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Bespoke built luxury homes in the beautiful Bahamas.

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Colleccion Brochure Novid

  1. 1. The Ridge - phase one
  2. 2. Long Island... The Bahamas The Bahamas is a tropical paradise made up of over 700 islands spread over 10,000 square miles of ocean. As an ecological oasis with 2,000 stunning cays, they have the Home to one of the oldest dive operations in The Bahamas, Long Island has numerous dive sites, the best known is Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest recorded blue hole in the Bahamas (more than 600 feet). The western side of the island is home to long white sandy beaches, and with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Long Island is a haven for fishing, sailing and yachting. perched high on the hill at the island’s northern most tip. Visitors can experience some quite incredible views of the ocean from here. You’ll find sloping hills in the northeast, while low hillsides make up the southern portion of the island. It’s the dramatically contrasting landscape that makes so many people say that Long Island clearest water on the planet with visibility As a towering spine of ancient reef, 80-mile Long is one of the most picturesque islands in The extending to over 200 feet. The islands also Island has two faces: the stunning cliffs and have the world’s third largest barrier reef. Bahamas. Long Island is also a quiet island caves of the east coast that front the crashing dotted with quaint, friendly villages and miles of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is one of the Atlantic waves, and the soft, sandy beaches lined uninterrupted beaches. most politically stable countries in the world. The with Mangrove to the west. Cape Santa Maria constitution is based on the Westminster model: Her beach, close to Stella Maris, has been recognized Without doubt, Long Island is truly one of the Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Executive Branch, The by beach lovers and travel writers alike as one most beautiful, breathtaking tropical destinations Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch. of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The in the world, and a perfect place to invest in pure The Bahamas is a member of the Commonwealth of island is also home to Columbus Point with its luxury and relaxation. Nations and recognizes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth towering memorial to Christopher Columbus II as the Head of State. Her Majesty’s representative in The Bahamas is the Governor-General. A small number of islands such as New Providence, Great Exuma and Grand Bahama are established both as offshore banking centres and ultra luxury tourist destinations. Property prices on these islands are some of the most expensive in the world. Bahamians enjoy the highest standard of living of any Caribbean country with GDP in excess of $45,000 US per capita. There is no income tax, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. LAND
  3. 3. Further phases of development First eight available plots Robert Trent Jones II Commercial, retail designed golf resort & condos The Ridge - phase one Port St George is certainly one of the most prestigious developments coming to the Caribbean, and with its ‘Robert Trent Jones II’ championship golf course and 640 berth Yacht Club marina, The Ridge residences, forming the first phase within Stella Maris, situated in an elevated position overlooking Port St George, will become the most desirable property in the Stella Maris region of Long Island. Long Island has been highlighted as the next phase of major luxury real estate development in the media, with major developments planned. The focus is to produce an up scale enclave within The Bahamas islands, ideal for the Langham Place Hotel golf and sailing communities, to enjoy what most consider as the most beautiful island & Spa ISLAND in The Bahamas. With the 640 berth marina and ‘world class’ golf course to become part of the superb Port St George Development, buyers can now purchase on the very best land situated on The Ridge overlooking Port St. George. These plots have been held back by the developers for the first phase of the Colleccion project, enabling buyers to secure elevated homes with cool trade winds, views of the golf course and marina. A simply breathtaking location!
