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NDP Consulting Information Book


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Take a look at our firm, our services, and our people.

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NDP Consulting Information Book

  1. 1. ndp|consultingPolicy Economics Quantitative Analysis Expert Opinion Business & Financial Strategy
  2. 2. We translate economics, finance, andstatistics into compelling messages Who we are ndp|consulting is an economic analysis, business strategy and expert opinion advisory firm serving corporate, policy, and legal clients. Founded in 2000, the group applies economic, financial, and statistical principles to complex challenges in a variety of public and private sectors. Our leadership team and senior advisors include economists, business managers, and policy experts with broad government, academic, international, and industry experience. This expertise covers a range of areas, including agriculture, defense, education, energy, finance, healthcare, innovation, tax, and trade. Located in Washington D.C. where policy, business and the law converge, we provide practical, bottom-line advice for executives and policymakers. POLICY ECONOMICS BUSINESS & EXPERT FINANCIAL OPINION FOR STRATEGY LITIGATION For more information, please contact: Nam D. Pham ndp|consulting Managing Partner 1301 Connecticut Avenue NW t 202.450.1368 Suite 225 e Washington, DC 20036
  3. 3. We value personal service, responsiveness,and customized solutions Our work “We help clients get to the bottom line of the policy debate with clear, quantitativeEconomic analysis of policy conclusions.” Nam Pham, Managing Partner Services  Economic impact assessments of industries and businesses  Cost / benefit analysis of legislation, regulations, and other policies  Jobs and spending impact studies  Comment letters to federal agencies  Economics advice for executives and business associations  Public relations support  International development project impact and performance assessments  Institution building support and analysis Selected Experience  Estimated the cost of cell-phone tax on consumers and businesses  Assessed the impact of industry R&D spending on the U.S. economy  Estimated direct, indirect and induced jobs by a major defense company  Assessed public spending on higher education industries  Constructed an index to measure economic opportunities for different population groups in the U.S.  Assessed the impact of NAFTA on U.S. and Mexican economies Practice Areas (alphabetical)  Energy and resources  Industries  Innovation and intellectual property  International development  International trade and macroeconomics  Public policy, regulatory and taxes  Securities, investments and finance
  4. 4. We deliver independent, objective findings andrecommendations Our work (continued)Expert opinions for litigation matters Services  Estimation of impacts of policy, legislation, or regulation on industries and companies  Estimation of financial or economic damages in securities disputes  Trading record analysis and market manipulation investigation  Market sizing and analysis for antitrust  Trade analysis for dumping disputes Selected Experience  Estimated the impact of natural gas legislation and taxes in India  Analyzed trading records in private investment in public equity (PIPE) cases  Estimated damages in naked short selling lawsuit “We support client positions with the data and facts that are consistent and defensible.” Practice Areas (alphabetical) Nam Pham,  Energy and resources Managing Partner  International trade and macroeconomics  Securities, investments, and finance
  5. 5. We combine creativity, data and quantitativeprinciples to achieve practical solutions Our work (continued)Business and financial strategy Services  Feasibility: country risk assessment; industry and sector analysis  Marketing: market sizing and research; strategy and implementation planning  Finance: financial analysis and valuations; bond market investing strategies; derivatives hedging strategies; capital raising; fund design and management  Implementation & operations: regulatory and compliance advice; international trade and customs; partnering  Assessment: project review and measurement; outcomes review; data and metric visualization and reporting Selected Experience  Assessed overseas market opportunities for American valve manufacturers  Advised Vietnamese computer maker on product and marketing strategy  Advised companies on options and hedging strategies and cost of capital calculations Practice Areas (alphabetical)  Energy and resources  Industries  International trade and macroeconomics  Securities, investments, and finance
  6. 6. Biographies Nam D. Pham, PhD MANAGING PARTNER t 202.450.1368 m 202.302.0454 Dr. Pham is Managing Partner of ndp|consulting. Prior to founding the firm in 2000, Dr. Pham was Vice President at Scudder Kemper Investments in Boston, where he was responsible for research, asset allocations and currency hedges for Scudders global and international bond funds. Before that, he was Chief Economist of the Asia Region for Standard & Poors DRI in Boston. Dr. Pham has more than twenty years of experience in multinational organizations and government agencies. This tenure includes time as an economist at the World Bank, as well as a consultant to the Department of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission. In addition, Dr. Pham is an adjunct professor at George Washington University, where he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in monetary economics, international trade and finance, macroeconomics and microeconomics. Dr. Pham earned a Ph.D. in economics from George Washington University with concentrations in international trade and finance, economic development and applied microeconomics, a M.A. from Georgetown University and a B.A. from the University of Maryland. Bonnie J. Pierce MANAGING PARTNER t 202.450.1368 m 202.664.2952 Ms. Pierce is Managing Partner at ndp|consulting. She brings more than fifteen years of experience in developing and executing business and marketing strategies for institutional investment management firms.
