Marketing Strategy for the New Social Web


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A presentation I did at Social Biz World Conference in 2011

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Marketing Strategy for the New Social Web

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy:• Make it a repeatable system• Know your client - but even more-so know your clients clients (think about that one!)• Asset review and mining for gold• Set a baseline to ensure KPIs are properly measured & tracked moving forward• Developing integrated campaigns that focus on Hard ROI & Soft ROI and the role of SM• Develop a Marketing Playbook for Launches & Rolling Campaigns• Tracking tools & strategies that lead to ROI• Lets be the creative force that gets people talking RSM
  2. 2. RSM
  3. 3. RSM
  4. 4. Marketing Strategy: • The Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person • Creating & Feeding the Funnel • Test, Iterate & Convert RSM
  5. 5. The Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person RSM
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy: Create TheFunnel, Feed The Funnel, Launch Plan, Iteration, Nurture,Conversion, Metrics => Revenue RSM
  7. 7. Create the FunnelMetrics/Measure/Iterate (Google Analytics, Tracking URL’s, Orange Soda, SM tracking, HubSpot) Landing Pages Tech Conversion PRODUCT Sign Up PRODUCT Lead Capture PRODUCT Lead Capture PRODUCT Ecommerce Sale Lead Nurture Program RSM
  8. 8. Feed the FunnelAdwords (Call) CampaignsEmail CampaignsWebinarsDisplay Ad CampaignsCPA Deals Create Detailed Strategies for Each Campaign with a Marketing PlaybookPR – Influencers, Pay per Clip, SM/email outreach & callsSales Team - calls, meetings and collateralOrganic SEO - backlink building, social bookmarking, etcSocial Media strategy – Contests, events, campaigns on T, FB, YT & LiBlogging strategy – Press Releases, Thought leadership, etc.Events – Present, Speak, BoothWebsites & Landing Pages RSM
  9. 9. Launch Plan October November DecemberAdwordsEmail CampaignsWebinarsDisplay AdsPRSales TeamOrganic SEOSocial Media StrategyBlogging StrategyEventsWebsiteCPA Deals RSM
  10. 10. Iteration Test Bed Process Keywords & Subject Lines & Ads Keyword & Message Efficacy Provides us with:Optimized Keywords, Subject Lines & Content Will be used for: Product Differentiation Website Content SEO Social Media Video Whitepapers/Resources Blog Posts Email Drops Ad Campaigns RSM
  11. 11. Nurture Program & Conversion Registration Page Conversion Criteria: Product Purchase ------------------------------ Qualified Leads for Lead Scoring Quality Score Threshold Nurture, Contact & Program Conversion ----------------------------- Whatever your conversion criteria is Email Nurture Campaign5 – 7 Touch Points over 45 – 60 days Whitepaper Downloads Conversion Resource Guides Webinars/Content RSM
  12. 12. Metrics & Analytics Measurement throughout the acquisition cycle using various tools and intelligence Google URL Builder To create targeted URL’s For each traffic sourceTracked back to a campaign Google Analytics Capture & Active Conversion Sites Community Metrics CRM Capture CDM Nurture Webinars Lead Nurture Landing Pages Resources Conversion VideoSentiment Blog Google Social Twitter Twitter Linkedin SysomosMonitoring Pulse Alerts Mention Search Hashtag Groups Monitoring s RSM