Mark Allen Racing is a new Veteran owned venture in the exciting world of professional motorsports. Our goal...
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Mark Allen Racing Inc., a Newly Formed Veteran Owned NASCAR Race Team


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Mark Allen Racing Inc., a Newly Formed Veteran Owned NASCAR Race Team

  1. 1. OUR OBJECTIVE Mark Allen Racing is a new Veteran owned venture in the exciting world of professional motorsports. Our goal is to field highly competitive race teams for entry into the NASCAR Nationwide Series for the 2011 racing season. We are excited to enter this profession during this particularly challenging economic time due to: • The costs of entry is as low as it has ever been • The ready access to top talent is as high as it has ever been • The tremendous paradigm shift taking place in marketing products & services to such a large audience • The opportunity to innovate in and around the racing operation through creative outsourcing & partnering. OUR MISSION STATEMENT Mark Allen Racing is an organization deeply committed to a mission of fielding the most competitive race teams possible for our sponsors, partners and race fans. We expect to win each and every time we take the track. We will make this happen through an unquestioned dedication to racing excellence in all we do, with a diverse, empowered and highly engaged team resulting in continuous championship caliber performance. OUR OFFERING Mark Allen Racing will offer a product built around value, performance and corporate exposure and opportunity. VALUE: We recognize that there must be a positive Return on Investment for our sponsors, shareholders, partners and most importantly our fans. We will put only competitive cars on the track each race for the full season with the goal of finishing in the “Top 20” every race thereby maximizing visibility of our car and sponsors to the fans & viewership. Our driver will be highly engaged with our sponsors and fans across all levels. PERFORMANCE: There is no better feeling than winning. Being in Victory Lane delivers the ultimate value for all stakeholders. Accordingly, it shall always be our #1 performance goal. We will carefully and continually measure our performance against our competitors and make the necessary adjustments to improve our performance accordingly. CORPORATE EXPOSURE: Our sponsors are the catalyst for providing the opportunity to go race. Our sponsors will always be our first priority in maximizing exposure for the company and associated products and services. OPPORTUNITY: We recognize that there is a lack of opportunity in professional motorsports for women and minorities. NASCAR recognizes this as well and has created the “Drive for Diversity” program to address this as a corporate priority. Mark Allen Racing will align with this very important initiative as a company priority. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION Mark Allen Racing integrates the best practices in building the organization and delivery of our product to the track. We employ lean design, disruptive innovation and outsourcing principles in building our cars. This has a direct positive effect on controlling costs. We will employ the best “green” practices in our operations. We engage best in class partners and strategically outsource enabling us to field a top 20 car as well as controlling capital start-up costs. OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS Establishing the necessary relationships and strategic partnerships within the NASCAR community is critical to our immediate success and will serve to form the basis of the organization. OUR SPONSORS Mark Allen Racing is deeply engaged in the necessary market research to develop a sponsor strategy to ensure our ability to run competitively. Mark Allen Racing has targeted market segments that have attractive synergistic alignment with the NASCAR fan base demographic. CONTACT INFORMATION Mark W. Allen, Owner / Partner 20200 Coastal Highway #135 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Cell: 610.420.4600 Email: mark@markallenracing.com www.markallenracing.com The Race Team of Tomorrow™