  7. 7. Prior to joining ndp|consulting, Ms. Pierce was Principal and Senior New Business Development Officerat State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) in Boston for over ten years. As its top performing marketingofficer, she consistently attracted over $1 billion in assets annually in public equity, fixed income,overlay, currency, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. Bonnie advised institutional investors,initiated and closed deals across all asset classes, managed new fund product development efforts, andadvised firm management on risk management, reporting and compliance issues. While at SSgA, shedeveloped expertise in emerging and frontier markets investing.Before SSgA, Ms. Pierce was Director of Marketing and a founding team member at Schooner AssetManagement Co. (SAMCO), a fund management boutique in Boston. At SAMCO, she developed andexecuted marketing efforts to generate new institutional and high net worth investors in emergingmarkets, private equity, hedge fund and global fixed income products.Ms. Pierce holds M.B.A.s from Columbia Business School (Finance) and London Business School(Corporate Strategy), an M.A. in International Relations from Boston University, and a B.A. in EuropeanHistory from Boston University. She also holds several professional licenses, including Series 7, 63 & 65(FINRA), 3 (NFA).John J. BarrettPRINCIPALt 202.450.1370m 202.286.0898johnbarrett@ndpconsulting.comMr. Barrett, Principal at ndp|consulting, is a twenty-year veteran of the global financial services industrywith roles in strategic consulting, international business development and asset managementoperations. Mr. Barrett has worked with global fund management firms, assisting them with theestablishment of international and offshore domiciled collective investment funds in Europe, Asia andAmerica.Prior to joining ndp|consulting, John was Vice President – International/Offshore Business Developmentfor State Street Corporation. He advised clients on distribution strategies, domicile options andregulatory developments in international markets. He also sold offshore financial services to globalinvestment/hedge fund managers and developed revenue-generating strategies in non-US markets.Before that, he held several international positions for State Street in Canada and Europe.Mr. Barrett holds a M.A. in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University - School ofAdvanced International Studies and a B.S. in Finance from Boston College.
  8. 8. Mark H. SchmidtPRINCIPALt 202.450.1369m 734.716.0866markschmidt@ndpconsulting.comMr. Schmidt joined NDP Consulting in 2009. He brings business management and sales experience tothe group. As a Principal at NDP, Mark helps clients bolster policy messages and businesses make data-driven decisions.Prior to NDP, Mark was Vice President of Operations at a Michigan-based supplier to heavy machineryand transportation vehicle OEM’s. There, Mark led a successful restructuring of the operationsorganization, as well as several initiatives in strategic planning, organizational change, leadershipdevelopment, marketing, quality and process improvement, and project management.Mark was a Global Leaders Fellow at The George Washington University’s MBA program, where hefocused on finance. In May 2009, Mark led a team of MBAs on a consulting project for Intel Corporation– Vietnam and FPT Elead, a Vietnamese computer maker. Originally from Corunna, Michigan, Markholds a B.S.E., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from The University of Michigan and anM.B.A. from GW. In his off time, he runs marathons and ultra-marathons.Senior Advisors(alphabetical list)Lessly A. GoudarziFounder and Managing Director, OnLocation, Inc.Mr. Goudarzi is Founder and Managing Director of OnLocation, Inc., a management consulting firmproviding technical, economic and financial counsel in both the private and public sectors. He has overthirty five years of experience in management consulting including a wide variety of project specific,industry wide, integrated regional, national and international energy and environmental policy analyses.OnLocation is recognized as one of the leading consulting institutions advising a diverse set ofstakeholders in establishing a climate change/greenhouse gas policy for the US.Mr. Goudarzi was one of the pioneers of competitive analysis of power companies in the selection ofequity fund investments, multi-area trading models for expanding bulk power transactions and thedevelopment of event driven insurance products for the electric power industry (e.g. generation outageinsurance). Mr. Goudarzi introduced risk management concepts and analysis processes to the Rural
