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Marketing strategies


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this is for my marketing class

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Marketing strategies

  1. 1. Marketing StrategiesInformation on three types of effective marketing approaches
  2. 2. Three TypesO The three approaches are O Online marketing O Traditional marketing O Word of mouth
  3. 3. Online MarketingO Consumer can view products at a clickO Cost effective for marketersO Different types of online marketing O Performance Marketing O Banner Marketing O Email Marketing O Social Networking marketing O Affiliate marketing
  4. 4. Traditional MarketingO Types of long term traditional marketing O Print O Television and Radio O Press Conferences
  5. 5. Word of Mouth MarketingO People trust their family and friends on their review of a product or serviceO Can be done anywhere, at anytimeO Cost effective (no or low cost) O Companies can hire or pay websites to advertise their productO Online, review websites help a potential customer buy