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Mobile Business Intelligence DesignMind


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Author: Angel Abundez | Today's executives and information workers want to use mobile devices to get at their business information so they can make critical decisions and thrive. Let's help them get there with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SharePoint.

Tablets and smart phones are ubiquitous, but are we making effective use of them? We'll discuss the design approach to launch mission-critical dashboards and reports on smaller screen sizes using touch-screen technology. We'll look at iPad and Windows Phone, SSRS, and SharePoint from the perspectives of BI developers and business users, with an emphasis on data visualization best practices.

You'll learn about:
• Current mobile apps that deliver BI on the Microsoft platform
• Pros and cons of each delivery type
• Resources for mobile BI development
• How to design SSRS reports for mobile devices
• How to design PerformancePoint dashboards for mobile devices
• Administering cloud services for SQL Server and SSRS

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Mobile Business Intelligence DesignMind

  1. 1. Mobile Business Intelligence with SSRS & SharePoint Angel AbundezLead BI Consultant DesignMind November 6-9, Seattle, WA
  2. 2. Angel AbundezBusiness Intelligence Consultant, DesignMind• Microsoft BI - ASP.NET – Tableau• SQL Server since 2007• SSWUG BI Author• Co-Lead Microsoft Bay Area BI User Group• Blog:• Twitter: @AngelStreamlineDesignMind• San Francisco - California - West Coast• Microsoft Gold Certified Partner• SQL Server, .NET, SharePoint, Business Intelligence• [BID-200]
  3. 3. AgendaOptions for Mobile BI• Web Browser• Native AppsNew Challenges• Ergonomics• User ExperienceWhat makes good Mobile BI? [BID-200]
  4. 4. Why is Mobile BI important?33% of BI will be consumed on Mobile Devices by the end of 2013(Source: Gartner)Tablet and Smartphone Sales grow over 100% each year(Source: ABI Research)119M Projected Tablet sales in 2012(Source: Gartner) [BID-200]
  5. 5. Why is Mobile BI important?Source: [BID-200]
  6. 6. Mobile BI Options – Delivery Platforms MOBILE WEB BROWSER NATIVE APPSSharePoint 2010 Mobile Reports Pro• Performance Point Services• Excel Services• For iOS, use CU 2011-12 Build your ownSSRS Report Manager• Limited Support for iOS devices 3rd Party ($$$) in SQL Server 2012 SP1 • Tableau • RoamBI3rd Party ($)• Mobile Entreé • PushBI• DevExpress • MicroStrategy• Strategy Companion [BID-200]
  7. 7. Mobile BI Architecture Considerations MOBILE WEB BROWSER NATIVE APPPros Pros• Easier Cross-Platform • Multi-gesture Controls Development and Testing • Caching• Low Cost. Fast Implementation. • Pop-Up Menus, Navigation Tricks,• Support for Authentication in IE, Firefox, and Safari Screen Real-Estate utilization• Got SQL Server? Quick mobile • Communicate with other apps turn-around ConsCons • Unfamiliar Multi-gesture Controls• Limiting Navigation and Screen • High Cost/Risk. Slow Real Estate implementation• Browser CSS rendering differences • Cross-Platform app developers• No cached data unless HTML5 needed (Mobile Entrée‘) • OS/Hardware Updates [BID-200]
  8. 8. Mobile BI Development Considerations SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Performance Point ServicesPros Pros• Pixel Perfect Layout/Customization • Consistent Look and Feel• Advanced Visualizations (Bullet • Pre-built Functionality Graphs, Maps, Sparklines, Data Bars) • Ad Hoc Visualizations • Callbacks refresh dashboardsCons• Postbacks refresh report all at Cons once. AKA Flicker • Requires an OLAP cube to take• Browser CSS rendering differences advantage of prebuilt functions• Different developers, Different • Customization requires coding of styles master pages/CSS [BID-200]
  9. 9. SharePoint Mobile BI Demo November 6-9, Seattle, WA
  10. 10. Challenges in Mobile BI Security Performance Real Estate Design Cross-Platform [BID-200]
