Sweet Dreams are Made of This: Integrating Social Media With Marketing Automation


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For many of us it’s time to move past social media 101 and on to the next level. When we talk about integrating social with Marketing Automation, we’re not just talking about developing and launching social campaigns – we’re talking about how to make all your campaigns social. By integrating social media with marketing automation you can deploy a variety of social applications to all the places where you're already touching prospects – from your website and landing pages to your Facebook pages and emails. Integrating social applications into marketing automation also allows tracking, giving you the ability to build a powerful Social CRM database that includes social profiles of individuals, their sharing behavior, and the impact to your bottom line. You can use these insights to strengthen all your lead scoring and nurturing activities.

Attendees will learn:
• Develop relationships with very early-stage prospects before they even enter your database
• Build and maintain relationships with known prospects as they educate themselves
• Support the sales cycle once the buyer engages in a formal buying process with a sales rep
• Deepen and expand relationships with existing customers and nurturing prospective leads
• Integrating social applications into your marketing automation strategy

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  • Mention short forms and progressive profiling
  • What needs to be different?Dance analogy:Broad top of funnel – use social and paid to get as many people to dance as possibleBut then do you just stand around waiting for someone to dance? No. Better to flirt a little (nurture). And look at their body language to see when they might be read to dance (scoring).
  • See customer preso
  • Step 1: Important to track all touches
  • Map content to the buying stage {keep it short}
  • Map content to the buying stage {keep it short}
  • This brings us to a broader discussion about visual content.Unfortunately, so many companies are producing content that there is too much to read.  To ensure our content is consumed we have to find ways to make it more visual and more consumable by our readers… InfographicsCartoonsMemesPhotosVisual note-taking These can be very simple, and with the proper promotion will likely end up with more views than the actual written content piece you created.  Inbound Marketing Slideshare:136K views ofslidesharevs 10,600 for the whitepaper itself –12.5X+Plus612 Downloads, 421 New Names
  • See customer preso
  • Make every sharing trackable, then testable and optimize over time
  • Make every sharing trackable, then testable and optimize over time
  • These are our REAL influencers.Some Marketo employees, but also others notThis is OUR Klout score
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