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Problems are solved by


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Overview of problems and the tools we need to solve them.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Problems are solved by

  1. 1. Solving Problems I’ll Try
  2. 2. Problems are Puzzles • Why is my left foot bigger than my right? • When is it legal to set off a small rocket near an airport? • When flying South at 100mph with a 25 mph northerly wind what is my ground speed? • Mom is hungry and needs some food. I am going to the store to get some. It takes two weeks to make the trip. Is my mom still OK? Why or Why not? • Generation Y is trying to find out about generation X ‘s consumption rate. What is the best type of math to use? Where can you find the information for this math? • Information is gathered in several ways? What is the way you think information about Swine Flu should be collected? How do you know your way is the correct one?
  3. 3. Problems are decisions • Four people are standing at a cross road. They must pass the intersection at different times. The first person to go across will be safe the other three will be at risk of bodily injury. Who goes first? Why? What do you need to know to make this decision?
  4. 4. Problems Require Ideas • You are trying to get a job. 50 other people are trying to get the same job. How are you going to stand out? • Your friend is in a cage, no one can see him and he has locked himself in. You have no key. A crane will soon pick the cage up and load it onto a plane bond for India. If people find your friend he will get into a lot of trouble. What are your options? What do you think you would do?
  5. 5. Problems Require Observation • Things are not always what they seems visually. What can you use instead of your eyes to be observant? • Why does solving a problem require observation? Hyperlink
  6. 6. Problems Require Systems • Math • Physics • Logic • Computation • Biology • Chemistry • Languages
  7. 7. Inherently Human Quality • Problem solving is at the basis of our ability to understand and control our environment. • Our lives would be rather dull without problem solving. • Each day problems get solved by us and we should aspire to get really good at solving problems of all kinds.
  8. 8. Problems are Solved By • Ideas • Observation • Decisions • Computation • Language • Math • Processes • Systems • Puzzles • Scientific method • Physics • Logic