Team and participant recruitment


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Use blitzes to recruit teams, participants and survivors for your event.

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  • High energy intro – music playing….
  • But as much as Relay means… only 1 in 100 American Relay. Now, because there are 350 million American, that that means we have 3.5million relayers, and that is INCREDIBLE! But you and I certainly agree that the more, the merrier. And if Relay provides us this much value, is there more we can get from having more people? And if it means this much, to us, don’t we want to provide others the same opportunity? But lets try something… you stand up… and you stand up… Now run around for 10 seconds and see how many you can tag. Once you are tagged stand up… GO! Now, we have 20 people standing. And I go around and I ask for $10 from each, I have $200… that’s OK. Or if I’m really smart, I will go around and ask you all to go recruit 10 more people, and THEN get $10 from each – that equals $2000!!! Now lets find two more volunteers. Now get your table to stand up with you. If you can GROW your immediate network and THEN fundraise, what happens? 10 seconds, tag as many as you can…. If you get tagged, please stand up/ I’ll give you 10 seconds to plan, and then 10 seconds to run around….. GO!!!!!!! Now, how many do we have standing?
  • It’s getting people to join HANDS
  • California: 3,106 NEW teams with an ‘all hands on deck’ effort to recruit new teams
  • 3 of the 5 D’s focus specifically on reaching more. They are “blitzing” for volunteers and teams! Let me do something to demonstrate how this works: I need the one person at each table whose birthday is closest to today to stand. Now raise your right hand and place it on the shoulder of the person to your right. You have just chosen your table's representative for this next activity. When the music starts I need for each of you who are standing to introduce yourself and exchange names to as many people AT OTHER TABLES as you possibly can until the music stops. AV: Upbeat Music Plays for 10 seconds. Turn Music off after time!! How many people did you meet? (get feedback) OK -- go back to your tables and choose another person to help you. (2 per table now) NOW... Let's do the same thing again -- each of you introduce & exchange names to as many people as possible. AV: Music on and then off after 10 seconds OK -- How did you do that time? (get feedback -- should have been able to reach twice as many) Now, everyone get up, and meet as many people as you can AV: Music on and then off after 10 seconds Do you see what just happened?? One person can only do so much; with two people, you double what you can do; but, when you have a team involved in helping you, then you make a greater impact in a short amount of time. Thus, the reason that blitzing is a successful strategy to recruit more volunteers and more teams. The same is true with survivor recruitment, when we reach deeper into the heart of our communities, we are able to engage others in the fight against cancer, raise more money, and, in the end, save more lives. Reaching MORE and Reaching our potential requires each of us to reach outside our comfort zones, to be creative, involve others and to look in every corner in our communities. Just when you think you've looked everywhere, implement the blitzing strategy, engage community systems -- and look again.
  • Your turn. Of the 3 people that you wrote down earlier, write down 3 people that they can each bring.
  • And this little boy needed it. Emilio…
  • High energy intro – music playing….
  • Team and participant recruitment

    1. 1. It’s time to save more lives Mark Horoszowski National Leadership Training Team
    2. 2. Josh’s story
    3. 6. it IS time to save more lives
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    6. 10. Reaching More…..
    7. 11. how?
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    9. 25. THANK YOU Mark Horoszowski