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Training for self government (1907-1921)

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Training for self government (1907-1921)

  1. 1. With the existence of general peace and order, the Americans had the opportunity to put into practice what their leaders in Washington, D.C. had promised:  To give the Filipinos the benefit of wise and just administration.  To give the Filipinos civil liberties they never enjoyed under Spanish colonial rule.  To train the Filipinos in self government as preparation for independence, a concept that was unheard of under Spain.
  2. 2. Government Reorganization  A commit composed of tee two Filipino lawyers and three American military officers was created. RIGHT MANAGE THEIR LOCAL AFFAIRS.  Philippine Commission  Municipal Code Act  Qualified Voters  Provincial Code Act
  3. 3. THE CIVIL SERVICE  The Americans, known for their efficiency, exerted all efforts to make a national or central government efficient by establishing the civil service. PHILIPPINE COMMISION  Civil Service Act  Bureau of Civil Service
  4. 4. Employment of Filipinos The American authorities in the Philippines gave highly –educated and pro- American Filipino.
  5. 5. The Harrison appointment  Woodrow Wilson  Henry ford Jones  Francis Burton Harrison
  6. 6. Filipinization Under Harrison  The placing of the government in the hands of Filipino administrators, was governor Taft's idea.  The trustee – a person or member of a board with specified legal obligation.
  7. 7. The Jones law  True to president Wilson's promise that every step would be taken toward the independence .  Assume – take as true or sure to happen.
  8. 8. Important provision  Aside from a promise independence, the Jones law also provided for a government after of the united states.  Legislature – the law making branch of government.
  9. 9. The legisture  When the Jones law took effect, the Filipinos began to enjoy self –government in larger measure.  Merge – to unite or combined into a whole.
  10. 10. The council of state  The Jones law specifically provided that all departments under the executive branch where under the direct super vision and control of governor-general Harrison.
  11. 11. Submitted by: MARK JOHN S. LORZANO BEED 1-A