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The role of a tax advisor


Published on - We may have heard of the term of tax advisor but there are some things that need to be cleared up. We attempt to provide a clearer picture. For More information please call us at: 0208 942 6505

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The role of a tax advisor

  1. 1. The Role Of A Tax Advisor By Matt Stevens Dated: 18/08/2012Copyright : @
  2. 2. Who Is A Tax Advisor?• A financial expert adept & trained in tax laws• A person who can advise on taxes• They work with clients & guide them on minimizing taxes• May also work as a person financial advisor Copyright : @
  3. 3. What Work Does A Tax Advisor Do?• Planning for taxes• Filing of tax returns & tax computations• Preparing payroll for a company• Investment planning• Managing family trusts• Planning for estates• Generalized book-keeping Copyright : @
  4. 4. What Is Required To Be A Tax Advisor?• Registering himself as an agent with the tax department• Having a good background in finance &/or law• Knowledge about advising regarding taxes• Knowledge about the changes in tax laws Copyright : @
  5. 5. What Is The Job Description?• Researching, analyzing & interpreting changes in tax laws• Working within tax & law provisions• Consulting special customers• Preparing & submitting tax returns• Establishing & structuring the trusts of families• Providing guidance on indirect taxes like VAT Copyright : @
  6. 6. What Are The Responsibilities?• Forming strategies to pay as little tax as possible• Finding advantageous ways to prepare & submit tax returns on behalf of his client• Making necessary changes to original tax return document• Maintaining a high ethics level Copyright : @
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