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Global city services benchmarking


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Global city services benchmarking

  1. 1. Global Services Benchmarking4/15/12 Markku Silén
  2. 2. Background•  Sitra is creating a plan to benchmark different city service processes globally•  The focus is to find out the best practices for specific service processes•  The results can be utilized when designing future best practice model for municipal services in Finland © Sitra
  3. 3. High Level Program Plan Project Idea clarification Project Planning Implementation March-June August-October November - 2013 © Sitra
  4. 4. Idea clarification phase: tasks •  To define the benchmarking process •  To define the benchmarking tasks •  To define the benchmarking outcomes •  To define the service processes in pilot scope •  To define the locations for benchmarking © Sitra
  5. 5. Benchmarking process: ideas•  Using internal Yammer forum for the project team•  Using LinkedIn forum for external ideas•  Creating e-mail questionnaire templates•  Creating critical questions list / service area•  Preparation in chat forums, conference calls•  Working together with consulting and ICT-vendors as needed•  Using government contacts to establish global connections•  On-site meetings for in-depth process analysis•  Definition of high level service processes and associated best practices © Sitra
  6. 6. Potential pilot service processes/areas•  Children daycare•  Elderly homecare•  Local Circular economy (needs still more specific target area) © Sitra
  7. 7. Idea clarification summary report content:•  Background•  Project summary•  The list of services/functions/areas in pilot scope•  The list of key questions for selected pilot areas•  The proposal for global benchmarking locations•  The high level benchmarking model, process, tasks and tools description•  The proposal for next phase : Project Planning Phase © Sitra