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April Dunford (Author, Obviously Awesome) - Positioning Jujitsu


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April Dunford (Author, Obviously Awesome) - Positioning Jujitsu

  1. 1. Positioning Jujitsu How to compete and win against powerful competitors April Dunford @aprildunford
  2. 2. We are Startups and We Have Competition
  3. 3. It’s a Challenge for Us….and Buyers Startups Customers Get Known/Considered Get Selected Narrow down a Shortlist Get the Sale Switch Pick a Winner
  4. 4. At Each Step We are Up Against a Different Type of Competition Startups Customers Get Known and Considered Get Selected Narrow down a Shortlist Get the Sale Switch Pick a Winner Competition The Hoards The Ghost The Giant
  5. 5. PART 1: THE HORDES
  6. 6. We’ve got a LOT of Competitors
  7. 7. In Every Market
  8. 8. Even in New Markets
  9. 9. Even “Obscure” Markets
  10. 10. How to Beat the Hordes (Part 1) Only Fight Where You Can Win
  11. 11. Are you Unintentionally Positioned For a Fight you Can’t Win?
  12. 12. Products are Often Created with a Market Category in Mind
  13. 13. But Markets and Products Transform
  14. 14. Our “Default” Market Category Masks our Strengths
  15. 15. Example: Cake Innovation
  16. 16. +
  17. 17. +
  18. 18. +
  19. 19. What You Said You Built
  20. 20. What Customers Think
  21. 21. Cake Not Cake Positioning in a Category Determines how you are Evaluated
  23. 23. Lollipop Cakepop Your Best Category Puts Your Strengths in the Center
  24. 24. What if I told you….. Nobody Wants a New Spreadsheet
  25. 25. How do we Find our Best Market Category?
  26. 26. MARKET CATEGORY IS ONE COMPONENT OF POSITIONING Positioning Alternatives Unique Attributes ValueCust. Segments Market Category @aprildunford
  27. 27. Your Happiest Customers Hold the Key To Figuring out What You Are
  28. 28. Follow a Process @aprildunford
  29. 29. MORE DETAILS HERE @aprildunford
  30. 30. How to Beat the Hordes (Part 2) Teach Prospects How to Buy
  31. 31. Most Customers Have Never Purchased a Solution Like Yours Before
  32. 32. This was Not Built to Help Customers BUY
  33. 33. Is this Helpful to Prospects?
  34. 34. Should lead generator sites own the definition of your market?
  35. 35. Your (Biased but Honest) Point of View on a Market Can be Hugely Helpful for Prospects
  36. 36. Instead of this…
  37. 37. You could create this…
  38. 38. PART 2: THE GIANT
  39. 39. How to Beat the Giant (Part 1) Use Their Strength Against Them
  40. 40. You can Position Your Competitors, Just like You Position Yourself – Including the Big Ones
  41. 41. Every Competitive Strength is a Weakness (for Certain Buyers) “Established” “Legacy” “Market-Leading” “Feature-Rich” “Unspecialized” ”Trusted by many” “Slow to innovate” “Complex”
  42. 42. Example: Canvas vs. D2L
  43. 43. Example: Canvas vs. D2L
  44. 44. How to Beat the Giant (Part 2) Let them Win (But NEVER on Your Turf)
  45. 45. Example – Janna vs. Siebel
  46. 46. PART 3: THE GHOST
  47. 47. For Buyers – Change is Hard For Sellers – the Status Quo is Deadly Richardson’s Selling Challenges Research Survey 2019 22% 21% 19% Building a Case for Change Combating the Status Quo Comparing their Options Top 3 Challenges for Buyers 20% Deals lost to “No Decision” CSO insights 2017 World- Class Sales Practices Report
  48. 48. How to Beat the Ghost Find a Train and Jump Onboard
  49. 49. Example – Making a First Step Easier by Focusing on a Trend
  50. 50. The Hordes The Ghost The Giant How to Win Against Strong Competitors Position Deliberately Leverage Trends Turn Strength to Weakness