  9. 9. Utilities Service (RUS) electric and broadband lending programs where he provided economic andfinancial advisory services for over fifteen years. As financial advisor to the RUS, Mr. Goudarzi played acentral advisory role in a number of power company bankruptcy proceedings as well as debtrestructurings. In addition, he has over twenty years of experience in integrated energy modelingmaking key contributions to forecasting models in use by the Department of Energy, Energy InformationAdministration, Environmental Protection Agency and other federal and regional government entities.Mr. Goudarzi has an M.B.A. concentrating in Management Science from Virginia Tech and received hisB.A. from Wittenberg University where he majored in Economics.Daniel J. IkensonAssociate Director, Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato InstituteMr. Ikenson is associate director of Catos Center for Trade Policy Studies, focusing on WTO disputes,regional trade agreements, U.S.-China trade issues, steel and textile trade policies, and antidumpingreform. Dan has been involved in international trade since 1990.Prior to joining Cato in 2000, Dan was director of international trade planning for an internationalaccounting and business advisory firm. Before that, he co-founded the Library of International TradeResources (LITR), a consulting firm providing interactive information access and international tradeconsulting. He was also a trade policy and antidumping analyst at a few different international trade lawpractices in Washington, DC.Ikenson is the author of many studies and articles on trade policy and is the coauthor of AntidumpingExposed: The Devilish Details of Unfair Trade Law. He has appeared on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer,CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, ABC News, and NPR. His articles have been published in the WallStreet Journal, the Washington Times, the Detroit News, and National Review Online.Ikenson holds a M.A. in Economics from George Washington University.Charles Lambert, PhDSenior AdvisorDr. Charles Lambert has thirty years of executive experience in negotiating with foreign governmentofficials and in working with the U.S. regulatory and legislative policymaking process. He was appointedto Deputy Under-Secretary for the United States Department of Agriculture by then-Secretary Ann M.Veneman in 2002 and he served until 2009. At the Department, his responsibilities included overseeingthe policy development and the day-to-day operations of three agencies. Dr. Lambert testified beforethe Congress on terrorism and other issues. Prior to the appointment at the Department of Agriculture,Dr. Lambert held several executive positions during his 15 years with the National Cattlemen’s BeefAssociation including Chief Economist and Vice President of Research and Industry Information.
  10. 10. Dr. Lambert holds a Ph.D. in economics from Kansas State University, with concentrations ininternational trade and agricultural policy; an M.A. and B.S. in Animal Science and Industry from KansasState University.Joseph Pelzman, PhDProfessor of Economics, International Affairs and Law, George Washington UniversityProfessor Pelzman has over 30 years of experience as an international economist specializing on issuesrelating to trade capacity building, the development of and testing of workable free-trade area agreementsand on delinking trade liberalization from fiscal tax issues. He teaches International Trade Theory,International Trade Law, Law and Economics and Middle-East Economics at the graduate level. In 1999,Professor Pelzman established the Global Trade and Development Group, an economic forensic firmcombining law and economics in providing business and commercial legal services. The Group has beeninvolved in numerous international projects including Fair Trade Commission for the Government ofBarbados, tax deferral systems for Puerto Rico, and fiscal reform of trade liberalization for Morocco andJamaica. His current published work includes the Enforcement Issues of the Dispute SettlementUnderstanding under current WTO procedures, US negotiations of CAFTA and FTAA, Regional IncentiveSystems in the Middle East and Puerto Rico, post-MFA competition of the PRC with Vietnam and India.Professor Pelzman holds a J.D. from George Washington University Law School, a Ph.D., Economics fromBoston College and a B.S., Economics from Boston College.Fernando B. Saldanha, PhDEconomist and Financial Services ProfessionalDr. Fernando B. Saldanha has over thirty years of experience in international economics and financialservices and development. He specializes in financial product design, portfolio modeling andmanagement, trading model development, econometrics and risk management. Dr. Saldanha hastaught economics at the University of Arizona and at Paris and Rio de Janeiro.Dr. Saldanha is working with the Rock Creek Group to develop an ETF-based hedge fund replicationfund. Prior to his work at Rock Creek, he was Foreign Exchange Strategist at Tudor Investment Corp. inGreenwich, CT. He successfully built a flow of funds model for G7 countries that identifies supply-demand imbalances that move foreign exchange markets. Before that, he was Emerging MarketsSpecialist and Portfolio Manager for the Global Fixed Income Group at Lord, Abbett & Co. in New York.Prior to that, Dr. Saldanha spent 10 years at the World Bank in Washington, DC. In his latest position, hewas Senior Financial Officer for the Asset & Liability Management and Derivatives Group in the TreasuryFinance Department. Dr. Saldanha was responsible for financial product design and portfoliomanagement while at the World Bank. He also developed several trading models.
