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Multi-Channel Analytics & E-Commerce Success: A Case Study


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Multi channel analytics are essential in today's multi touch world. Understanding where your conversions are coming from and how other channels contribute to that "last click" is crucial in proper optimization and budget allocation. Learn more about what I do at

This case study goes through the steps taken to analyze a successful e-commerce company. It will show how taking a deeper look and using some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics was able to uncover incremental revenue and improve the customer experience.

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Multi-Channel Analytics & E-Commerce Success: A Case Study

  1. 1. Multi-Channel Analytics & ECommerce Success: A Case Study Mark F Simmons :: digital marketing consultant :: managing partner | Mixed Digital @markfsimmons #ISum13
  2. 2. My Background • NYC SEM Trained • Analytics Evangelist • Multi-Channel Focused • #SmartData Strategist • Blue Devil Faithful • NY Giants / Mets Fan @markfsimmons #ISum13
  3. 3. Client Background • Established company in health supplement industry • Driving sales from Search, Social Media, Email, Affiliate Marketing and Display @markfsimmons #ISum13
  4. 4. Client Goals • Improve PPC ROI • Increase reach • Increase non-brand sales • Identify new revenue opportunities through Search @markfsimmons #ISum13
  5. 5. Discovery @markfsimmons #ISum13
  6. 6. Discovery • PPC: • Not the top-performing channel • Contributed to 15% of all conversions • Drove highest percentage of new traffic • 2nd in total revenue • 2nd lowest bounce rate • 2nd lowest conversion rate • Mobile performance needed improvement • Non-branded keywords led to brand conversions 20% of the time @markfsimmons #ISum13
  7. 7. Discovery • Overall • Organic was the top revenue channel • Mobile conversion rate was less than 50% of nonmobile • Site structure lent itself to user confusion • Checkout process was too long (3 pgs) • No retargeting campaigns • Site lacked significant content and product descriptions were generic @markfsimmons #ISum13
  8. 8. Discovery •Conversions • Conversions occurred across 8 channels • PPC touches every channel • More than 50% of PPC revenue can be attributed to assisted clicks vs. last click @markfsimmons #ISum13
  9. 9. Recommendations @markfsimmons #ISum13
  10. 10. Recommendations • Re-design the entire website and improve the user experience • Reduce checkout process to one page • Launch a retargeting campaign within PPC to capture more revenue • Review ad copy on other channels to align with PPC • Improve the mobile user experience by incorporating responsive design • Improve content site-wide, especially on product detail pages @markfsimmons #ISum13
  11. 11. Recommendations •Leverage search to test ad copy for email, display and social media channels • Coordinate with SEO team to optimize meta tags for both organic search and Google Quality Score @markfsimmons #ISum13
  12. 12. Results 1/1-4/30 vs 5/1-9/30 @markfsimmons #ISum13
  13. 13. Results • PPC • Coordination with SEO resulted in an overall 15% increase in Quality Score and a 9% decrease in average cost per click • Campaign ROI increased 15% while spend decreased by 29% • Retargeting accounts for 14% of PPC revenue @markfsimmons #ISum13
  14. 14. Results • Brand-wide • Bounce rate decreased 18% • Shopping cart abandonment declined by more than 12% • Mobile conversion rate improved by 2.3% • PPC ad copy contributed to 10% higher email open rates @markfsimmons #ISum13
  15. 15. Results • Brand-wide • Organic visits to product pages improved 8% • Overall conversion rate increased by 4.3% @markfsimmons #ISum13
  16. 16. @markfsimmons #ISum13
  17. 17. Final Thoughts • Learned what channels are responsible for conversions and how they contribute to others • Discovered “revenue-killing” bottlenecks throughout the website and sales funnel • Used data in specific channels to improve results of the overall campaign • Google Analytics needs to include event tracking for Multi-Channel Funnel data @markfsimmons #ISum13
  18. 18. Thank You! Mark F Simmons 919.585.5176 @markfsimmons #ISum13