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Increase online transactions, efficiently and effectively, whilst reducing costs and bridging the...
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eGain - Assisted Digital and Digital Inclusion Solutions


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Brief description of eGain's Assisted Digital and Digital Inclusion solutions. Relevant to UK Public Sector and any organisation interested in broadening the access of their web sites/ digital services to as broad a range of customer demographic as possible.

Contains infographic showing impact of Virtual Assisted Digital solutions

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eGain - Assisted Digital and Digital Inclusion Solutions

  1. 1. Virtual Assisted Digital Increase online transactions, efficiently and effectively, whilst reducing costs and bridging the digital Di- vide. 18% of people who are offline will use digital support, either face to face, by post or by phone. The estimated 4 billion a year that the Government spends providing non-digital channels is to be reduced to 1.3 billion by targeting areas that require assisted digital (Cabinet office ‘Government Approach to Assisted Digital’ July 2013). Digital Service Adoption is Service Specific As the average age decreases the take up of digital increases. The appli- cations for student loans was found to be the most popular transaction out of 20 public services, with 86% applying online. The majority of these applicants being between 18-22 years of age. Where as only 46% of people applying for state pension chose to do so online, an age range of 55+. This demonstrates Digital Take Up will vary per service and de- mographic. Assisted Digital increases the proportion of adoption. The Solution Rising public expectations need to be met through effective and efficient means. eGain Cobrowse enables an agent to pro- vide high-value, live collaboration options to online customers, it gives the ability to offer real time assistance in areas such as form applications, increasing the rate of online adoption. Chat enables agents to guide customers independently through online processes to improve information findability and answer any other queries, providing posi- tive online customer transactions. Knowledge delivers high-quality and effec- tive digital take-up by providing agents with the knowledge base to deliver pro- ductive and educated information to online customers. Knowledge ensures consistent information across Agents to ensure an effective service is delivered. Transaction by customers online (source: National Audit Office 2013) Excluded Digital Literacy Included Assisted Digital CitizenAdoption MAINTAINED Customers re- quiring Assisted eGain Assisted Digital Take-Up Existing Digital Ability eGain Assisted Digital Ability Cobrowse Chat Knowledge The Result By implementing the eGain solution the number of customers requiring assistance de- creases. The original maintained cost of these Digitally Excluded is also decreased as few- er people need offline help, such as face-to-face. The eGain Assisted Digital Take Up replaces a significant percentage of customers who previously required offline assistance. This increases the percentage of people who are Digitally included and allows the independent adoption of Digital Literacy. The solutions are available across the entire customer spectrum, so the Digitally Included also benefit as even the most digitally capable customers can utilise Cobrowse, Chat and Knowledge to navigate the online processes, therefore even the most competent cus- tomers increase their digital literacy whilst having an improved online customer experi- ence. Mark Fenna Head of Public Sector, eGain KEY BENEFITS - Deliver improved Customer Engagement expanding Digital Inclusion - Reduce amount of expensive offline as- sistance needed - Increase volume of web transactions through efficient and effective online as- sistance - Drive adoption of Digital through imple- menting guided online processes T: +441753464647 M: +447557971562 E: