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  1. 1. OverviewHistoryPurposeContentUsesHow is Youtube Web 2.0Other SitesResearch Says…Positives and Negatives close
  2. 2.  Video sharing site Runs user made material
  3. 3.  Created By Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim  Created in February 2005  Launched December 2005  Bought by Google for $1.65 Billion October 2006  First Rick Roll video May 2006  HD video is added December 2008  Wins Peabody Award April 2009  3D video is added July 2009  Exceeds 2 Billion views daily May 2010
  4. 4.  Created to…  Allow users to watch and share homemade videos worldwide  Build a forum to…  Share Information  Inspire peoples creativity on a global scale
  5. 5.  Youtube is a video based site The content comes from users that upload their own videos
  6. 6.  Youtube can be used for Entertainment, Business, Education, and Home purposes.  Entertainment ( ) Afro Ninja  Youtube is full of Videos made for entertainment  Business ( ) Wells Fargo Flash Mob  Businesses use Youtube to keep customers up to date with anything going on  Education ( ) How to tie a tie  There are tutorials on Youtube for EVERYTHING from tying a tie to doing algebra  Home ( ) How to Hang Drywall  There are how-to videos for cooking and home improvement all over Youtube by professionals and amatuers.
  7. 7.  Enables people to communicate globally Shares news and information Collaboration of users and Google who runs the site creates a place that is viewed 2 billion times daily for news, business, education, and entertainment
  8. 8.  Hulu and Metacafe SIMILARITIES  Video sharing sites  Free to sign up but can be used without creating an account DIFFERENCE  Youtube is largely user posted material  Hulu and Metacafe are mostly to completely uploaded by the site itself
  9. 9.   Easy to navigate and use site for watching a sharing videos  Free to everyone  “Offers expression through video”  Claims that Youtube has become as influential to modern society as the cell phone Time Magazine  Youtube was among the biggest reasons for voting “You” person of the year in 2006
  10. 10.  Positives  Enables people to see videos around the world  Can find instructional videos for anything  Free to use Negative  Finding specific video can be difficult  Difficult since anyone can title their video whatever they want even if it irrelevant  Loading can be slow or stop midway through a video
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