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CPG retailers have a wealth of information which can be utilized to serve their entire enterprise. This is a framework for identifying which data an metrics should be used by whom within the retail environment.

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  • 1980s Distribution channelSupply chain efficienciesAutonomy at the store1990’s Vendor managementCentralization / ConcentrationProduct mix balanced and dictated2000’sPrivate label brand depthRetail branding and differentiating strategies2010 – beyond Consumer relationship development and retentionConsumer partner
  • CPG Retail

    1. 1. Business Intelligence For CPG Retailers Prepared by Mark Feltham Retail Information Consultant 416.884.6708
    2. 2. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Objectives • Build an insight-driven decision support and performance framework for all functions across the retail enterprise • Provide metrics and analytics for executing each retail function with precision and calculated excellence • Leverage investments in customer data, information technology, and distribution infrastructure to optimize profitability 2
    3. 3. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Local store purchasing has evolved to centralized DCs and now to large scale localized assortment Evolution of Retail Functions Well defined categories across clear banner stratification gives retailers merchandising optimization Opportunity to collaborate with vendors to achieve mutual objectives Private Label brand development with a direct consumer value proposition Robust shopper profiles tied to rich transaction data providing exclusive metrics to optimize all aspects of retail 3 Innovation/Retail Brand Loyalty ManagementVendor ManagementSupply Chain Space/Cat Management
    4. 4. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Retailer Levels of Decision Making Strategy Manage Operate Head Office Strategic Planning National Marketing Strategic Procurement Regional Management and Marketing Regional trade promotions Store level Assortment and Merchandising Promotion Execution Customer engagement 4
    5. 5. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Accountability Matrix Intersecting Decision Level with Retail Function Innovation/Retail Brand Loyalty ManagementVendor ManagementSpace/Cat ManagementSupply Chain Strategy Manage Operate 5
    6. 6. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Business Intelligence Metrics Supporting each intersection of the Accountability Matrix Innovation/Retail Brand LoyaltyVendor ManagementSupply Chain Strategy Manage Operate Space/Cat Management 6 Supply chain work-flow analysis Assortment consistent with Corporate Strategy & Brand Comp / Market Intelligence Store Format / Brand Management Consumer Analytics & Segmentation Supply & Demand Analytics Adjacent product Impact Analysis Balance of Power analysis Private Label Opportunity Identification Banner/Format Value Analysis Capacity & Network Analysis SKU contribution Analysis SKU/ Customer Profitability Regional Marketing Mix Analysis Current Product Portfolio Analysis Order-to-Cash Process Analysis Cross elasticity & OOS/Substitution dynamics Sales Volume Forecasting New Product/Format Concept Testing & Forecasting Profitability analysis by consumer segment OOS triggers and Analytics In-store merchandising Trade Spend budgeting Pricing Optimization against National Brands Custom Offer Redemption Phantom Stock Display Compliance Localized Assortment Analytics Item Profitability Analysis Marketing Communication Effectiveness Demand Management Shelf POG maintenance Trade promotion effectiveness Post-event analysis Commercialization Performance Benchmarking Localized Demand management
    7. 7. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Metric Contributors • Shopper analytics • Owns the loyalty pillar • Forms the nucleus of the “Profile of the Consumer” metrics • Utilizing 3rd party geo-demo data for enhanced shopper attribution • Further determine drivers of demand from best customers • Identify other potential high value customers • Market research • Drives the Innovation Pillar based on metrics • Provides validation of opportunities in concert with Shopper Analytics • Location Research • Shapes localization strategy • Works most closely with store level execution for local model tuning • All work in concert as servants to the operations groups • Enhanced forecasting tools • Performance metrics • Execution backbone for custom messaging for Marketing 7
    8. 8. MARK FELTHAM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP 416.884.6708 Mark Feltham • Experience • Executed this level of change management previously at Nielsen Canada championing StoreView store-level data • Increased the frequency of Retailer data from 4 weekly to weekly • Accelerated delivery of Retailer data from 4 weeks to 2 weeks post period • Experience at commercializing the value of collaboration metrics • Knowledge • Over a decade leveraging Business Intelligence systems and metrics • Blue Ocean Strategy process improvement champion • Architect-level data warehouse understanding • Executive-level Insight generation • Passion • Providing business technology solutions drives me • Enthusiasm for the art of the possible inspires those I lead • My team’s Inspiration attracts those we seek to serve 8