  11. 11. Dr. Saldanha holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Economics from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro.Robert J. Shapiro, PhDCo-founder and Chairman, Sonecon, LLCDr. Shapiro is also director of the Globalization Center at NDN, a Senior Fellow of the GeorgetownUniversity Business School, chair of the Climate Task Force, co-chair of America Task Force Argentina,and a board member of the Ax:son-Johnson Foundation in Sweden. From 1997 to 2001, Dr. Shapiro wasU.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs. In that position, he directed economic policyfor the Commerce Department and oversaw the Nations major statistical agencies, including the CensusBureau while it planned and carried out the 2000 decennial census. Prior to that appointment, he wasco-founder and Vice President of the Progressive Policy Institute and the Progressive Foundation. Healso was principal economic advisor in Governor Bill Clintons 1991-1992 presidential campaign andsenior economic advisor to Vice President Albert Gore and Senator John Kerry in their presidentialcampaigns. In 2008, he advised the campaign and transition of Barack Obama. Dr. Shapiro also servedas Legislative Director for Senator Daniel P. Moynihan and Associate Editor of U.S. News & WorldReport. He has been a Fellow of Harvard University, the Brookings Institution, and the NBER.Dr. Shapiro holds a Ph.D. and M.A. from Harvard, a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics, and anA.B. from the University of Chicago.Alexander J. Triantis, PhDProfessor of Finance, School of Business, University of MarylandAlex Triantis is a Professor of Finance and the Chairman of the Finance Department at the Robert H.Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Prior to joining University of Maryland’s faculty,he was a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a faculty member at the Universityof Wisconsin. His research in leading academic and practitioner journals has been featured in BusinessWeek, CFO magazine, Financial Times, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Professor Triantishas consulted and provided executive training to numerous multinational corporations andorganizations such as Airbus Industries, BHP Billiton, Dupont, Ernst & Young, Hyatt, Jefferies andCompany, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, Morgan Stanley, Northrop Grumman,PricewaterhouseCoopers, U.S. Dept. of Energy, and the World Bank. He is a frequent speaker atdomestic and international conferences and executive forums. He has received numerous awards andcitations for teaching excellence, including being named by Business Week as an Outstanding Professorat the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland.Dr. Triantis holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University, a M.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and B.A.Sc. inEngineering Science from University of Toronto.