  11. 11. Challenges in Mobile BI - SecuritySecurity• VPN• SSL (HTTPS, SQL Server Encryption)• SOAP/REST APIs• Mobile Device Management (Zenprise, Symantec)• Remote Control over Apps & Settings [BID-200]
  12. 12. Challenges in Mobile BI - SecuritySymantec SSL Assistant• Install IIS Role in Windows Server 2008• Generate CSR with Assistant and submit to Symantec upon Payment.• Install SSL Certificate with Assistant [BID-200]
  13. 13. Challenges in Mobile BI - Performance Software Hardware• SSRS Report Caching and • SSD Snapshots • Cloud-based servers• Minimize SharePoint • Dedicated Server Roles: Web- Customization reducing Front End, Indexing, Database roundtrips server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS• Data Warehousing (Columnstore • Cellular coverage and Carrier (LTE, and Compression) HDSPA, CDMA) (AT&T, Verizon,• Data Model and Self-Service BI Sprint) (PowerPivot)• SSAS UDM• SQL Server 2012 BI Semantic Model (OLAP or Tabular) [BID-200]
  14. 14. Challenges in Mobile BI - Design Report Item ActionsUser Experience PerformancePoint Filters• Highlight what’s important Scorecard Data Connections• Filter where, when, whom appropriate• Drill-Down/Drill-Through• *Pop-up Menus (Native Apps)Ergonomics• “Keep to a rhythm of 44 pixels”• Keep thumbs happy on smartphones• Portrait/Landscape Modes• Don’t forget Keyboard in Landscape mode• “Be a Scroll Skeptic”Features that can help• Callbacks instead of Postbacks• Lists instead of Tables• Gradients instead of Solid Left thumb comfort zone Source: Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps [BID-200]
  15. 15. Challenges in Mobile BI - DesignDrill-Down• SSRS Charts > Category Groups• SSRS Tablix > Row Groups or Column Groups.• PPS Filters and Data ConnectionsDrill-Through• Opens up a whole new report showing transactional detail. [BID-200]
  16. 16. Drill-Down/Drill-Through Demo on Performance Point and SSRS November 6-9, Seattle, WA
  17. 17. Challenges in Mobile BI - Design“Multi-touch gestures are often forgotten…”“Fingers are remarkable things. We can test the weather, test the direction of the wind, plug a leak, but not precision tapping on a mobile device.”“Keep to a rhythm of 44 pixel tap targets.”“Keep the interface (technology) essentially invisible.”“Nobody wants to spend brain power figuring out how your app works.”
  18. 18. Challenges in Mobile BI - Design Source: Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
  19. 19. Challenges in Mobile BI - DesignBullet Graph Comparative Sparkline and Trellis Chart Bar Chart Indicator
  20. 20. Mobi Reports Pro & Mobi SSRS  View SQL Reporting Services Reports  Supports SSRS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, Azure SSRS in Native and SharePoint modes  Parameters support  Drill-Down and Drill-Through reports  Navigate between multiple reports quickly with Bookmarks and History  Print and Email Reports
  21. 21. SSRS Mobile BIInteractivity Demo November 6-9, Seattle, WA
  22. 22. Conclusion• Microsoft has options for Mobile BI• Cost vs. Functionality vs. User Experience will tell you which platform• Practice good Security principles• Fundamental BI and Mobile App design (KISS)• Making it easy for users is hard, but the rewards for adoption are great [BID-200]
  23. 23. Learn MoreSources• SharePoint December 2011 Cumulative Update• SQL Server 2012 SP1• Prerequisites for Forcing Protocal Encryption with SSL Certificates us/library/ms189067(v=sql.100).aspx• Jen Stirrup, SQL Server MVP UK• Jen Underwood, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft• Stacia Misner’s SQL Azure Reporting Services webinar•• 5 Best Mobile BI Tips by Tableau [BID-200]
  24. 24. PASS Resources Free SQL Server and BI training Free 1-day Training Events Regional Event Local and Virtual User Groups Free Online Technical Training This is Community Learning Center [BID-200]
  25. 25. Thank you for attending this session and the 2012 PASS Summit in Seattle[Session Code] November 6-9, Seattle, WA