  4. 4. Plot No. Square feet $Price until 30th June The Ridge 128 15,690 $490,000 128 The Ridge 130 15,990 $516,250 The Ridge 132 17,640 $560,000 130 The Ridge 133 17,364 $560,000 The Ridge 134 17,390 $560,000 132 133 The Ridge 136 17,850 $656,250 134 The Ridge 137 17,950 $656,250 136 The Ridge 138 17,860 $656,250 137 Prices are based on current estimated valuations. The first two plots 138 sold come with 2 ‘Rights to Buy’ on Port St. George. The remaining six come with 1 ‘Right to Buy’. LAND PURCHASE BUILD CONTRACT As the first stage in the process of creating your Once your plot has been purchased, the process luxury home on Long Island purchasers are to design and build your luxury Long Island home required to complete the purchase of the land. starts here. The process: For all buyers we will have five luxury property Purchasing process: types and three interior design packages available, 10% deposit to reserve the land or alternatively you may prefer to subscribe to our (14 day cooling off period) bespoke service, giving you the opportunity to On 28 days the contract is drawn up ready for work with our designers throughout every stage in completion, whereby the remaining 90% of creating your dream home. purchase price is required. We will then specify your requirements in detail, and present a price for all works. The purchaser would also receive 2 “ Right to Following an agreed specification, we will then Buy” agreements, entitling the holder to purchase produce a build contract for you to sign, with an LAND 2 freehold serviced plots within the proposed new, exciting, luxury 5 star, “ Port St George” development, at $320,000 each. Similar plots agreed staged payment which is payable after the following stages of construction. in 5 star developments on neighbouring Islands 40% FOUNDATIONS AND SERVICES COMPLETION sell for upwards of $1million. This represents a substantial discount. Also, these agreements are 50% AT ROOF LEVEL fully assignable! 10% ON COMPLETION (Each stage payment is due following the completion of the named stage)
  5. 5. Architectural paradise... ‘Colleccion’ allows you to work with our architects to design your luxurious Long Island home. As part of the ‘colleccion’ package we have five beautifully designed homes, able to be adapted for all plots available within Stella Maris. With the blank canvas we have available on Long Island we can also design and build a totally bespoke home as part of our bespoke architectural and design service. LAND
  6. 6. Beautiful Properties, Exquisite Location
  7. 7. MJM Fit out is a division of the MJM Group, a privately owned international award winning interior design Bespoke Interior Design... company. The company is a specilist fit out and refurbishment contractor operating in a diverse range of sectors including Leisure/Entertainment, Hotel, Residential, Our designers will create Retail and Education. A personal designer is designated to the ‘colleccion’ project for all buyers, with a full project management team to carry out the the interior design to your works. MJM have a very strong portfolio of clients including: specification. The Berkeley Hotel K-Club As part of our portfolio we have three interior packages, The Clarion Hotel Oulton Club from a minimalistic contemporary style to classical colonial The Dorchester Royal Bath Hotel chique. We also provide a full bespoke interior design service, allowing you to work with our interior design partners in creating your own design for your beautiful Bahamian home. LAND
  8. 8. Q&A’s What effect has the global financial How easy is to buy property in the situation had on the Bahamas and Bahamas? Long Island? The Bahamas welcome foreign ownership of second The Bahamas never had a housing bubble so there homes and make the purchase as stress free as was nothing to burst. Property here is often self possible with virtually no red tape. funded and those who use local banks for funding will find them basically risk averse; willing to lend but How easy is it to fly to Long Island? prudent. Land prices have increased greatly over the Nassau, on New Providence Island, is served by past three years on Long Island. hundreds of direct or connecting flights from all corners of the globe, including daily connections from What is the political situation and how all major cities on the US east coast. Also, Stella stable is the Bahamas? Maris airport (near to The Ridge) has recently started taking flights from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, further More than 300 years ago, English Adventurers in enhancing access to Long Island. search of religious freedom founded the western world’s first true seat of democracy and named it Eleuthera, the Greek word for freedom. The Bahamas How does the Bahamian dollar has elections every five years and a highly democratic compare with the US dollar? and literate population. The currency has been on a par with the dollar since 1973. Can I apply for residency following my purchase? Is the Bahamas a tax haven? Most property purchasers qualify for Economic YES, there is no income tax, no capital gains tax and Permanent Residence status. Depending on your no inheritance tax in the Bahamas. country of origin this benefit could offer further tax advantages. Video links... Cape Santa Maria Beach, close to Stella Maris. LAND CLICK HERE. Stella Maris, Long Island. CLICK HERE. The real Bahamas. CLICK HERE
  9. 9. The information presented in this brochure is correct at the time of going to press (02/05/10). The Collection project is a fully bespoke project, but the developer will provide a number of standard luxury real estate property types for buyers choice. If a buyer wishes to take advantage of a fully bespoke architectural service, the developer reserves the right to submit an estimate based on a clients specification. Any specifications listed are purely a guide for purchasers.