Family Archetypes


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At the May 24th Head Start Action Learning Project (Edmonton), we identified family archetypes to represent the range of families being served. This will serve as a touchstone for further work about the future iteration(s) of Head Start.

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Family Archetypes

  1. 1. Family Archetypes Identified in break out groups th at the May 24 Pre-Retreat Head Start Action Learning Project Mark Holmgren – Mark Cabaj Facilitators
  2. 2. At the pre-retreat, we worked with this formula: Client + Mechanism + Context = Outcomes. We agreed that clients are unique and offer “variations” that services must address.Mechanism represents the interventions, services, programs, actions provided to help. Context is what is going on with the client at the time, where he or she is located, what the specific needs are that are being presented. For this exercise, we focused on the variations of clients through the exercise of identifying Family Archetypes.Our purpose wasn’t to graphically depict every variation, but rather a sufficient range of variations that will allow us to use as a touchstone for further work.