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Sharing your club message through social media steve hayter

Based on a similar presentation at the Rotary International Convention in Sydney, 2014, Steve has modified the existing presentation for D9520 and added a few slides.

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Sharing your club message through social media steve hayter

  1. 1. 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Telling your Rotary story effectively with Social Media
  2. 2. What do you want to achieve? • Defining outcomes • Defining your audience(s) • Engaging stakeholders We will cover..
  3. 3. Primary platforms: - Facebook (profiles/pages/ groups) - Instagram Tips and challenges to take back to your club We will cover..
  4. 4. • Source new members • Keep in touch with alumni and past members • Keep existing members better informed & engaged • Improve communication & efficiency of committees and working groups What do you want to achieve?
  5. 5. • Increase funds raised • Source participants for programs / camps etc • Increase attendance at events • Source project partners • Share ideas / knowledge BUILD RELATIONSHIPS What do you want to achieve?
  6. 6. Defining our Audiences Rotarians Youth Program Alumni Corporations Professional Groups Business Owners Local Community Government Other NGOs Students
  7. 7. Develop a stakeholder plan • Who is important to your club, why and what can you do for each other? • Ultimate aim of plan: develop strong relationships. Engaging Stakeholders
  8. 8. • Social media content should be 80% about your stakeholders and 20% about you. • Your members are your most important stakeholders. • Make your stakeholders feel special ('coz they are!) by celebrating their successes and milestones. Engaging Stakeholders
  9. 9. Who are your potential stakeholders? • Members – most important • Family of members • Beneficiaries of club support • Friends of club • Other clubs • District officers • Local government Identifying your Stakeholders
  10. 10. • District 9520 – clubs are key stakeholders • Promote club social media presences • Create a network • Share details of important club events • Share major awards/recognition (e.g. PHF) • Celebrate club birthdays • Take any opportunity to celebrate club successes Engaging Stakeholders – District page
  11. 11. • Magill Sunrise Markets Market focuses on stallholders as key stakeholders. • Promote your stallholders own social media presences. • Make the stalls look good on social media and focus on human element of markets. • Share your stallholder successes from other markets they're involved in. Engaging Stakeholders – Rotary Markets page
  12. 12. • Profiles vs Pages – not the same thing! • Groups • Private messages – be contacted • Events • Apps Facebook
  13. 13. • More than just status updates! • Use tags (@) & hashtags (#) to link content • Make extensive use of photos • Check in to places (such as Rotary meetings) Facebook Profile
  14. 14. • Enter life events • Fine grain control of what you share with different people • Showcase what Rotary means to YOU, how it is a meaningful part of your life Facebook Profile
  15. 15. • Post “officially” rather than as an individual • Multiple admins – do they know what to post? • Use a rich mix of content that will engage your audience – showcase the people and what they are doing Facebook Page
  16. 16. • Build an audience by liking other pages and interacting with them • Fill out the “About” fields • Make use of Milestones • Schedule posts • Use events & apps • Add like boxes to your web page Facebook Page
  17. 17. • Great for internal work: committees, working groups etc. • Determine appropriate level of visibility (Open / Closed / Secret) Facebook Groups
  18. 18. • Store documents • Control notifications • Allow multiple admins • Conduct polls • Create group events (meetings, deadlines) Facebook Groups
  19. 19. • Instagram is a photo sharing app– use the filters to add buzz to your pics and connect with the youthful Rotary/Rotaract Instagram community. • Share some of your Instagram content to Facebook • Use #hashtags in Instagram Complementary social networks
  20. 20. • A public filing system online • Anybody can add/view • Reach out and connect with organisations and people with similar interests • Examples: #riverland #rotaryinternational What on earth is a hashtag!?
  21. 21. A search of the hashtag #riverlan d Reaching out via hashtags
  22. 22. Reaching out via hashtags cont.
  23. 23. Reaching out via hashtags cont.
  24. 24. • Buy your club 2 or 3 small cameras (or more) and share them round so you get LOTS of pics from different angles. • Use captions and descriptions on your pictures. These are vital. • Tag people in pics if possible. • Be the Director of your image. Image hints and tips
  25. 25. Image hints and tips
  26. 26. Image hints and tips
  27. 27. • Have smiling lessons. (we need lots of smiling Rotarian pics!) • Do NOT take pics of ‘executions’ (people standing in line, usually frowning). Image hints and tips
  28. 28. • Create a club media pool and share content across all club channels. • Develop partnering agreements with other clubs • Give each other content creator rights to your club Facebook pages. Build Your Network(s)
  29. 29. • Involve everyone in the preparation of your social media content. Almost anyone can write a paragraph. • Share your social media content in more traditional channels such as your club bulletin. Build Your Network(s)
  30. 30. • Take a photo of our group and share it using either #renmarkrotary #loxtonrotary #barmararotary • Find an article on and share it with a framing sentence • Say hi and share something relevant with another organisation/person. Personal Challenges
  31. 31. Become Curious With Social Media Benefits of Social Media • Promote your clubs projects and events • Find out what’s happening in your community • Form relationships and strengthen ties • Gain ideas for community projects
  32. 32. Be The Change You Wish To See