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Make money online FREE guide

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Make money online guide

  2. 2. PREFACEIf youre new to internet marketing then you probably dont know that there are lots ofpeople online that are currently making huge amounts of money online.Most of these people probably started just like yourself looking for another means ofmaking money without actually working for someone else.This is what has driven most people into looking for alternative means of makingmoney.Well if you have found this report then you are very lucky as you are now one of thevery few people who might ever see this report as the secrets I would be revealing herehave not been revealed ever before for FREE!Most so called internet marketing gurus would charge you an arm and a foot just torelease this kind of material to you, but I offer it free of charge just for you.You are very free to use the material in this report and to distribute it to your friends,family and associates as the information in this report is credible and verifiable.
  3. 3. SO WHERE DO I START...The first thing you want to do is to identify which niche market you intend to target foryour affiliate profits.When I first started I did not even know what a niche market was, I searched online inseveral places looking for this simply description without success. But I will tell youwhat this is.A profitable niche market is a smaller segment of a market that people are makingmoney in.You really dont want to target a market that is not profitable, which is why choosing theright market is important.I will tell you two of the niche markets Im currently in that are making money for me. 1. Parenting Niche Market 2. Acne Niche marketI will tell you what these two markets are producing results for me. They are because thepeople in these two niche markets are desperately looking for a solution to a problem.In the first niche there are several parents who are desperately looking for help on howto be better parents or how to handle a difficult child. You can see that this market isbased on personal emotions. People in this niche market are emotional and are desperatefor good advise. Once you provide them with a product that would help them solve thisproblem, then you make a sale. Most times you dont even need to pre-sell them becausethey are already set to make the purchase to solve that problem.The second niche is the acne niche which is a smaller segment of the health niche. Thepeople in this niche market are looking for a solution to their skin problems. Thesepeople have a condition that is displeasing to them and are desperately looking for asolution.Here is where you come in.You simply point them to a proven product which you know will: 1. Solve their underlying problem 2. Earn you a handsome commission per sale.You can either promote products that are single sale, which means you get paid when theperson makes a purchase or you can promote a re-bill product whereby you get paid acommission every time that person is billed for the product. (this is where to makeserious amounts of money). This is because you only have to promote the product onceto that person, but when they make a purchase you get paid. As long as they remain onthat particular program which is solving their desperate situation, then you get paid.
  4. 4. This is why promoting such products are more profitable to you than just the single saleproducts.Okay so now you know the inside scoop, so just where do you find such products.The answer is www.clickbank.comNow how to make money with clickbank I cover extensively on my website athttp://www.imrisinternetmarketing.comWhen you visit my website, I have a FREE Report which would show you exactly how Ihave become so successful online promoting products on clickbank in various niches.Just to give you a tip on one of the methods I am currently using to make money onclickbank.Here is the step by step process I use. 1. I go to and get a gig which means I get someone to make me a video review of a product I want to promote on clickbank. Most gigs cost $5! 2. I then go to and search on youtube using my selected keywords for that product. Say the product was in the weight loss niche market (another profitable niche). 3. I select a video that has received the largest amount of views. I look at the category, tags etc that have to do with that video. 4. When my gig from fiverr is ready, I simply upload my video on 5. I then use the same category, tags and all that I got from that earlier video on youtube. You know why I do this? Well what happens when you use the same category and tags as that highly viewed video is that your video gets suggested by youtube to people who have viewed that particular video. 6. Make sure your new video has links to either your affiliate link of the product your are promoting or to your website where you have written a review of the product you are promoting. 7. Seat back and watch the commissions pour in. 8. Take it a step further and get the url link to your video 9. Get a backlinking gig on fiverr and then rank your video high on youtube. 10.Watch as millions of people click on your video and are directed to the affiliate offer you are promoting. All of this is with FREE Targeted TRAFFIC.If you have loved this report, why not share it with your friends and please visit mywebsite for your FREE Guide on How I Am Currently Making Money Online.