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Scar summer holiday perth_2013


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Scar summer holiday perth_2013

  1. 1. Going on a Summer Holiday A look at what’s on these summer holidays for Perth and opportunities for local advertisers.
  2. 2. In a nutshell….
  3. 3. Aaaah, summer holidays. After a long and busy year there’s nothing better than winding down and relaxing. Whilst some people will be jetting off this summer, many will be hanging around home and only going on a few day trips close by. This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to communicate with their customers who have chosen to stay put this holiday season.
  4. 4. Perth people love their holidays and most enjoy them across Summer 80% of Perth people will go on holidays in the next 12 months. 14% are unsure whether they will get a holiday, while just 5% say they will not have a holiday Source : SCAR Travel Holiday Survey, September 2013, “Most people get to take some time off during the year to take a holiday. This might mean relaxing at home, a short trip to see relatives or even a round the world expedition. Whatever holidays might mean to you, we'd like to know are you planning on taking a holiday in the next 12 months?” WA n=476 & ‘And when do you think you might get to have your holiday/s?(if you're unsure, just select when it would most likely take place)’ WA n=450
  5. 5. They’ll take their Summer holidays at the end of December and the beginning of January They’ll be taking their time off in the week before and after Christmas and throughout January. What will they be doing on their holidays? Source : SCAR Travel Holiday Survey, September 2013, ‘So looks like you'll be taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period. When do you think you'll take your break?” n=72
  6. 6. Most people will keep home as their base these holidays Almost half of Perth people will hang around home these summer holidays – with 28% of them taking a few longer trips in the car as well. Why is this important? Source : SCAR Travel Holiday Survey, September 2013, “And which of the following best describes the type or types of holiday you'll be having at Christmas time?” n=193
  7. 7. Because 81% of Perth radio listeners listen to the radio in the CAR! Source : NMR Radio Advisor, Survey #7 2013, Mon-Sun 0530-2400, All People 10+ Perth
  8. 8. This is great news for advertisers. Plenty of Perth people will be spending their summer holidays at home and just day tripping to relax and enjoy their break. This is great news for advertisers because we can safely assume that they’ll only be travelling a few hours from Perth. This presents opportunities for both Perth advertisers and businesses in ‘drive’ tourism destinations.
  9. 9. Advertisers in Perth – listen up! Keep advertising on your Perth radio station because your customers are still listening – they’re still home. They’re only going on short day trips within range of their favourite radio station/s. And if they’re day tripping in the car, they’ll be listening to the radio longer – and that means listening to ads longer!
  10. 10. Advertisers close to Perth – listen up! Locations within a few hours from Perth with something to offer this summer, can benefit from advertising on Perth radio stations because people will be looking for things to do in their holidays. They’ll be planning short trips close to home and will be keen to find out about activities, events and things to do at their destination.
