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FreeEed popcorn overview


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FreeEed popcorn overview

  1. 1. FreeEed eDiscovery Popcorn An easy recipe © 2014 SHMsoft, Inc.
  2. 2. FreeEed popcorn is very popular with lawyers, legal techs, IT, etc. Why?
  3. 3. Past • Up until now, eDiscovery was hard and expensive • At $100/GB, it can easily eat half of the lawsuit budget • 50% of the 1 million US lawyers are just now getting into eDiscovery • The other 50% are looking to lower the cost
  4. 4. Present • Enter FreeEed eDiscovery popcorn • It comes as an application (called Virtual Machine, or VM) - this is your popcorn kernel • You can download as many as you want • Or just make another copy :)
  5. 5. How do I cook it? • You cook a FreeEed corn by adding your data into it • If your lawsuit has much data (you are hungry) - you just add more kernels • And they work together (because it is a Hadoop cluster) • Don’t know what a Hadoop cluster is? - does not matter, because it just works
  6. 6. Butter, spices? • Q: But each lawsuit is different!? • A: – Very true, and you cook each kernel (lawsuit) according to taste: spicy butter, creamy, or no butter – Because they are separate kernels and because each one is free – That is, you apply different processing to each
  7. 7. Can I re-warm my popcorn later? • That’s the beauty of it: since each lawsuit is stored in its own kernel, you can archive it individually and easily • Try to do it with current multi-tenant system :( • So you can store it for as many years as you need. Then rewarm it (start the VM) - and it is as good as before
  8. 8. Can I clean up the mess? • Q: Sometimes I need to erase the data, can I do it? • A: – Nothing easier - just delete the VM (through away the kernels into the trash), and you are done – You can even shred it, by shredding the VM data on disk
  9. 9. No mixing! • Q: – But how do I separate different lawsuits and not intermingle data from different clients? • A: – Recall that each kernel is one case – They never mix! Each kernel is cooked with its own data and butter – So no ethical problems? - None! – Again, try this with multi-tenant systems :(
  10. 10. Only here • Q: – So what is your magical recipe? Why can’t others give me this wonder popcorn? • A: – Quite simply: you can have as many kernels as you want because the license is free. With others each license costs. – And if you have a lot of data, just cook a few kernels together, they will do the job for you.
  11. 11. I want it! • I am a lawyer, and I want your popcorn! • Just go to our site, download the FreeEed popcorn VM and start cooking • What if I am lost? • We will offer you support • OK, I am buying (or just eating free for starters)
  12. 12. My law firm wants it • Q: – We want to make sure it will work in the future • A: – Recall that it is open source. It is here to stay – It is built on standards, so others can continue – You can even modify it to taste – And customize it for your law firm • But I need a lot! - Take all you want