  12. 12. Selected Reports  Employment and Gross Output of Intellectual Property Companies in the United States (2010). A study to estimate the number of manufacturing and non-manufacturing workers employed by IP companies.  The Role of Innovation on American Productivity, Competitiveness, Jobs and Wages during 2000-07 (2010). An empirical study to compare the economic performance of U.S. IP-intensive and non-IP- intensive industries.  The Social Costs of Listed Property Tax on Employer’s Provided Cellular Phone (2010). A cost-and- benefit analysis of the 21-year old onerous tax code in the United States.  Valve Industry Market Opportunities and Challenges (2010). An assessment of market opportunities and challenges for American valve manufacturers to do business overseas.  The Impact of Ending Federal Preemption for Class III Medical Devices on Patients’ Access to Advanced Medical Procedures (2009). A simulation of litigation and economic impacts if the federal preemption for class III medical devices is eliminated.  The Economics of Options and Futures Contracts: An Application to the Carbon Emission Markets (2009). An analytical survey of the role of financial derivatives to play in fostering and accelerating the full development of a carbon emissions control regime.  The Impact of a Preborrow Requirement for Short Sales on Failures-to-Deliver and Market Liquidity (2009). An empirical investigation examines the short sales and the impact of preborrowing requirements in different countries.  The Economic Effects of Expanded FDIC Coverage on a Permanent Basis (2008). A paper estimates the costs and benefits of expanding FDIC coverage to all accounts.  The Roles of Private Equity in the U.S. Capital Markets (2008). A paper discusses the private equity sector, including its roles and contributions to the capital markets.  The Economic Impacts of Private Equity on Labor Markets (2008). A study assesses the economic impacts of leveraged-buyouts on jobs in the target companies.  The Impacts of Carbon Tax on the U.S. Economy and the Global Climate (2008). A simulation of carbon taxes on energy markets, the U.S. economy and the global climate change.  Global Climate Change: Four Approaches to Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions (2008). A comparison of the costs and benefits of four approaches -- command-and-control, voluntary, cap- and-trade and tax – to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Economic Effects of Intellectual Property Intensive Manufacturing (2007). An empirical study examines the impact of intellectual property on manufacturing sectors in the U.S. and states.
  13. 13.  Traditional and Structured Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) (2007). An analysis of a financial technique of investment entities to purchase common/preferred shares and convertible debt of publicly-traded companies at discount prices for the purpose of raising capital. The Distribution of Ownership of U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Companies (2007). An analysis estimates the ownership of the publicly-traded oil and gas companies in the U.S., including corporate insiders, institutional investors and individual investors. Economic Opportunities in the U.S. in the Past 25 Years by Income and Demographic Groups (2007). A construction of an index to measure economic opportunities for different population groups in the U.S. in the past 25 years. The Impact of Argentina’s Sovereign Debt Default and Restructuring on U.S. Taxpayers and Investors (2006). An analysis to estimate the cost of Argentina’s debt default in 2001 to worldwide investors. An Analysis of Natural Gas Prices in Spot and Futures Markets: The Roles of Economic Fundamentals, Market Structure and Speculative Activities (2006). A study examines the determinants affecting natural gas price rises since 2000. Alternative International Telephone Call Services and Low-Income Immigrants (2006). A price comparison of four calling alternatives (pre-paid calling cards, discount calling plans, dial-arounds and mobile phones) to a calling basket of eleven countries with high number of low-income immigrants in the United States. The Economic Impact of a Windfall Profits Tax on Federal, State and Local Public Employee Pension Funds (2006). A study to estimate the impact of a windfall profits tax on public pension fund holders including federal and state and local government employees. The Economic Impact of a Windfall Profits Tax on Savers and Shareholders (2005). A study to examine the economic impact of the proposed Windfall Profits Rebate Act of 2005 on domestic integrated oil and gas companies and its shareholders. A Comparative Study of U.S and European Drug Markets (2004). A memo addresses three questions: (1) Do Europeans buy American drugs? (2) If not, why don’t Europeans buy American drugs? (3) Are all drugs more expensive in the U.S. than in Europe? Impacts of Small and Medium Enterprises on Developing Economies (2003). An estimated financial returns and economic returns of private investments on small and medium enterprises in developing countries. A Preparatory Study of the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Credits (2003). A review for the Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC) to understand the process of issuing World Bank’s grants and loans to its eligible borrowing countries. Macedonian Regional Trade Integration (2003). A study for the World Bank to evaluate the impact of the regional trade integration on the Macedonian economy and other countries in the region. Wine Consumption in the State of New York (2002). An empirical report for New York legislatures to estimate the impact of removing the ABC Law in New York on state and city revenues. The Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. and Mexican Economies (1997). An empirical study for the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate the impact of the NAFTA. The study was used as the key defense at the congressional hearings.