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Marketo Engage January 2021 Product Release Presentation

  1. January 2021 Release Marketo Engage Application
  2. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. January 2021 Release Highlights MARKETO ENGAGE Better Together with Adobe • AEC Audience Sync – completion of phase 3 Future-proof Investments • Sales Insight and Sales Connect • Paid media • Program member tokens • Cross-channel marketing • CRM Integration Innovation For Experience • Next-Generation UX - support for Workspaces and Partitions ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.
  3. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Continuous Audience Sync AEC Integration Sync a Marketo Static List to Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics (requires AAM license), or Adobe Experience Platform (requires AAM license) As the Static List grows and shrinks in Marketo, the synched Adobe Segment will be automatically updated within minutes Marketing Data Environment
  4. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Next-Gen User Experience Efficiently share assets across workspaces to better collaborate with other team members and without compromising roles or workspace permissions • Share assets across workspaces • Allow other teams to view, clone, and more when using shared assets • Updated user experience to make shared asset interaction more clear • See shared assets and their locations in Global Search Workspaces & Shared Folders Application- wide
  5. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Sales Insight for Non-Native Salesforce CRM Integrations - GA 5 Marketo Engage customers with non-native Salesforce CRM integrations can now use Sales Insight Customers that require a custom integration to their Salesforce CRM instance can help their sales teams understand, prioritize and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to enable smart selling and close more deals faster Sales Partnership
  6. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Best Bets Enhancements Sales Partnership Engagement Actions: Sales reps can quickly contact hot leads from Best Bets tab by emailing them or adding them to a Marketo Campaign. They can also view a lead in Marketo or add them to Watchlist Bulk Actions: Sales reps can save time by choosing multiple leads from the best bets tab and sending them an email or adding them to a campaign Sorting: In order to improve efficiency, the Best Bets tab now includes sort option for Name, Account, Last Interesting Moment and Status
  7. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Email Updates Updated Warning Messages Users see a warning message when they are trying to send an email to an invalid email ID or an unsubscribed email address prior to sending an email. Email Delivery Status Email delivery statuses can be reviewed in the email tab of Sales Insight once the email has been sent. This includes status for Emails sent from Marketo: • Email Sent • Email Delivered • Email Bounced • Email Bounced Soft Emails sent from Sales: • Sales Email Sent • Sales Email Bounced Sales Partnership
  8. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Enhanced Test Email Workflows Increase your sales team’s efficiency with enhanced Sales Insight test email workflows. Sellers can edit list of test email recipients with our new Test Email Workflow before sending bulk emails to up to 200 recipients. Sales Partnership
  9. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Account and Opportunity Panel Updates Account and Opportunity Panels Enhancements Send emails or add contacts to Marketo Engage campaigns using the new dropdown option in the account and opportunity panels instead of working with individual contacts. Add account contacts to a watchlist to be notified when lead become hot. Sales Partnership
  10. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Increase email deliverability at scale with email throttling for Gmail and Exchange delivery channels (Beta) Gain insight into lead quality and email performance with bounce tracking for Gmail and Exchange delivery channels Email Delivery Enhancements Sales Connect Increase email performance for sales with enhancements to email connection delivery channels. Sales Partnership
  11. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Users can manage preferences and check integration health with ease in the new profile page. Organize sales email templates with new drag and drop actions Sellers can optimize their workspace by resizing and reordering columns in their layouts User Experience Updates Sales Connect Streamline the seller's workspace with new user experience updates Sales Partnership
  12. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Continuous Audience Sync Ad Network Integration Sync a Marketo Static List to Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn As the Static List grows and shrinks in Marketo, the synched ad platform audience will be automatically updated within minutes Cross-Channel Engagement
  13. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved.. Perform programmatic form submissions over the Marketo Engage REST API. Third party forms can now integrate with Marketo forms to take advantage of existing marketing flows. Submit Form API Website Marketing Cross-Channel Engagement
  14. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Support Information My Account Easily access your subscription information from the My Account page
  15. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Program Member Custom Fields Tokens Support Use Program Member Custom Fields as Token placeholders within Email, Landing Pages, SMSs , Push Notifications, In-app Messages, Campaign Flow Actions, Webhooks, Email Scripts and more Field values substituted with values for the Leads within the context of the program Now personalize your messages to Leads and Sales team further with Program Member Custom Field Tokens. Content Personalization
  16. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Salesforce CRM Sync OAuth Authentication Authentication available using OAuth 2.0 Connect using Connected Apps set up on SFDC Marketing Data Environment
  17. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Salesforce CRM Sync Dashboards Salesforce CRM Integration Sync Errors Dashboard Job level and record level errors with ID reference to the related objects in Marketo Engage and Salesforce to enable self-help and reduce support queries. Report available covers errors of the previous 5 days. Filter is now more granular when using date time. Marketing Data Environment
  18. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Landing Page Preview API Enable end-to-end editing and preview of Marketo landing pages in external applications Streamline editing and translation workflows in integrated applications with the new Landing Page Preview API. Third- party vendors can now render fully personalized previews of landing pages without logging into Marketo Engage. The Landing Page Preview API enables end- to-end editing and localization workflows in third-party integrated applications. Website Marketing Cross-Channel Engagement
  19. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Future-Proof Investments MARKETO ENGAGE Metadata Export Metadata export is enhanced to support opportunity object attributes, named accounts, program member standard and custom fields. Custom Objects Retrieval Limits Increased Developers of Email Velocity Scripting can quickly increase the number of custom objects to 100 through self-serve override operation. ©2020 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.
  20. ©2020 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. What’s Coming Up in H1-2021? MARKETO ENGAGE, MARKETO SALES APPS, and BIZIBLE Better Together w/ Adobe Future-proof Investments Innovation For Experience ©2020 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. • Account Smart List • Dynamic Chat • Marketo Engage Next-generation UX • Bizible LinkedIn & Privacy Enhancements • Sales Insight Enhancements • Sales Connect Enhancements • B2B-powered Adobe Experience Platform • Adobe User Credential Integration
  21. ©2021 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Resources • Signup for Adobe Summit Updates • Adobe Summit B2B Marketing and AMB Sessions Catalog • Next-Generation Experience Blog • The Total Economic Impact of Bizible • Adobe introduces Real-time CDP for B2B brands