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3D Matters


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3D Matters

  1. 1. Mark Lim Hayden Tay Lim Say Keaw Managing Director Marketing Director Business Mentor•Experience in CAD and •Good knowledge about •28 years experience inprototyping Media and Advertising business management industry and ownership•Designed new bicyclehelmet ventilation system •Singapore Kindness •Owns several companiesin co-operation with The Movement Campaign •Current Director ofUniversity Of Adelaide •Silver award Viewers’ Singmalloyd Marine Pte(patent pending) Choice 2011 Ltd The Team
  2. 2. Vision3D Matters aims to provide 3D printing and CAD solutions to businesses, households,and educational institutions. Our solutions will be competitively priced and will incorporate versatile 3D printingtechniques that will satisfy all the requirements of the design, prototyping andmanufacturing industries even for the simplest of ideas.Goals Fuss Free 3D Printing Appeal to broad spectrum of customers Providing Professional CAD service
  3. 3. Molding/Casting/Fabrication processes take time andThe Problem money, repeating the process will incur more costs…Design Create Mold Test DesignProduct Mold Product Product Approved Repeat Changes Mass Required Production Process
  4. 4. 3D Printing does away with molding/casting/fabricationOur Solution processes. No need for long lead times or large product design costs.Design Create Mold Test DesignProduct 3D Mold Print Product Product Approved Repeat Changes Mass Required Production Process
  5. 5. The Market •Target Market: SMEs in local Manufacturing industry •5% (8000) of SMEs in Singapore are in the Manufacturing sector •23% ($16b)of the GDP in 2011 •Output 7.3% more compared to 2010 despite looming economic downturn •Good indication of market health •Market demand for 3D printing would be relatively high
  6. 6. Projections
  7. 7. Your Investments Start up costs break down are as follows:3D Matters is seeking aninvestment of $200,000 tofinance the start up and growthof the company.
  8. 8. Extras
  9. 9. Questions? Contact us : Website : Facebook : We’ll be excited to hear from you.Thank you for viewing this presentation. Cheers!