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BoS USA 2018 - Opportunities for Sponsors


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BoS USA 2018 - Opportunities for Sponsors

  1. 1. Business of Software Conference USA 2018 1st-3rd October 2018 // World Trade Center, Boston MA Opportunities for Sponsors
  2. 2. Business of Software Conference • Business of Software Conference is different - a single-track conference for entrepreneurs working in the software industry. Attendees listen and learn, share problems and help each other. • BoS is now in its 12 year, taking place at the World Trade Center, Boston MA. • Business of Software Conference sponsors benefit from brand recognition as well as engagement with high quality attendees at a very well-regarded, professionally-run conference that sets the standard for in- person events. • We recommend supporters send senior personnel to participate fully in the event, the discussions and other conference activities. • Sponsorship of Business of Software Conference offers you access to smart people running companies that are scaling sustainably in the United States and internationally.
  3. 3. Audience Demographics • 400 software entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, CXOs, Product Managers and emerging leaders. The ‘No Free Tickets Policy’ means that BoS attendees are both high quality and committed. • Senior people from established and growing software companies, both venture backed and self- funded, with a commitment to getting better at what they do. 57%21% 13% 9% US Europe Canada ROW 20% 26%36% 13% 5% Up to 10 Up to 50 Up to 200 Up to 1,000 Over 1,000 57% 11% 27% 5% C-Level/Founder VP-Level Senior Manager Other Company Size Attendee Job Title Country
  4. 4. Sponsorship Options Core Sponsorship Packages • Our sponsorship packages – bronze, silver and gold - are designed to offer sponsors high visibility with a minimal draw on sponsors’ time - you send your logo, we do the rest. Event Sponsorship Options • Event Sponsorships are exclusive in-event options, all include tickets and branding – these are all one-off, single-sponsor opportunities. Optional Extras • Additional stand-alone, non-ticketed options.
  5. 5. • Secondary billing in sponsor page & signage. • Branding on event splash screen & media wall. • Thanked on stage by Chair. • Branded vinyl backdrop & high-boy table in networking area. • Half page advert in guide. • 2x Staff + 1x Scholarship. • Opportunity to place item in Delegate bag (subject to approval). Core Sponsorship Packages • Premium sponsor billing. • Host Birds of a Feather table • Branding on event splash screen & media wall. • Thanked on stage by Chair. • Branded vinyl backdrop & table in networking area. • Full page advert in guide. • 4x Staff + 2x Scholarships. • Opportunity to place item in Delegate bag (subject to approval) GOLDSILVER Headline sponsorships at BoS give sponsors lead brand positioning throughout the event and a branded backdrop and high-boy table in the networking area on all event days. • Tertiary billing on sponsor page & signage. • Branding on event splash screen & media wall. • Thanked on stage by Chair. • Branded vinyl backdrop & high-boy table in networking area. • Half page advert in guide. • 1x Staff ticket. BRONZE $10,000$7,500 $15,000
  6. 6. Registration, Badge and Lanyard • Co-branding of all badge and lanyards for BoS USA 2018. • Exclusive co-branding on online reg-page and venue reg-desk with BoS. • Opportunity to ask one optional question on online reg-page*. • 1x ticket + logo on media wall & sponsors’ page. Make the talented BoS humans even more useful by turning them into mobile branding! Exclusive opportunity to have your logo on the badge and lanyards, as well as branding of the online registration page and venue registration desks. * NB We have made a promise never to sell, or give away, delegate information – so this question must be opt-out and anonymous. $10,000
  7. 7. Pre-Reg Welcome Event Sponsor the food and drink for guests at the opening evening reception event. The pre-reg event takes place on Sunday evening and is open to all attendees. Typically this is attended by approximately 2/3 of attendees. The sponsor of the welcome drinks enjoys exclusive branding in the bar and networking area and we will promote the evening via the BoS channels in the run up to the event (via our e-mail and social channels). • Opportunity to place roll-banners and other branding in venue (sponsor to provide- subject to approval). • Bar staff to wear branded t-shirts (sponsor to provide, subject to deadline). • Branded drinks menus on bar, branded coasters on tables (BoS to produce). • Inc. $5,000 spend on guest food and drink. • 1 x ticket + logo on sponsors’ page and media wall. $12,500
  8. 8. Branded Vinyl Backdrop & Table • 12 positions available. • Branded backdrop and high-boy table in networking area throughout event (BoS to supply with client artwork- subject to deadline)*. • 1 x ticket + logo on sponsors’ page and media wall. An opportunity to have a high-boy table and branded backdrop in the main networking area. Please note BoS does not have separate exhibition - all attendees will attend the conference sessions (i.e. the networking area will not have traffic during these times). This is a branded area for you to use as meeting point during breaks. *BoS supplies all backdrops at the same dimensions to sponsor’s design. BoS will arrange for these to be assembled at the venue prior to your arrival but these can be taken by the sponsor post event. $5,000$5,000
  9. 9. Birds of a Feather Table • Branded signage on choice of table. • 1 x reserved seat on table. • Soft drinks & Ice bucket on table. • Opportunity to place item on table (subject to approval & deadline). • 1 x Ticket + logo on sponsors’ page and media Wall. An opportunity to brand and host one of the popular ‘Birds of a Feather’ networking tables during breakfast and lunch breaks. Sponsors are given a reserved seat on the topic/table of their choice*. This is a great way to make new contacts focused on a particular challenge - please note this is a hosting & networking opportunity, not a forum for a sales presentation. *Topics TBC - Please enquire $4,000
  10. 10. Video & Photography • Logo on title cards for speaker videos (hosted online approx. 1 month post event). • Option for event photographer and video crew to wear branded t-shirt (must be black t-shirt: sponsor to provide). • Official photos to have sponsor logo watermark, hosted online asap post event. • 1 x Ticket + logo on sponsors’ page and media wall. Branding of the media crew and the online videos and photographs. Post-event the photographs are added to our social channels and will have the sponsors’ logo as a “watermark” and the session videos will carry your logo on the title card. Videos are always available via our website archive, giving this opportunity longevity far beyond the event. $8,000
  11. 11. Branded Water • Branding on all bottled water, available at various service points throughout the venue. • 1 x ticket + logo on sponsors’ page and media wall. Exclusive branding of the conference water bottles. Available throughout the event this option gives you brand visibility in a way that is, quite literally, refreshing. $5,000
  12. 12. CONFERENCE ROOM SEAT DROP Your item on the conference seats. (Client to provide; subject to approval) $3,000 BREAKFAST GIFT A chance to place a gift on the breakfast tables to all attendees (Client to provide; subject to approval) $3,000 ADVERT IN DELEGATE BOOKLET Half or full page advert in A6 event guide. (Subject to deadline) Half Page $1,000 Full Page $1,500 ITEM IN DELEGATE BAG or MEDIA POINT Please note only pre-approved items - not just any item will do! (Client to provide; subject to approval) $3,000 Additional Options
  13. 13. Get in touch If you would like to speak to us about participating at BoS 2018 please contact… Ed Grundy Commercial Manager + 44 (0) 7854 309 245