  11. 11. Something to consider though……
  12. 12. Summer changes people’s mood – so you’ll need to change your advertising message to suit. The reality is, people are generally in a very different mood over the summer holidays compared with the rest of the year. So different messages might be needed to really connect with customers. Tapping into the six key themes of summer will help your advertising message resonate – and get people moving in your direction this summer! *The 6 key themes of summer sum up what people do and feel over this season and is related to the post Christmas summer period. Source: Developed from SCA Summer Lifestyles Study. n=3381; Q.25 & 26 Thinking about WHAT the PostChristmas Summer period (up to Australia Day) MEANS TO YOU, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  13. 13. The fact is, people are more relaxed and spontaneous over summer 1. 2. 3. “January is the only time I get to do what I want to do” During summer, people are looking to do things for themselves! Those things that have long been on their ‘to-do list’ but haven’t had the down-time needed to do them - like read a book or go on a holiday. Businesses that can help these people with their ‘me time’ will have success during this season. “After Christmas everyone’s diary frees up. Time to live in the moment, be spontaneous! With the luxury of longer days I could be at the beach one minute, the pub the next” During summer, people don’t have many plans so they can spontaneously go for a drive or hit the beach. This means that businesses that can help people tap into their spontaneity or resonate with this theme have the potential to be successful over this season. “January is all about fresh starts. Time to reassess and set goals to ensure that we start the new year off the right way” As always, a new year gives people the chance to start fresh – with new year’s resolutions! Therefore business that can help people achieve their ‘new self’ or a fresh start are going to be successful during this time. Source: SCA Summer Lifestyles Study. n=3381; Q.25 & 26 Thinking about WHAT the Post-Christmas Summer period (up to Australia Day) MEANS TO YOU, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  14. 14. They want to enjoy the summer vibe with family and friends 4. 5. 6. “In January, it’s critical I catch up on ‘lost’ family time. Spending quality time with the kids and my partner, away from other distractions. Working as a unit again.” When the summer holidays roll around people’s calendars free up and many want to spend quality time with their family. So businesses that can help people connect with their family will surely capitalise in this time. “We all have time off so it’s a great chance to get together with good friends, catch up on the goss and be carefree again. The way things should always be.” Over summer many people free up and get a chance to ‘catch up’ with old friends and of course the gossip. So businesses that can help facilitate this or campaigns that can resonate this aspirational theme will be successful during this time. “January is truly when summer starts – sun, fresh air, BBQs, beach and great company. There’s a positive vibe, everyone’s moods are uplifted, everyone’s relaxed and happier. There’s less obligations, low stress” When people go on their summer holidays they can take time-out for themselves and get reenergised. So businesses that can help people relax and enjoy the great weather summer has to offer, will surely benefit from this time. Source: SCA Summer Lifestyles Study. n=3381; Q.25 & 26 Thinking about WHAT the Post-Christmas Summer period (up to Australia Day) MEANS TO YOU, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  15. 15. So pack your bags…. Summer is fast approaching and Perth people are planning on taking a well deserved break over Christmas and New Year. Whilst many will jet off to holiday and visit family and friends, more than 1 in 3 will hang around home and just go on short day trips. This presents an excellent opportunity for both Perth advertisers and advertisers within the drive tourism market. Perth advertisers can keep the frequency of their campaigns going across summer because many holidayers will be travelling to destinations where they can still hear their favourite radio station. Advertisers in areas close to Perth can spark an idea with Perth people and encourage them to visit their destination. But remember – people’s mood changes over summer so it’s important to change your advertising message so it will resonate with Perth holidayers.
  16. 16. How the research was conducted The results of this survey are “INDICATIVE” ONLY. The survey was conducted by Southern Cross Austereo using its online panel nationally. The panel is obtained from our radio networks database under the labels of ‘VIP’ on the TODAY Network and ‘Music Jury’ on the MMM Network. All members of these databases would be considered listeners to these stations. The database contains about 217,000 members. The is split between the Today VIP database and the Triple M database. Members of the Today VIP Database were asked to take part in the study. Summer Holiday Travel Study – September 2013 All members of this community were invited to complete the survey, and 1,581 did so. Additionally, 798 external respondents were recruited to complete the survey. Members of this database have no knowledge of Southern Cross Austereo’s involvement and aren’t necessarily listeners to either network. Certain questions asked for an ‘essay’ or ‘verbatim’ type of response OR brands/words that first came to mind. A keyword search was used to sort and rank the responses to these questions. The results are an un-weighted sample, but are reflective of the Southern Cross Austereo audience. SCA brands reach approximately 40% of the 10+ population and approximately 46% of the 25-54 population in the five metropolitan markets in Australia, suggesting it would be reasonable to consider these results to be a fair if not fully balanced representation of the opinions in these marketplaces. Furthermore, as it is an online survey, the respondents would also be skewed towards being ‘early adopters’ for technology, ‘trend setters’ in general and likely to be a good early indication of brand leaders, trend setters and early adopters in general. These research surveys conducted by Austereo are done so to provide a general understanding of the opinions, interests and attitudes of the metropolitan marketplaces only.