support 5 Ways to sell software using SALE
  24. 24. “People will forget what you said, what you did, but never how you made them feel”