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BoS2015 - Sarah Allen – Co-Founder, Mightyverse, 18F


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Even data warehousing software has a personality – even if you might not want to spend your leisure time with it. Whether you are aware of it or not, everything you ship will reflect the values and culture of your business. Organisations spend a lot of time reflecting on and thinking about their internal values but these are not necessarily embedded in the software you ship. All software has a personality – it can be passive-aggressive, boring, dominating, supportive, helpful, even fun. What does your software say to your customers? Can you build software people love, even if it’s doing the kind of things people hate to do? Sarah draws on her experience delivering projects at every scale to show how you can build software that delights customers, no matter what it’s doing.

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BoS2015 - Sarah Allen – Co-Founder, Mightyverse, 18F

  1. 1. What is your software saying… …behind your back?Sarah Allen @ultrasaurus a is for apple: derekb
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Cobbler: Valerie Hinojosa
  4. 4. 2wid: [darjeeling. india]
  5. 5. ?
  6. 6. – Onora O’Neill “Trustworthiness before trust.”
  7. 7. reliable competent honest
  8. 8. context intention freedom
  9. 9. create shared understanding context
  10. 10. discover the story intention
  11. 11. empower people freedom
  12. 12. theory of change
  13. 13. Increased collaboration will lead to a more efficient & responsive government. Hypothesis
  14. 14. US Government 2.7 million Walmart 2.1 million China National Petroleum Corp. 1.6 million State Grid Corporation of China 1.5 million Indian Railways 1.4 million Top 5 Employers in the World private & public sector, excluding military
  15. 15. only 35% of federal employees believe creativity & innovation are rewarded. 2014 Employee Viewpoint Survey
  16. 16. only 35% of federal employees believe creativity & innovation are rewarded. 2014 Employee Viewpoint Survey 2.7M civilian employees
  17. 17. almost 1 million federal employees believe creativity & innovation are rewarded.
  18. 18. "connect with that special task to learn something new, meet new people or feel like you are part of a bigger group” "Government is huge, how can it be that no one has the skills or not enough people?” "cool people doing cool things” "the opportunity to really network and find out who is doing different things, using different tools, if there is something I want to do in my program, I have people to go to who have done that” a really good toolbox: lot of resources, people and programs
  19. 19. set intelligent defaults be explicit use their words be empowering
  20. 20. envision an alternate reality suspension of disbelief empower people
  21. 21. Sarah Allen ultrasaurus thank you