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Adam Sutherland's Craft Rally presentation-Sheffield


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This is the power point presentation that was given by Adam Sutherland, Director of Grizedale Arts, at the Crafts Council Craft Rally in April 2010. The Craft Rally was developed and delivered by the Crafts Council, Yorkshire Artspace and Artquest and is part of the Crafts Council Collective programme.

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Adam Sutherland's Craft Rally presentation-Sheffield

  1. 1. Grizedale Arts
  2. 8. rennactment
  3. 10. Projects - Japan
  4. 11. Doing craft badly/folk
  5. 16. Other projects
  6. 17. Artista nd gallery intepretations
  7. 25. Lawson Park Collection
  8. 32. Lawson Park Collection commissions
  9. 37. Coefficients Dinning Club 2010